Top 5 Reliable Location Tracking Apps for You to Track On-Field Electricians

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Published Date: March 30, 2024

Top 5 Reliable Location Tracking Apps for You to Track On-Field Electricians

Top 5 Reliable Location Tracking Apps for You to Track On-Field Electricians

When saving money through DIY is always meant to be a tempting prospect for many, DIY electrical repairs by a novice’s hands aren’t safe at any cost. Therefore, the cost of getting electrician services is always a worthy expense in a customer’s eyes.

Do you know why? The risk potential associated with it highlights the highest number of fatalities of 128 in the year 2018-19 in India according to the report by The Hindu. Although I’m showcasing the data as an example of a particular country, don’t think you’ll be surprised by the decreasing rate for other countries as the scenario is quite similar for everyone.

And, there you’re in as a business savvy who closely observes the high-risk zone of electrical accidents and sets up a business to provide immediate electrician assistance.

Now, imagine a scenario, where your customers aren’t satisfied with your service as they don’t get help at the right time. Also, on-field electrician employees fulfill their tasks timely but their hard work isn’t getting acknowledged.

I said imagine, but what if it could be a real case. In that situation, you must opt-in for a location-tracking app. Think for a big picture as it lets you track your on-field electricians, and their arrival and departure times, manage day-to-day activities, and assess ultimate productivity with analytical reports.

Well, I’ll not be so surprised if you want to know some of the best location-tracking apps and their functionality in more detail and this is why the blog is curated.

So, let’s check it out!

The Best 5 Location Tracking Apps for You That You Can Rely on to Track On-field Electricians

When customer satisfaction is the oxygen that your electrical business needs to breathe and excel, reaching their satisfaction level is so hard. But thankfully the best app to track your employees and their activities can somewhere help you satisfy your customers. 

Now, look at these below-mentioned apps which are readily available in the market:

  • Lystloc: Best for overall location tracking for electricians with GPS and Geo-fence. It has other advanced features too, including authentication and chat support, time, attendance & task management, data analysis, travel expense, and reimbursement management.
  • Connecteam: A location tracking app for electricians with ease of communication.
  • allGeo: One of the top-notch apps to track electricians’ locations & time.
  • Hellotracks: A well-known app to track electricians’ live location with a GPS tracker.
  • Timeero: One of the best location-tracking apps for electricians with task management.


Lystloc is your first reliable go-to option that comes with a GPS tracker for electricians. It acts as a single stack for real-time live location tracking, geo-fencing, route optimization, task scheduling, and fingerprint authentication.

With Lystoc, your work becomes very simple as you can quickly pinpoint your closest electrician employee on the route map after getting the request from your customer’s side. Also, you can assign the task to the electrician under a particular team and department.

When your business is running smoothly with the help of a large workforce of electricians, then you may need some extra to eliminate the monotonous and laborious task of watching over everyone. For that, you can get some ultimate key features with Lystloc as follows:

Key Aspects

Streamline Frictionless Task Management

When it’s very hard to assign tasks one by one to your larger workforce and manage them seamlessly so that the work can be done on the expected time, Lystloc makes things simply work for you.

How? From assigning tasks for your electrician to scheduling them in chronological order, you can do this very smoothly with Lystloc. After doing so, your electricians will get real-time notifications so that they can go through a frictionless task prioritization.

Well, with Lystloc, you can gain complete control over the task from initiating it while prioritizing location to restricting it due to any unforeseen happenings. Also, you don’t need to invest your time to check operations as this app allows you to gather on-field data with a custom form module.

Seamlessly Track On-field Attendance & Productivity

When it comes to watching over the punctuality of your electrician, scrutinizing their productivity, and accurately paying them based on their attentive days and work hours, it’s very crucial for you to know every detail. The reason why it’s your responsibility to make the right choice with Lystloc.

Lystloc lets your electricians mark their attendance with a single tap of biometric authentication, get easy check-in and check-out, and save you from getting proxy or assumption-based attendance. It not only saves your time from tracking the daily attendance of your field employee but also helps out your HR team when doing payroll functions to acknowledge your electricians’ efficient productivity.

Get Real-time Route Optimization

If you agree, to reach a particular destination, the ways can be many, and for which your electrician employees need the right path to easily navigate. When you’ve Lystloc in your hands, you or your employees shouldn’t be worried.

Why? With Lystloc, you can set the particular address of your customers, map the easiest route plan for your employees, and allow a GPS tracker to become the guiding light for your electrician. So that GPS tracker can help your electrician to reach the right destination without your assistance and get the work done without any delay. 

Smoothly Manage Customer Details

With Lystloc, you can anytime add or update your customer profile while mentioning names with a specific code to identify them easily. Also, you can add the name of the assignee, brief him about your customers’ pain points very clearly, and filter data to quickly cross-check everything. By doing so, not only your employee has a clear idea about what has to be done but also he can serve well to stand on your customers’ expectations.

Advanced Features

  • Live location tracking with GPS tracker.
  • Tracking map availability.
  • AI route curation.
  • Scheduling route adjustment.
  • Mileage monitoring.
  • Distance travel calculator.
  • Location hierarchy/territory management.
  • Location restricted task management.
  • Lead based task modeling.
  • Geo-fence attendance.
  • Offline time tracking.
  • Fingerprint user authentication.
  • Customer visit verification with OTP.
  • Customer profile management with Business Card Reader.
  • Automated fuel allowance calculation.
  • Live report tracking & API report management for advanced data analysis.


You can sign up with Lystloc for a 14-days trial period without giving your credit card details and then you can choose from cost-effective paid plans as per your business needs which are as follows:

  • Basic: Rs.99/user/month.
  • Standard: Rs.199/user/month.
  • Enterprise: Rs.349/user/month.


Connecteam is one of the top-notch methods to track on-field employees which simplifies the way of building a seamless connection with your deskless electrician team members. Also, if your electrician needs any crucial and immediate guidance from your side, Connecteam lets them dive into a 1:1 conversation. 

With Connecteam, you can control the information between your team members to avoid mismanagement or misconception while customizing the details of assignee, task, department, and so on. Additionally, you can ask your electricians to fill out a checklist in the custom forms to provide task-related data and use e-signature along with geolocation to level up their accountability.

Key Features

  • GPS Tracker to track live location along with time.
  • Automated scheduling of tasks.
  • Digital forms and checklists to track workflows.
  • Instant chat to stay in seamless communication.


Connecteam provides you with a 14-day free trial with different paid pricing modules which are separately designed for operations, communications, and HR and skills.


Do you know that the employees can be productive for 60% all the day? But eventually, the same proportion of productivity dramatically declined.

However, when you can’t control it, you can give your electrician employees a reason to stay productive, when one of the best employee monitoring apps for electricians like allGeo can be in your hand. Well, to increase field-electrical service visibility allGeo lets you track your employee attendance and timing from live location through multiple options such as QR code, Geo-fencing, GPS tracker, and so on.

Moreover, it helps you collect data through custom forms, be it on-field notes, your customers’ signatures as a confirmation, the picture of your electrician from on-site, and many more. Here, the intent is simple and that’s to save yourself from any complexity and eliminate possibilities of disputes to keep your business reputation in a safer place.

Key Features

  • Multiple modes of attendance and time recording including Geo-fence, GPS, and IVR-based time clock.
  • Automated alerts, reminders, and notifications for check-in and check-out.
  • Seamless task scheduling in automation.
  • Field data collection with custom forms.


allGeo comes with different pricing segments for different purposes and it doesn’t provide you with any trial options.


Hellotracks is one of the ideal choices as a location tracking app for your on-field electricians which takes repetitive manual scheduling tasks from your plate. To know precisely where your electricians are, what exactly they’re doing, when they arrive or leave the site, or how long they take to do their job, you can track and save records with Hellotracks.

Additionally, to make you feel more assured than ever, your electricians can one step more towards transparency while taking photos from the site and uploading them to their job profile. Also, with data analytics, you can check time stamps with this field management software, evaluate your team’s productivity, and find out your way of improvisation.

Key Features

  • GPS tracker to track live location.
  • Automatic arrival confirmation.
  • One-tap route optimization.
  • Accurate on-site time recording.


Hellotracks allows you to use its features under various paid pricing segments which are mentioned below:

  • Hellotracks Business Location: £7.9 GBP/user/month.
  • Hellotracks Business Dispatch: £10 GBP/user/month.
  • Hellotracks Enterprise: You need to contact their team to get this plan.


When you’re in a hurry to dispatch an efficient electrician from your side, schedule their task, and ask them to reach your customers’ location, Timeero can help you leverage benefits from the field tracking app. With Timeero your employees can experience a hassle-free way when it’s about to jump into an immediate call with you, get instant notification for assigned tasks, and more.

Moreover, if your customer is one of those who love to do regular maintenance, then Timerro can save you from repetitive task scheduling for the same location. With this location tracking app, you can schedule the task once and set it up for repetition at regular intervals according to your customer’s choice.

Key Features

  • GPS time tracking from a live location.
  • Timesheet reporting including working hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • Automated time scheduling to embrace no-call dependency.


Timeero has a 14-day trial plan along with its paid pricing modules which are as follows:

  • Premium: $11/user, billed monthly.
  • Pro: $8/user, billed monthly.
  • Basic: $4/user, billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: It’s a customized plan for which you need to contact their team.

Choose One of the Best Location Tracking Apps & Streamline Tracking Your Field Electricians 

There you’re with the top-notch recommendation of location tracking apps especially for electricians to reach your goal-driven result through an employee attendance tracker. These location-tracking apps are extremely adaptable and easy to use, and at the same time, it’s worth the expense and helps you stay out of ambiguous data. 

Not only can it easily integrate with other software to do different tasks but also you can configure it as per your business requirements. Moreover, when you are able to serve your customers in a better way, no one can stop your business from thriving.

Now, you may understand, that while knowing about these apps isn’t all, you should choose one of them, likely Lystloc, to make both you and your electrician employees’ lives easier. 

Then, why not, no longer wait, just tap on Lystloc location tracking app for electricians, and give the reason of smiling to both your skillful electrician employees and your loyal customers.

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