Managing your employees using Location Intelligence

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Published Date: November 2, 2018

Managing your employees using Location Intelligence

Managing your employees using Location Intelligence

Employee performance, productivity and time management are some of the key concerns of a business manager.

Managers fail to understand the productivity loss because of their employees’ commute time to client locations. This could have been managed if they understood the Mail Man Problem. It always better to find the shortest and cost-efficient way to travel to your client place. As a manager of the sales team, you will be able to measure their productivity with precision. Also, you will be able to assign leads accordingly if you knew their exact location. Taking up ad-hoc decisions that are sensible fact-based can help you arrive plan their client visits intelligently.

How to track my employees on the field?

Location intelligence is the solution for you. Your sales team is always on the field meeting your customers. Isn’t it essential that you know about their whereabouts? It is important to use your sales team’s time effectively. They have to direct to the right client place that will help you save a lot of money on fuel and travel time. A lot of sales managers lose their precious time on travel to their client location, thereby not spending enough time understanding their client’s profile or challenges. Lystloc enables you to identify your sales team and gives you insights for your field sales planning. With location intelligence, decision making gets more comfortable and efficient.

At the end of it, every sales guy in your team can spend productive hours planning for the meeting and make closures.

As a decision maker for your organization, it is important for you to have an understanding of:

  • Various appointments that your sales team
  • Time spent with the client
  • Routes took by them to reach the destination.

The CHECK IN and CHECK OUT feature helps you keep track of the time spent by your employee with the client.

How to manage employee attendance using your mobile?

Lystloc makes your attendance system a lot more intelligent by including the revolutionary Geolocation feature – whether in office or on-field. You don’t need complex hardware solutions in your office to track your employees remotely. All that you would require is Lystloc, a location intelligence mobile application that will let you know if your employee has entered the office. The Geo-fence feature ensures that they mark their IN only when they are within your office premises. The IN and OUT feature will help you track the time spent by your employees in the office thereby improve your productivity.

Curious to know more about Lystloc?

Lystloc is a revolutionary location intelligence app that lets you track your employees at assets at the convenience of your mobile in an intelligent manner providing you with simple and more comfortable ways to manage time and resources effectively.

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