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Location-based face recognition attendance mobile app that works in real-time.

Convert any android mobile device into an AI-powered face recognition attendance system online for your workforce with Lystface now!

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Easy, Accurate Facial Attendance

Completely error-free and easy AI-powered real-time face recognition attendance system web app. Lystface captures every minute feature of the face precisely.

A foolproof face recognition attendance system app to know your employee attendance details.

The major objective of Lystface is to make the mobile attendance app with a face recognition system effective, quick, easy, and simple.

The workload of managers and HRs is decreased by using this face attendance app as compared to conventional methods of recording employee attendance.

Facial Attendance System
Face Attendance Mobile App

Location-based Facial Attendance

Lystface is not just an attendance app, but a real-time location-based face recognition attendance mobile app. The power of this field staff attendance app lies in the details, unleash them!

Field staff need not have to travel to the office location to record attendance each and every time instead mark their attendance from their respective fieldwork location.

The geofence option in this field staff attendance app ensures the credibility of the attendance as an added advantage to restrict attendance marking location.

Tracking attendance of distributed field workforce in real-time along with their current location and time stamp with efficiency.

Safe, Touch-Free Process

Post-pandemic calls for a much safer process. Giving importance to your safety, Lystface aids you with a safe, secure attendance experience.

A contactless face recognition attendance app captures and records attendance without requiring any physical contact.

Face attendance app keeps you away from fingerprint sensors and harmful plastic cards. This is a safe and healthy way of recording employee attendance, and the absence of physical contact prevents the spread of illnesses from surroundings.

Face Recognition App for Attendance
Face Recognition Attendance Android App

Door Access Control

Use a face recognition attendance app instead of biometrics as a door access control system for your workplace. Ensure safe, secure & authorized access to restricted areas with Lystface’s face attendance app.

The face attendance mobile app system is installed on the hardware device at the doorstep.

Employees just have to stand in front of the device to capture their faces while wearing face masks too; the technology is competent in recognizing employees even while they are wearing face masks.

The solution is very effective because of its high-speed scanning capability, which can identify employee faces in seconds.

Automate Salary Processing

Integrate Lystface face recognition app for attendance with your existing HRMS system to automate the salary processing for your employees with accurate daily attendance and number of working hours and leave management.

This face attendance app is not equipment reliant and requires only a smartphone or tablet. It can scale up pretty quickly and process a significant number of facial IDs in the database in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

Facial recognition time and attendance systems for industry workers automate payroll in a smooth manner, increasing business ROI.

Lystface saves a lot of time and energy for the HRs, maximizing their productivity and reducing their work burdens.

Face Recognition Attendance Mobile App
Mobile Attendance App with Face Recognition

Enhance Security And Authorization

The greater reliability and safety of Lystface’s face attendance mobile app is one of its main benefits.

When this facial recognition technology is implemented throughout a business’s premises, it assists in identifying authorized employees and grants only them protected access.

Face recognition attendance systems eliminates similar time theft and also buddy punching culture. The face attendance mobile app accurately records employees' entry-exit time on the workplace premises.

Saves A Reliable Amount Of Money

Lystface’s face attendance mobile app aids in the recording of field employees' time and attendance.

No extra technology is required for the deployment of a facial recognition attendance system, and thus no maintenance costs are involved. Compared with other biometric systems, this system is both cost-friendly and reliable.

Since the data provided by the face recognition attendance system is accurate in real-time, the time and money saved are much higher.

Human activity is limited since the entire process is fully automated. As a result, no manpower is required to execute the function manually. It lowers costs while increasing operational efficiency.

Field Staff Attendance App
Face Recognition Attendance System App

Analytics & Reports

Reduce huge manual paperwork with our automated data insights and reports for strategic and tactical decisions.

With Lystface’s face recognition attendance system web app you can scroll back and retrieve details of any employee, anytime with just a few clicks.

It also provides solution checks for face liveliness and avoids the risk of face authentication happening through static photos or running videos.

The face recognition app for attendance also offers customizable workflows and analytics for anomaly detection and reporting.

Business insights derived from the Lystface reports are 100% error and hassle-free. An easy & trustworthy experience overall.