Lystdata - Insights as a Service

Lystdata - Insights as a Service

A profound approach to data insights in a never seen way. Lystdata optimizes your organization’s potential by improving operational and tactical decision making with its ready to consume data insights.

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How does it work

Browse to the readymade insights available in our catalog. Preview the insights and Subscribe that adds value to your organization in a matter of a few clicks.


Preview the sample data insights/analytical reports available for different teams.


Subscribe the insights by selecting the recipient and desired plan.


Get the insights/analytical reports delivered to your Email inbox or download.

The Value Proposition

Reduces Time Spent on Manual Reports

Get the insights from the automated analytical reports generated straight down to your mail with accurate precisions and figures on desired periodic intervals (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly). Data and report generation is an important entity in any form of business and we all know that it is a mundane and time-consuming task to collate them from each and every department. With Lystloc’s unique and structured pipeline of a database, the information collected from various user-ends is collated to give automated analytics reducing the time and resources spent on generating reports manually.

Lystdata - Reduces Time Spent On Manual Reports
Lystloc Benefits - User-friendly Report Generation

User-friendly Report Generation

An easy-on-hands approach on our application allows users to enjoy the luxury of being in a sweet spot without creating the necessity of being a tech-savvy user. Users can select their required analytics within a matter of a few clicks and can subscribe to it at any moment. In order to avoid being skeptical about the report outputs, Lystdata provides users a sample analytics report that can be downloaded and can be viewed as an actual representation of the desired report.

Effective Decision Making and Productivity

With detailed and comprehensive analytics supported with accurate precision, the efficiency of the organization to come up with strategic decisions are made easily possible. Lystdata can also serve insights upon the customer’s request so as ensuring to be an effective tool to increase the work productivity. Customers can get benefited from the data insights generated by Lystdata in various ways such as payroll processing, performance appraisals, and evaluation, reimbursement, etc.

Lystdata Uses - Effective Decision Making And Productivity
Lystdata Features - Preview, Subscribe And Download

Preview, Subscribe and Download

Lysdata builds a user-friendly dashboard to Preview, Subscribe and Download the required analytics according to the customer needs. Lystdata provides a pre-visualized sample report that can be viewed and downloaded. Insights from Lystdata can be subscribed and unsubscribed by the user whenever they want.

Easy Hierarchical Reporting

The reports from Lystdata can be shared with other users based on the hierarchical flow of authority. With this, the company can be collectively aware of the work status and performance of their team in the easiest way without any manual interventions. Users can also share the report with other n numbers of users without any charges put upon it.

Lystdata Applications - Easy Hierarchical Reporting
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