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What information do we collect?

User data will be gathered on our end via business data, log files, location identifiers, device data, personal and sensitive details of the users adhering to the time of application installation.

The account admin holds the authority to collect the data that are necessary for processing the work. And in no such incident, the user is allowed to keep their data private.

We do securely process financial information for prorated charges under the subscription plan selected. These data are securely retained by third-party payment processors. The location data of the users will be collected in between the active session irrespective of the application’s status in the background.

It is to be taken into consideration that our servers will automatically collect analytical information from the visitors who get into our website even if they do not wish to use our service.

How do we use the information that we collect?

Lystloc takes responsibility for using the information that we collect. And we have enlisted how we handle the information below:

Personal Information:​ Personal data including the name, email address, mobile number, users’ picture goes into our secured servers bay for creating a user record that gives them a digital identity to use the service.

Email & SMS: Users will get notified of the application’s updates and follow-ups from existing customers and prospects. This includes promotional emails, account setup details, newsletters, etc.

Business Data:​ When the user/admin is up to use the application’s key operations, the data that they enter will be stored as the business data. And it will be further used to generate analytics and reports based on the data that they enter.

Device Information:​​ Data related to the device(Model name, Android version, manufacturer name, other device’s key specification) are processed to ensure a smooth workflow in every possible model by calibrating our application to fit into all the models and brands. It is collected to ensure a smooth performance of our application irrespective of the model of the users’ mobile device.

Location Information:​​ We use the location information to lay it out as business data to the administrator. And we constantly improve the precision of location by processing the location data that we collect from the users. We further process them in improving the service under a constructive Research and Development by making the facts right with the user record.

Financial information:​​​ Financial data(Credit cards & Debit cards) will be processed by the third-party payment processors representing Lystloc in a secured way. Certified by PCI Compliance.

Log data:​ Lystloc collects users’ operational information while using the service and further records it in log files that are further used to spot the application crashes and errors on the particular device.

Cookies:​ Data and Information on our website visitors will be collected by the means of cookies. It should be remembered that the data will be collected even if the visitor is not willing to sign up for our service.

How and with whom do we share the information?

Data that is collected by Lystloc reaches the respective authority who is in charge of the user. To maintain the work hierarchy, the data may be shared with the authorities who take their seat at the higher level in the flow. However, the users’ business data won’t be shared with another user until, and otherwise, the admin configures the necessary permissions to do so. We share the data and disclose information in the form of,

  1. Location Data:​ Real-time data will be shared and displayed to the admin on their dashboard to have a keener eye on the work activities. And the users’ data related to their motion activity will also be shared with the admin to maintain records that are accessible for the admin. It is to be taken into consideration that the location data will be shared continuously when the session is active irrespective of the application’s status. So, the user should be aware of the fact that the location and data related to the motion activity will be shared with the respective admin even if the application is not being accessed in the foreground.

  2. Reports:​ Data will also be shared in the form of comprehensive reports that includes every other data collected on the above-stated user ends. These reports will travel up in the order of hierarchy if the admin wishes to do so.

  3. Access to the admin:​ The account admin can view and access the user information including the personal data(name, email address, mobile number). This means that the admin can modify the user information under their needs.

How do we keep your data secured?

Lystloc cares about the security of your information and uses commercially reasonable physical, administrative, and technological safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of all information we collect and that we share with our service providers. However, no security system is impenetrable and we cannot guarantee the security of our systems 100%. In the event that any information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, we will take reasonable steps to investigate the situation and where appropriate, notify those individuals whose information may have been compromised and take other steps, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Retention of Data

At any user or admin level, it is not possible to restrict the information that is supposed to be collected from our end. But, the admin can customize the data that we collect by optimizing the application within the provided range of the customer.

However, if the user/admin wishes not to share the data and information with Lystloc, it should be considered that they are in a position to discontinue the service that Lystloc offers them.

Uninstalling the application will not terminate the customers’ information that we collected. We may also retain the customer data even after the customer discontinues the service. That information may be used for future follow-ups, business interests, and analysis.

Legal Actions

Surely, the data and information that we collect will not be shared with any third-party advertising services. But, under the requirements of legal proceedings, we may have to disclose the information that is needed by the respective authorities. Under such circumstances, the customer will be notified during the provided time frame.

Rights to modify data

The admin can modify, add, delete, share, withdraw the business data whenever he/she faces an instance to do so. And they can also assign roles, configure settings for their dashboard, export and import data without the permission of the developer.

But, the users are not in the position of assigning roles, add, modify, change, delete and, share the business data. Under special circumstances, they can seek the admin’s permission for access

Updates in Privacy Policy

As Lystloc is a technological business user product, it is obvious that the product and the application face constant changes and updates in its working infrastructure. So, there can be changes and modifications made to the privacy policy soon. We suggest the customer to check our privacy policy periodically to stay updated about the new changes in the policy. If the customer faces any conflict and difference of opinion with our privacy policy, they should be ready to deactivate their service account.

Contact us

We request our customers to be convenient enough to reach out to us if they face any difficulty in comprehending the privacy policy. One can reach out to us via

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