How important is tracking for your business – Employee and Vehicle?

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Published Date: October 8, 2019

How important is tracking for your business - Employee and Vehicle?

How important is tracking for your business – Employee and Vehicle?

Before we begin, ask yourself this question – Is tracking my sales team important for my business?

Business and technology go hand in hand. If your business doesn’t adapt to the latest technology, then there will be a gap in growth. Believe it or not, it’s challenging to catch up with technology if you lose track of it.

If you have the sales team on the field, it is necessary for you to know what’s going on with them. Location intelligence is the only way to keep track of the field employees – a way to make informed decisions. GPS based tracking devices were a boon to businesses primarily the ones in the logistics industry when companies identified the need for it. It helped the businesses remove the uncertainty to a great extent. It helped the industry to keep track of their fleet in real-time along with the route the vehicle traveled. 

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The vehicle tracking system in India has now evolved and, India is marching towards creating a revolution with NAVic. To know what NAVic, click here!

Employee Tracking

If we apply the same concept to the field sales team, it can help the business with insights that could change the way a sales review would happen. A manager will have all the data needed to evaluate sales performance

Here are some of the benefits for the company:

  • Task scheduling

If you know where your employees are, you can allocate a new task middle of the day, based on their real-time location data. Adding up new task will reduce employees travel, saves time and cost.

  • Verifying the claims

Employers will save money and employees will get their claims on time. Lystloc stores historical data along with distance traveled by the sales rep. It makes the job easier for the sales manager when the sales rep applies for reimbursements.

  • Catch hold of Time Theft

On average a sales employee who travels every day is losing some hours doing nothing. As per our analysis, a single field employee loses about 3.5 to 4 hours per week. Live tracking devices will help the management to keep an eye on these time-theft activities. This will help in better planning for the subsequent weeks.

  • Track Customer meetings

Your customer is King. The business should know if the employee is meeting the customer as per the schedule. On time, every time. Lystloc’s Check-In/Check-out feature will help the sales manager to track if the sales rep had reached the client place at the right time for the meeting. There are also features to upload meeting notes in Lystloc.

Are you already thinking about it?

Congratulations! You are now ready to opt for a location intelligence application. However, the first step is crucial because selecting the right solution will yield you the best results. Here are some necessary features that your solution should possess.

Easy to Integrate and Use 

The location intelligence tool you select should be flexible and should meet your business needs. The app should integrate completely with other existing systems. Also, it should be user-friendly and require less time to educate your employees.

Real-time Location Tracking

If your employees spend their day traveling or driving to multiple locations, then you should be tracking them real-time, and understand the distance traveled.

Powerful Analytics

Detailed analyses with web-based dashboard are essential features for a location tracking application. 

Automated reports and notifications

The app should push notifications to the manager or supervisor if the employee has completed their meeting. Alert should be triggered if the employee has missed the appointment. The final report should be sent automatically to the manager upon employee log out.

Now with all the features, finding a mobile app is not a difficult task. Just check out Lystloc!

Why Lystloc?

Mobility is a convenient solution for employee tracking and eliminates cost leakage. Though there are many positive factors in employee tracking, many business owners are still confused among ethics and legality. To clear your confusion, read this!

Lystloc covers all the features and a complete solution for both vehicle and employee tracking. It is a readily available product that can fit in your existing business without much effort.  Pinch yourself on checking our pricing details!

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