What are the common Vehicle Tracking problems?

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Published Date: November 29, 2018

What are the common Vehicle Tracking problems?

What are the common Vehicle Tracking problems?

There are many devices or applications in the market to track vehicles and gain location intelligence. But, most of the customers are still not happy with what they get. Here are some of the challenges faced by companies with respect to location tracking:


1. Inaccurate location information

Most apps or devices work on certain degrees of errors. There is inaccuracy in the data that they provide to the users. This leads to a lot of tracking errors especially when there is a requirement for real-time tracking.


2. Not being able to track during fast movement

The other challenge is when a vehicle moves at a quick pace in a place covered with trees and buildings, the signal gets blocked. This could lead to inaccurate information being passed on to the user.

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3. Data Download

If it’s a stand-alone device, the data download might not be as fast as a mobile device. There are issues with memory optimization and download in GPS devices.

Lystloc has taken into consideration most of these issues and has incorporated features that are path-breaking in location intelligence space. The mobile application is capable of managing employee and vehicle tracking. It is better than other mobile apps in the market for tracking, as Lystloc provide accurate information along with features to share and act based on the instruction.

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