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Regardless of what the size or business is, attendance tracking is essential for all companies. Since attendance is directly related to certain other HR aspects like payroll, leave, etc., the management must precisely track and record employee attendance. Over a brief period, the employee attendance management system witnessed a considerable transformation. Technology has completely changed how companies control […]

Everything in the current era has become contactless, from financial transactions to education. Things are carried out without any physical interaction, whether it’s making payments to someone or purchasing anything for your business. So, don’t you think the same cutting-edge contactless technology should be applied to employee attendance management? The employee attendance management system has various advantages. Automated […]

When it comes to business and its growth nowadays, every industry has numerous challenges and competitions in its sales and business. To overcome hurdles and outnumber competitors, the industry requires technological assistance. Any pharmaceutical or construction company’s growth is heavily influenced by its energetic and efficient field workforce. To be more specific, no pharmaceutical or construction company […]

Employee productivity is indeed the lifeline of any company. It just doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what sort of product or service you provide; if your employees aren’t productive enough, your company will suffer. Customers would be disappointed and go to your competitors who provide a better service. In business, extended non-productivity wastes both […]

Field workforce monitoring may appear to be something an organization would conduct only if it did not trust its field employees.  Nevertheless, there are various benefits to having workforce monitoring technology in your business. Some of these benefits aren’t even beneficial to you; rather, they are benefits to the field workers themselves. It is hard for you to […]