Top 7 Romantic ways to show your spouse that you really care

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Published Date: January 12, 2019

Top 7 Romantic ways to show your spouse that you really care

Top 7 Romantic ways to show your spouse that you really care

Marriages after long courtships are the culmination of all the expectation across years. But once the initial honeymoon period ends, then begins the first fights. Fights are really ok, but letting goes of romance maybe not.

Well ahead of Valentine’s day here are few tips to make sure that you don’t be a “Valentine” on just the 14th of February.

1. Steal time

We don’t say “spend” time! We say “steal” time because with career and other family priorities spending time with your spouse seems to take the back seat always. Quality time that you both enjoy will bring a breath of fresh air in your relationship.

2. Surprise occasionally

Do you remember all the surprises that you planned meticulously before you got married? Well, why should you not reduce the frequency or intensity of your surprises now that you are married? You can rope in family and friends with much more liberty in surprising your better halves.

3. Say the Magic words

When it’s a better half, it is just more of you. So, are you among the majority that stops saying “Please” and “Thank you”. Well, saying these magic words are simple ways of showing that you appreciate for your spouse does for you.

4. Customize Gifts

When it’s time for the anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s day just don’t make “gifting” a chore. Make it exciting, spend some time thinking what exactly might interest your spouse. Even better, make it something that means a lot. For example, simply write a poem!  

5. Be charming

Just because that you have been married for quite long, does not mean that you can switch on your “charm”. Open doors or pull out chairs for your wife. Dress up specially for your husband. Keep the romance up.

6. Listen

Listening is one effective way to show that you really care. When we mean “listen” it does not mean lending one ear to your spouse and the other to the television. It means “really listening”.

7. Keep an eye

Remember the courtship days when you had fretted if your sweetheart reached any place safely. Well, do you still do that now? Why not? Here is an easy way for you to keep track of your spouse’s movements . Be assured that your spouse reached safely.

Download Lystloc Application

Lystloc is a tracking application that you can get installed both on your and your spouse’s mobile. Simply use “Track” option to see the movements of your spouse in real-time.

When we mean real-time, its that you can be assured that your spouse is exactly in the same place as mentioned in our application’s map.

You can show your love and concern to call up and inquire if they are stuck in a place and need help.

This Valentine’s day here is one free way to track each other and show your love!

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