Top 20 Sales Blogs To Follow In 2024

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Published Date: April 6, 2024

Top 20 Sales Blogs To Follow In 2024

Top 20 Sales Blogs To Follow In 2024

Sales can be quite difficult without the proper assistance. There is intense competition in business, from developing trust to obtaining a reply from customers to sealing a deal. Sales blogs offer a plethora of knowledge about current sales patterns, efficient methods, and business views. They provide guidance and recommendations on how to boost sales, strengthen consumer connections, and boost the whole purchase procedure. But the actual concern is whether you can decide not to check out sales blogs. Whether you’re a salesperson, a sales leader, or a manager, incorporating other people’s insights, situations, and techniques increases your potential to achieve your targets tenfold.

List Of Best 20 Sales Blogs To Follow In 2024

Hubspot Sales Blogs

HubSpot’s sales blog serves as a compendium of sales information. It provides a wealth of materials, such as comprehensive testimonials of effective sales tactics, easy-to-follow instructions for using sales automation and CRM techniques that work, and professional guidance on merging marketing and sales operations. The site also provides advice on how to adjust to changing sales paradigms, create inbound sales techniques, and handle online sales approaches.

Salesforce Blogs

Salesforce is more than contact management; it improves the complete client experience. Using Salesforce blog suggestions, you can discover how to leverage these features not just to track interactions but also to anticipate client demands and streamline mundane operations. This forethought guarantees that everyone on the team, from salespeople to managers, can concentrate on establishing connections rather than becoming mired down in administrative tasks.

Lystloc Sales Blogs

Lystloc represents a few of the B2B SaaS companies that can respond to any sales-related inquiry. They’ve developed an amazing all-in-one solution that is applicable to every business and is based on an up-to-the-minute location information and analytics system. Each week, they publish fresh blogs with finely vetted content on sales, workforce tracking, and productivity. If you want to understand more about field sales efficacy, simply visit the Lystloc website for detailed information and ongoing learning. They have inventive concepts and clear answers for all business problems. 

Openview Partners Sales Blogs

They are probably not creating content as frequently as the majority of the other bloggers on the list. Still, the Openview Partners Blog compensates for that by making some of the most intriguing articles and releasing certain exceptionally excellent materials that can assist businesses in exploring the latest developments and optimal procedures in sales.

Gong Labs Sales Blogs

A set of posts in the “Gong Labs” section will provide ideas analyzed using artificial intelligence. The business analyzes anonymized information obtained through its own sales procedure. This allows them to determine the amount to which both buyer and seller behaviors influence conversions and sales. These assessments and the knowledge derived from them are shared ideally once every month on the site’s blog. In this manner, you can additionally boost your sales quota.

Zixflow Sales Blogs

You can obtain substantial information and perspectives from Zixflow blogs, which can help them improve your abilities and techniques dramatically. Zixflow’s blogs cover an array of sales-related topics, including acquisition methods, efficient sales pitches, negotiating tactics, selling psychology, managing client relationships, and sales productivity. With such a wide reach, you can gain useful knowledge and helpful guidance to assist in excelling in your sales efforts.

UserGems Sales Blogs

This is essential for salespersons, managers, and leaders who want to maintain their position at the forefront of the curve. This blog, which has writings from several of the world’s leading sales gurus, includes a wide range of subjects such as account-based sales, sales intellect, client retention, demand creation, income development, and influencer advertising. The UserGems Blog provides practical tips on how to coach and manage a sales team, increase ROI, remodel sales technology platforms, and even more.

Sales Hacker Blogs

Sales Hacker ranks as one of the most widely read and prominent sales blogs in the industry. It includes data provided by top sales masters, professionals, and scholars who offer their perspectives, encounters, and recommendations regarding how to thrive in B2B sales. Sales Hacker addresses a wide range of issues, including sales empowerment, sales management, sales leadership, sales culture, and sales talents. Sales Hacker also features podcasts, online seminars, ebooks, and programs.

Sales Gravy Blogs

Sales Gravy stands out because almost all of its material is produced by well-known sales experts from many businesses and sectors, giving followers a fresh take on familiar issues. If you’d like to understand more about pitching and sustaining the forefront of your sales funnel, Sales Gravy is an invaluable source. Sales Gravy is useful for sales reps, sales executives, and BDRs.

LinkedIn Sales Blogs

This article is a tutorial on using LinkedIn for sales success. It includes comprehensive posts on improving professional branding for salespeople, utilizing LinkedIn’s extensive connections for lead creation and nurturing, and implementing sophisticated online marketing strategies. The site also includes extensive guidelines for enhancing profiles on LinkedIn to draw in fresh customers, and successful networking tactics to develop business relationships and views into upcoming B2B sales patterns on the website. 

Heinz Marketing Blogs

If you are thinking about targeting business-to-business (B2B) sectors, you should be familiar with the complexities of B2B marketing. This site offers professionals exhaustive suggestions packed with stimulating concepts focused straight on driving growth in revenue via savvy advertising tactics and successful sales approaches. Their style guides readers through typical difficulties while providing distinctive remedies aimed at making major contributions inside their organizations—a unique gem among management blogs for progressive professionals looking for new insights on boosting performance.

Pipedrive Sales Blogs

Pipedrive’s blog is consistently updated with novel content and unique perspectives on sales pipeline supervision and sales efficiency, as well as the occasional eccentric post like the 2016 Sales Olympics: Which Country Has The Best Salespeople? If you’re a startup looking to expand your sales personnel, this may be an article worth reading.

Whoisvisiting Sales Blogs

On the Whoisvisiting or Whois blog, you can discover all your sales mind needs. From “What is B2B Sales anyway?” to email marketing and site traffic monitoring, everybody who works in B2B will be receiving their money’s value. The search bar on the right side of the display also allows you to quickly find your desired content without having to spend hours browsing. 

Salesfolk Blogs

Salesfolk is a blog about the technique of creating effective sales emails. It explains how to write captivating email text, subjects, and CTAs that will capture customers’ interest and generate sales. By examining and reconstructing effective email formats, you can acquire essential ideas about what is working and how to improve your email marketing initiatives, thereby expanding your sales psychology expertise. 

GTMnow Blogs

This site has created an active forum where salespeople can contribute their expertise, get guidance, and remain up to date on the newest selling strategies and ideas. This blog discusses a variety of issues, such as generating leads, prospecting, cold outreach, and cost negotiation. The fascinating blog delves into typical sales contest flaws and offers specific ideas for improving their effectiveness.

The Sales Blog 

Anthony Iannarino, a renowned writer, speaker, and sales guru, maintains a personal blog, The Sales Blog. The Sales Blog is a place where Anthony presents his views, thoughts, and perspectives on how to sell successfully in today’s challenging B2B world. The Sales Blog discusses themes including sales attitude, sales tactics, sales procedure, sales skills, sales distinction, and more. Anthony has supported hundreds of salespeople and companies to reach their objectives.

Close Sales Blogs

Close not only provides useful marketing and sales ideas, but additionally keeps things interesting by incorporating trendy allusions, hilarious memes, GIFs, and other elements. The Close blog includes an array of topics, including sales team leadership and cold calling, making it an invaluable tool for salespeople seeking to discover more. 

Predictable Revenue Blogs

This site isn’t simply another sector’s opinion; it’s an active community where sales techniques come to life. It has been tailored to the frantic realm of SaaS and provides feasible, no-nonsense guidance that you can immediately use for your daily grind. It’s equivalent to having an expert to help you navigate the jungle of sales issues. Whether you’re just starting or trying to improve your skills, this site has sales methods that apply to everyday situations.

Sales For Life Blogs

Sales For Life is a sales website designed to assist you in dealing with contemporary customers by offering advice about how to reach out to customers in a nice, beneficial, and practical manner. They provide unique webinars where they discuss a wide range of themes such as Social Selling, Sales Advice, Sales 2.0, and effective sales management strategies. These webinars include presenters from a variety of different channels, including HubSpot, Inside Sales, CSO Insights, Sandler Training, and beyond.

SalesLoft Blogs

This blog is a great reference for salespeople and executives looking to improve their sales techniques and methods. It discusses a variety of issues, such as prospecting, sales interaction, guidance, and management. One of the most outstanding pieces on the SalesLoft Blog is “How to Create a Sales Cadence: The Complete Guide.” This detailed manual discusses the idea of sales cadence and offers easy-to-follow guidelines for developing efficient cadences for various situations. 


Continuous improvement is essential for career and personal growth. Try scheduling regular hours on your timetable to acquire novel abilities, efficient procedures, and advances. You could end up finding a terrific fresh cold-calling strategy or a morsel of knowledge that will carry you throughout the rest of the day. 

The present-day B2B purchasing habits and settings are becoming more evolving, with the majority of customers choosing self-service options. It makes the task at hand even more difficult and necessitates ongoing learning. Following sales blogs on a regular basis will not merely keep you up to date on market developments, but will also assist you in identifying chances for progression and making contacts to help you establish an excellent sales career. 

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