Today, in India almost all vehicle tracking is done using GPS. Who owns the GPS?  GPS is owned and operated by the United States of America. To be precise, the American Department of Defence operates GPS. Service from these GPS satellites is available to civilian users worldwide. During the 1990s the Civilians had GPS selective […]

“Cars are being stolen during test drives”– CBC news “So, this happened in Calgary. The police department said, the thieves usually pose as potential buyers in dealerships. They then provide a fake driving license to negotiate a test drive and even leave the vehicle they came in as collateral. This has become a trend in […]

There are numerous innovations in the GPS market disrupting the technology space. They have paved way for the release of various vehicle tracking applications (apps) and systems.  These vehicle tracking apps play a vital role in various industries. They have also become an affordable and accessible feature to small and medium-sized companies. Plenty of delivery […]

Schooling is very important for kids and so are the transports that they use for the commutation. In today’s world, people are victims of various problems.  Even kids are not spared from accidents and other crimes which are generally caused by ignorance and negligence of the school drivers.  The school management assures the parents of […]

It is a challenge for a lot of small and medium enterprises to track their vehicles that are on the field. Logistics business in India has been growing at a rapid pace, but fulfillment doesn’t happen due to lack of proper time management. Drivers are made to report to their office after every delivery. This […]