Celebrating The Glorious 6th Anniversary Of Lystloc Wow! Lystloc is 6 years old.  Our team is having a wonderful year as we commemorate the company’s 6th year anniversary in business. Over the years, we’ve made great progress, so we were excited to share this with every one of you. Yes, Lystloc has completed its amazing and glorious six-year journey […]

How to plan a commission structure for your salespeople What is a sales commission structure? A sales commission structure describes how businesses reward their salespeople for their performance. Pay rates are often used in commission plans to provide salespeople with a feeling of financial stability. Others set a high standard on commission rates to encourage […]

How to plan a 30 60 90 sales plan with an example  What Is a 30-60-90 Sales plan? A 30-60-90 sales plan is a detailed outline of what a new salesperson or sales manager expects to learn and perform in their first three months on the job. You can facilitate your transition into the start-up […]

Importance of Regression Analysis in sales forecasting  What is meant by Regression Analysis? Regression analysis is a technique for determining numerically which elements might contribute. This technique is meant for companies that need in-depth, accurate, or quantitative knowledge of what might be impacting sales and how it can be modified, as necessary, in either direction. […]

Importance of open-ended questions in sales  What’s an Open-Ended Question in Sales?  An open-ended sales question is a comprehensive inquiry that facilitates a better understanding of prospects by salespeople. They can be employed at any phase of the consultative sales process, from the first conversations with a potential client to the conclusion of the acquisition. […]

How to Plan for a New Sales Territory What is a sales territory plan? It is a methodology for successfully identifying and interacting with prospects, leads, and existing customers. The primary goal of the sales territory plan is to close more deals. In the past, sales territories were only defined by physical locations. Today’s digital […]

A Complete Guide On Door-To-Door Sales: Tips For Effective Door-To-Door Selling One of the earliest forms of selling is door-to-door sales. In the past, approaching customers personally was the primary method of product sales. Nevertheless, this method of selling became obsolete with the development of the internet and technological advances. Yet, door-to-door sales have picked […]

How to Improve customer service mindset for your Staff  What is a customer service mindset? The desire to assist customers in whatever way is a characteristic of a customer service mindset. When someone approaches you, you must make certain that they are treated with respect and care. By putting yourself in the customer’s position, paying […]