Field Employee Location Tracker

Track and manage your employees with real-time location intelligence-based solutions more coherently and effortlessly.

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Best Field Employee Tracking App

The Most Effective Sales Employee Tracking App You've Ever Used

Locate, assign, and track sales employees. Reduce your field team's travel time and documentation work.


Reduce Phone Calls

The sales employee monitoring app helps you track your team online, thereby reducing the number of calls you have to make otherwise to get a status update.


Save Money

Reduce back and forth travel costs. Assign ad-hoc meetings or client visits instantly with the help of Lystloc's staff live location tracking app.


Easy To Use

The simplistic design of this staff location tracking app makes it easier for users without any technical knowledge to use it instantly.

Focus On Your Core Business

It is important to invest in business growth activities that waste time following up with the team. Lystloc gives you that time and bandwidth to invest in your business growth.

Staff Location Tracking Software
Management time = Business Growth

Lystloc's sales employee time management app helps you save time and manage your sales team effectively, thereby giving you an extra edge to generate more business. Spend your time effectively on client acquisition.

Save cost = Invest in client acquisition

Use Lystloc's staff location tracking app effectively to meet more clients on time, improve your customer service score and retain them. Sign up today and trigger your growth.

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