5 Best Field Marketing Team Location Tracking Apps

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Published Date: March 31, 2024

5 Best Field Marketing Team Location Tracking Apps

5 Best Field Marketing Team Location Tracking Apps

Every business uses marketing to advertise the products they sell. Although there are other approaches to product marketing, direct marketing remains the most popular method of reaching customers. A skilled workforce prepares and is dispersed throughout several areas. What businesses neglect to monitor are the locations of their team members. They can’t depend on reports generated by their workforce, which could include inaccurate information because they haven’t been validated. Because of the staff’s inadequate effectiveness and productivity, this could end up in lower profitability. 

These days, technology offers these businesses appropriate options in the form of employee location-tracking apps. More advanced types of field tracking software make use of GPS capabilities to locate employees instantly. One benefit is that it can show field workers’ current locations in real-time.  

Why Businesses Utilize Location Tracking App For Field Marketing Teams?

Marketing managers can ensure that their employees are where they’re supposed to be by using a location-tracking application to monitor their whereabouts in real-time. Managers can make sure that the field marketing team is using their precious time wisely and isn’t wasting it on pointless tasks by keeping an eye on what they’re doing. GPS tracking gives managers the ability to keep their marketers responsible for what they do and points out areas in which they can progress. 

Companies can obtain a complete picture of the marketing and sales operations by combining location monitoring information with other tools for sales and marketing. Marketing managers are able to determine the best lead generation and deal-closing methods by examining the relationship between particular sales processes and marketing team actions.

5 Best Field Marketing Team Location Tracking Apps?


Lystloc app is a field marketing team location tracking application that helps marketing managers track live employee locations. The software provides real-time visibility into the activities and locations of field marketers, making it easier for them to plan, execute, and monitor field marketing operations. 

The location tracking app assists marketing managers in determining which route their field employees took, how much time it took for them to reach, how much time the employee spent with the client, and what hour their employee is free to take up their next task. Managers can track employees’ travel routes through the app in real time for their safety.

Not only this, the Lystloc field marketing team location tracking app has other diverse features like field attendance, location mapping, meeting check-in/out, mileage calculator, travel reimbursement, and many more employee productivity tracking tools.


Timeero’s precise location tracking function provides management with accurate location and time information when field employees log in and out. The software tracks the exact places traveled during the day’s work, giving a complete picture of a field marketing worker’s day. Timeero’s geofencing tool works in tandem with location monitoring to deliver more detailed information about employees’ everyday activities. 

Marketing managers can create geofenced zones around specific job locations and get updates whenever the worker logs in or out of the place of work. Timeero’s kilometers tracker automatically logs distance while marketing personnel are on the run. The best aspect is that Timeero operates offline, so employees don’t have to be concerned about monitoring miles regardless of whether they travel to places with little or no access to the internet.


Hellotracks uses real-time location monitoring to help field marketers choose the best path toward their next work location. This allows them to prepare beforehand and stay on track more readily. Workers can upload images, customer signatures, and other information to the app to promote openness. 

While marketing managers can allow staff to utilize Hellotracks to plan their own itineraries to work, managers can also recommend routes to employees in real-time. Hellotracks also provides reporting and analysis features. Thus, it makes it easy to access time records, distance traveled, and task statuses in a single spot.


Marketing leaders can constantly track the whereabouts of their marketing employees using the allGeo field location tracking tool. In addition, if workers fail to log in once they reach a geofenced location, they can use allGeo to notify them. When field marketers enter and leave a designated client area, allGeo captures the timestamps. 

AllGeo’s zero-touch strategy relieves marketers from having to repeatedly log in and out after each client visit.AllGeo’s distance tracking is completely automated. By default, the app monitors miles throughout the field marketer’s time at work (9 AM – 5 PM), regardless of what time they begin a shift.


B2Field is a field workforce management application that allows marketing managers to monitor field marketing teams. B2Field includes an integrated CRM plugin that enables managers to connect customer locations to geofenced regions or establish geofences based on client information in the CRM. B2Field alerts marketers when they go into or out of a geofenced location. 

Instead of clocking employees in or out, the mobile application alerts them and saves the timestamp. Marketing managers can calculate the amount of time they invest with a customer by subtracting the time stamps for arrival and departure. Managers can determine when a field marketer is at a halt if they are traveling, and where they are going by viewing a complete report of their movements.


A simple Google search for workforce location tracking applications will yield a list of providers offering different feature sets of this type of software. The applications mentioned above offer field tracking with all the functionality needed to keep an eye on such mobile workers. It is downloadable on smartphones and tablets. This would be useful for monitoring an employee’s whereabouts and the distance they have traveled on a given day. It would additionally allow the sending of notifications according to pre-configured settings.

The application also allows employees to record their attendance and complete daily time entries. It assures that employees meet customers on schedule, stay within their assigned zones, and devote a significant amount of time in the exact same place. With a multitude of options available, businesses can select appropriate employee location solutions on the market and configure them to meet their needs.

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