Lystloc partnered up with Kredily Pioneering the development of HR, payroll, leave, reimbursement, and attendance software, Lystloc identified the need for a complete solution that would simplify essential facets of employee management. That’s why Lystloc has partnered up with Kredily to find an effective solution. Let’s introduce Kredily, a company well-known for its cutting-edge technology […]

A Detailed Study About Lystloc’s Meeting Notes Do you have a healthy relationship with your clients? Do your employees feel safe and engaged in connecting with clients? Probably if not, then look into this article for a deeper understanding about how meeting notes can connect your field employees and clients. We at Lystloc, value maintaining […]

5 Best Geofencing-Based Attendance And Location Tracking Apps For Your Employees “Be present. Be engaged. Experience and celebrate growth together”. This could be the phrase you want to say to your team members with whom you head to drive success, loyalty, and reputation in your business.  Unfortunately, in today’s work environment, where the remote and […]

An Ultimate Guide to Learn About Geofence Has anyone wondered about how geofence helps in today’s world? From personal to business use, geofencing technology is rapidly growing with its ability to focus on particular things. In this blog, Let’s delve into how geofencing technology helps marketers focus on their business and increase their reliability. Geofencing […]

To simplify navigation, MapQuest is a robust route planner that creates maps quickly and easily. In the process, it minimizes fuel consumption and ensures smooth travel experiences with optimized routes. MapQuest allows you to enter numerous stop addresses and optimizes the route sequence automatically to reduce the overall trip time and distance. The estimated time […]

12 Effective Sales Appointment Setting Tips Will you agree, if I say the sales call effectively concludes when we successfully convenience our target prospects and leads for an appointment? I hope for a big yes from you, as you’re surely looking forward to closing more deals.  If this is true, first you need to set […]

How to deal with employee absconding? “If you risk nothing, you risk everything” – Geena Davis. Everyone might come across this proverb. When you don’t take risks, then everything becomes a risk for you. It is more applicable for everyone’s personal and professional life. As an employer, handling and managing employee absconding is one of […]