Top 3 Applications for Employee Tracking

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Published Date: February 9, 2019

Top 3 applications for Employee Tracking

Top 3 Applications for Employee Tracking

Tracking employeeswas a herculean task in the past decades as there were no mobile phones to call them instantly. There were cases when employees deviated from their work and did not achieve their targets.  So after technology took over we all have a smart invention that is smarter than all of us- the smartphones.

We have apps for almost everything for our personal use. When it comes to official purpose, there are many applications to keep various factors under control and to have a check on others like data entry, remote monitoring, remote file sharing etc.  to track employees attendance and their presence new applications have been introduced to reduce the cost and burden of the companies. With these applications, you can track your employee’s real-time and keep updating them with new tasks and can also track their routes.

1. Lystloc – Employee Location Tracker

This application is being developed by to manage a company’s sales division, support people who are on the field doing jobs and the other employees.  Lystoc helps you track them down easily and eliminates the petty task of calling and enquiring them every now and then. It also helps in cost reduction as you can instantly track employees in real-time across their client meetings

Another special feature of the app is that it is very user-friendly and you need not to be a techie to use it. As for the remote attendance part, the app has a very easy method of recording your attendance with a single tap of a button.

This application is Cloud-based and has FREE 1000 hours of Live Tracking. Beyond the 1000 hours, Lystloc charges Rs 199/user/month.

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3 Best Applications for Employee Tracking
3 Best Applications for Employee Tracking

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2. Virtual Attendance

Virtual Attendance is very simple and a basic attendance application. The app does not have many complicated features like live tracking. Its focus is only the employee attendance. A unique QR code is created for every employee who can be tracked by a system.  Basically, this application is very cost effective and is free for use for 5 employees and 1 manager. For more than 5 employees it will cost you $5.

The application can be very useful for small companies without burning a hole in their pockets.  It is available for both Android and ios.

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3. Time Clock Wizard

This is a cloud-based application.  Apart from tracking attendance, The application provides services like payroll, leave management and scheduling tasks to the employees. The best part of the application is that since it is connected through cloud computing it can be accessed by any device, anywhere. For managing false check-ins the application provides features for managers to set up location limits from where the check-in can is done.  The app also allows the manager to know the exact location and the device from which the login was made. The app also has a feature which clicks a picture at the time of logging in.

The app is priced at $14.95 per month with which any number of employees can be tracked.  It is available on both android and ios platforms.

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