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Published Date: November 8, 2018

Vehicle tracking made easy!

It is a challenge for a lot of small and medium enterprises to track their vehicles that are on the field.

Logistics business in India has been growing at a rapid pace, but fulfillment doesn’t happen due to lack of proper time management. Drivers are made to report to their office after every delivery. This could be handled efficiently if you had location intelligence.

How do you do it now?

Forcing your employees to share their location over WhatsApp might look rude. It might show that you have zero confidence in your employees. Or having a call center that keeps following up with the driver on their whereabouts is also a painful task. It takes away a lot of productive time from the driver and increases your operations cost. That wouldn’t go well with your cash flow! More than an operation issue, it’s a logistics problem.

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How to simplify your logistics problem?

Modern mobile devices and Global Positioning System or GPS as we know it coupled with analytics provided by Lystloc will help you plan your vehicles efficiently.

Lystloc provides you with accurate location information that will help you manage your fleet. For, e.g., Let’s consider you are into manufacturing of pipes. You use your vehicle to deliver finished goods to distribution centers and also collect raw material from its source. Ideally, if you knew how the whereabouts of your vehicle, the planning of inbound and outbound movements of goods would be more natural. Lystloc can help you do just that.

Locate your driver -> Identify your next destination -> Plan the activity -> Assign it to the driver.

The cost saved here can add to your margin or you could be more competitive in the market.

If you are looking at operational excellence in your business, sign-up with Lystloc now.

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