How To Track Security Guard Attendance With Lystloc

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Published Date: July 2, 2023

How To Track Security Guard Attendance With Lystloc

How To Track Security Guard Attendance With Lystloc

In reality, the best at managing safety-related concerns are the security agencies. However, if you’re in charge of a security firm, you are probably aware that the responsibility is quite significant. Considering the physical demands of the fieldwork, keeping track of worker attendance is necessary yet challenging. Monitoring the attendance of security firm employees, such as security guards, security vehicles, supervisors, as well as other field personnel, is extremely difficult. Customer satisfaction depends on the security staff showing up promptly at the customer’s location. 

Pen and paper sheets were once the sole tool that could be used for recording employee attendance. Automated attendance tracking software is increasingly becoming the tool of preference for companies looking to decrease time theft and costs associated with overlooked productivity. While this software is not without flaws, the benefits of automatic employee attendance tracking software greatly exceed any possible shortcomings.

Importance Of Implementing An Automated Attendance Tracking System For Security Guards?

Employing an automated attendance system is critical for security companies in order to provide adequate oversight of their security personnel, which is essential in sustaining excellent service. Lack of supervision may end up in ineffective and disengaged guards, which can result in unprofessional conduct like prolonged tardiness and even theft. The most important part of monitoring is keeping track of guards’ accurate log-in and log-out hours. This additionally aids security agencies in monitoring the efficiency of their security workers.

Traditional methods of tracking security guard attendance include manually keeping track of arrival and exit times on paper records, with supervisors gathering records to track and carrying out random inspections to make sure the guards have arrived at their assigned posts. This method, however, has significant flaws, notably the risk of attendance by proxy and extra work for supervisors.

How To Track Security Guard Attendance With Lystloc?

Lystloc is an employee management app with a real-time location-based employee attendance monitoring feature. Security guards can mark their attendance through a single touch authentication from anywhere during their work hours directly from their work location rather than traveling to the agency location. There is also an option for Geofence attendance in the Lystloc app; guards can mark attendance only when they are within the specified virtual perimeters built using the latitude, longitude, and radius of a vast location by their supervisors. 

The app gives supervisors instant mobile app notifications regarding their guard’s attendance log-in with time and location details. Also, provides information needed for various attendance-related reports, offering insights into hours worked, shift timings, and so on with a view to constantly improving workforce productivity.

Lystloc app is a useful tool for keeping track of when the security guards clock in and out of work and recording the data for the management team. A perfect employee attendance monitoring platform that can organize the guards’ attendance records, enables task scheduling, leaves, and permissions, and track over time than simple manual methods. 

Benefits Of Using Lystloc For Security Guard Attendance Tracking


Utilizing attendance tracking software has been shown to improve time management and change the state of work. When it pertains to gathering correct logs of attendance for security guards, Lystloc offers the advantage of eliminating paperwork, which in turn saves time. Time-consuming tasks like manually distributing tasks, keeping tabs on changes in shifts, and others can be tracked and allocated with just a few clicks.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time attendance tracking is the process of using geotagging to monitor the security guards’ present whereabouts. Thus, with Lystloc’s assistance for staff attendance, supervisors can maintain accurate records of their guards’ work time and location in real-time. They have the option of using geo-fencing, which tends to record the guard’s attendance only when they reach the restricted workspace, along with location and time stamps.  For example, if a security guard is geo-fenced to a particular ATM location to work, he can only log in his attendance when he reaches that ATM location perimeter.

Increases Accuracy And Efficiency

Lystloc streamlines the attendance monitoring procedure, eliminating the possibility of errors. Furthermore, security personnel can utilize this software to effortlessly log in and out, which simplifies the task of capturing their work hours. Automation aids companies in maintaining accuracy in attendance monitoring, which is critical for reporting and payroll management.

Makes Payroll Processing Easy And Simple

Validating and compiling payroll can be a tireless, laborious, and expensive procedure if you use the conventional method of maintaining security guard work hours. Fortunately, Lystloc’s employee attendance monitoring can automate this function, requiring no extra cost and being equally accurate as its primary tracking features.

Greater Insight And Visibility

Supervisors can generate reliable reports of attendance on time worked, absenteeism, and overtime, as well as monthly overview reports for each of the company’s security teams, with just a few clicks. With centralized data, any customized report can be developed, increasing accessibility and openness inside the company. Supervisors can proactively analyze and adjust rules on vacation, hours, work environment efficiency, compensation, and so on using an organized, trustworthy attendance data center, allowing them to make changes in their operations.

Easy Management Of Work Hours

Coordinating the work schedules of a large number of security guards may be a challenging task. Supervisors can effortlessly track guards’ shifts and work plans using Lystloc employee management software and make adjustments as required. This can assist organizations in ensuring that security guards work for the required amount of hours and are appropriately paid for their work time.

Productivity Enhancement

The primary element affecting any security agency’s revenue is a lack of productivity. As a result, an effective business is built on high production and minimal oversight.

With an automated attendance monitoring technology like Lystloc, agencies may reduce tedious tasks like shifting security guards’ schedules while relishing a simple but efficient way of handling payroll. Lystloc assists managers in tracking productivity and correlating performance with attendance.

Cost- Effective

It appears impossible that an employee attendance tracking app can be economical and reduces costs. When it comes to manual processes, it’s important to remember that a company is always at risk of incurring costs. A successful business is built on maximum productivity with minimal error.

By incorporating Lystloc attendance management, many companies have saved a substantial amount of money. Additionally, the Lystloc monitoring app will also provide their customers the attendance and time tracking features for low and reliable pricing.

Bottom Line

Running a security organization is a very laborious task. You need to make sure that security staff are present, that they act appropriately, and that the task they are assigned is completed appropriately. Any organization needs to have software for tracking employee attendance.

They contribute to automating payroll procedures, ensuring that workers are compensated for the work hours they put in, and protecting the company against salary theft. To make the greatest use of these solutions, the business must select the best employee tracking software

If you’re willing to streamline your employee time and attendance tracking, Lystloc is a great solution to start. Lystloc’s easy, cost-effective, and fully automated time and attendance monitoring function will put your security guards at ease.  The advantages of employing software like this are definitely worth your time.

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