The vehicle tracking system in India

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Published Date: October 8, 2019

The vehicle tracking system in India

Today, in India almost all vehicle tracking is done using GPS.

Who owns the GPS? 

GPS is owned and operated by the United States of America. To be precise, the American Department of Defence operates GPS. Service from these GPS satellites is available to civilian users worldwide.

During the 1990s the Civilians had GPS selective availability feature. This feature was intentionally designed to degrade accuracy when accessed by civilians.

For example, if I were tracking you, it is possible that you could be even 160 feet away from the indicated GPS position.

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For example, if I were tracking you, it is possible that you could be even 160 feet away from the indicated GPS position.

For example, if I were tracking you, it is possible that you could be even 160 feet away from the indicated GPS position.

In May 2000, the American government removed this intentional degradation in GPS which became a revolution in vehicle tracking and logistics industries.

The global GPS tracking device market stood at USD 1.5 Billion in 2016. The compound annual growth for period 2017-2024 is expected to be around 13 %. India like other leading countries have adopted GPS technology for the betterment of daily lives.

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Stand-alone GPS Navigator

The early days saw widespread use of Stand-alone GPS. The sole purpose of this invention is easy navigation. The device had pre-loaded maps stored. The device is not connected to the internet, and hence the same is not updated with current changes.

OBD Device

OBD expands as Onboard Diagnostics. All latest vehicles are produced with a port for self-diagnostics and reporting device.  This device does not require any complex installation. It is plug and play. OBD devices, when plugged in, alerts when there are instances of: 

  • Over-speeding
  • Engine idling
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Hard breaking 
  • Over-revving

OBD device combined with GPS solution is being used for vehicle tracking. Live location data and geo-fence data is made available. 

An example of a Geo-fence feature: You can restrict your vehicle from entering a particular geographical area and get alerted if your vehicle ventures into it.

Advanced Vehicle tracker

Advance vehicle trackers combine GPS and the internet to provide some really hot features like:

  • Panic Button 
  • Mic
  • Immobilizer

The panic button would enable to place an SOS call. The mic could be used to relay the conversation happening when there is a possible vehicle theft. Best of all immobilizer gives you an option of stopping your vehicle when you think there is a misuse of the vehicle.

India’s own GPS – NAVic (Navigation Indian Constellation)

India was in need to build its own indigenous satellite navigation system. The reason is when the United States of America blocked India from using GPS in the 1992 Kargil war.

India was working non-stop to make this GPS system, NAVic alive. In April 2018, Navic launched two layers of service. One is “The standard positioning service” which is for civilians and the other one is “the restricted service” for authorized users with encrypted data security.

This NAVic is all set to create a revolution in logistics industries in India.

Smart Phones apps for tracking vehicles

All the options discussed above warrants an investment for Vehicle tracking. But you now have the simple option of installing an app for tracking. Yes, a download from play store/app store will be able to let you track your vehicles.

Phones give the flexibility of a very portable device. 


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