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Published Date: October 6, 2019

Easy Track of Test drive vehicles

Easy track of Test drive vehicles

“Cars are being stolen during test drives”– CBC news

So, this happened in Calgary. The police department said, the thieves usually pose as potential buyers in dealerships. They then provide a fake driving license to negotiate a test drive and even leave the vehicle they came in as collateral. This has become a trend in auto theft.

“Historic Ferrari worth millions was stolen during the test drive”- DW news

This news came up just when we thought luxury cars offered adequate security. This was a limited-edition car valued at $2 million formerly owned by Formula One racer Eddie Irvine. It was termed “historic” as only 272 units of these cars were manufactured to compete in a circuit race.

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And even recently in Chennai, vehicles were stolen under the pretense of a bike test drive. The thieves provided fake identity details and rode off with the motorcycles. If all it takes to steal vehicles is a fake identity detail, don’t you think there’s a flaw in their security? For the money spent on building the product and marketing it, these companies lost their eye on the security aspect leading to the loss for the company. Especially in the luxurious segment, this kind of error would cost them a fortune. So, what could have been done to prevent this?

They should have invested in a location tracking technology so that they could track the employee who accompanies the test drive (with the customer). That’s exactly where Lystloc comes in.

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How does Lystloc help you?

Lystloc’s location intelligence comes with robust location tracking features to track the live-location of your employees. It is intuitive and user-friendly..

Track live location of your vehicles

With its live-tracking feature, it would be able to track the real-time location of all the vehicles at any given instance with precise timestamps making sure you are informed about their whereabouts every second. Even if something fishy happens during the journey, the person would be able to report it instantaneously, thus preventing any horrid possibilities.

Be well-apprised with “route map.”

It would also be able to track the entire distance covered by the vehicle at any time of day along with the route map. How does this help you? Since the route is displayed, you could make sure the vehicle does not deviate to any unknown path. Also, when it comes to your employee tracking, Lystloc prevents them from taking any undue advantage. Even in areas with poor or no network, it would store the data in offline mode displaying them when the network comes on. If you wish to know more about the importance of route-map, read this blog

So, next time, when someone tries to pull off a similar stunt, you will be prepared as you would possess the location intelligence in your hands.

Importance of location tracking

In my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. What’s the point in investing millions of rupees in developing a product but leave gaping holes in implementing security measures? You have seen first-hand the ease with which crooks take advantage of this incompetency in security. It is high time that these companies should start investing in robust tracking intelligence systems so that they could save their prized possessions. So, with all that is said, “Why should you choose Lystloc as your ideal tracking partner?”

Because the ideal tracking partner comes not only with exclusive features but also with flexibility. With API, you could integrate Lystloc ‘s tracking solution with your existing application with absolute ease. Not just that, Lystloc also has

·         Live-tracking feature.

·         Readily available product that could work hand in hand with your existing business without much effort.

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