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Published Date: October 8, 2019

Optimize your sales cost with Lystloc

Optimize your sales cost with Lystloc

Managing a sales force is no easy task, especially when your business involves a huge sales team. That doesn’t mean it is a piece of cake for the medium-sized business. The ever-growing competition in the industry means that you need to pace ahead every moment and seize every opportunity. Technology thankfully comes to the aid. Choosing a partner like Lystloc can help you grow massively. Discover how Lystloc can minimize the cost, and optimize your business.

1. Cost of Productivity – indirect costs :

When you have a team working on the field, how many times would you contact the team members over a phone call? A dozen times in the minimum. With the various plans from the different networks, you might think that it is easy to stay in touch. But do you know attending calls can result in reduced productivity? If only finding the location is the purpose of the call, location intelligence feature of the app helps in vehicle tracking. Install the app in the vehicles of your organization and monitor delivery with a few clicks. Do not bother about making the call.

2. Employee attendance management:

When your team is on the field, and you need to ensure everybody turns in for the work without any malpractice? Attendance management can be done seamlessly with this app. Do you know how meticulous attendance calculation must be to ensure the employees get the right pay? This intimidating process of payroll can be done with no errors, and faster when you opt for the Lystloc app for your organization. Keep adding new employees, or take out the ones who have moved off with ease. 

3. Reduce time spent by sales team on the field, save on allowances:

Salesforce management can be tricky most of the times. When using Lystloc, you save efforts and time a lot. The dashboard is easy to access and lets you keep an eye on the employee turnout on the field. It is quite usual in the on-field team the inadequate measures to know the presence of the employee real time. Thanks to Lystloc you would be able to analyze the efficacy and productivity of the sales team any given time. When you need to shower allowances for being on the field, you would able to count on the app and its features to pay only the deserved amount of money, nothing more and nothing less.

4. Optimize travel time:

When you need to focus on employee tracking, does that mean you are spying the employee? Never, there can be pros for the improved performance of the employee. For instance, a hard-working sales team employee can find productivity not up to the mark. Various external factors can hinder the performance of the employee and the profit of the organization. The effective solution is opting for Lystloc. Help your sales team to avoid the traffic-filled routes, and coordinate on the move. Even daily reports can be shared by each. It is also easy to access the current report of the day. Again, you can restrict or allow access for specific employees only. The app is easy to use that, it does not require any technical expertise from the end of the employee.

5. Invest more time in business growth:

When you are made free from the various hassles, doesn’t that mean your business becomes a focal point? In mid-sized and small-sized organizations, the employer would be burdened with lots of tasks. Most of the times tasks like employee management, getting daily reports, and attendance management only become the center of attention. The business owner is bothered for lack of time for business improvement. When using Lystloc, you will be able to find time and concentrate on business improvement. It is not only because you spend less time on calls, attendance management, and relevant tasks. It is also because your employees are more productive, and monitored always. You also get hold of real-time data that helps in analyzing areas of risks. Comparing and contrasting various metrics that would boost the business is on the cards. In short, this lets you spread wings far and wide to reach new horizons in the arena of business.

Using Lystloc is ease, and there are various other uses that can be found most relevant for major business areas.  

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