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Published Date: January 5, 2021

Lystloc 2020: Year in Review

Lystloc 2020: Year in Review

Yeah, we accept it. We are all pretty much tired of hearing about the previous year. But, we should accept that the year was made up of innovations all over. Of course, we miss coming to the office premises and we miss greeting each other every morning. Still, we found a way to continue our work by staying connected virtually.

So looking at things in a positive way brings a ray of hope for the battle that we are waiting for. And here it is, 2021.

Now that we are equipped enough to start afresh, it is equally important to sit back and rejoice by looking back at our achievements and milestones that we made possible even in our year filled with struggles.

1. Year with Lystlocable innovations!

As we all know the year was quite uncertain but Lystoc stayed in momentum in enriching and empowering the customers with new and innovative features. Well, this is also one of the reasons why we stated that the year was filled with innovations.

Lystloc released two new features to give an out and out best user experience. And it was indeed a bigger thing to be blissful about.

Lystdata and Form modules were the by-product of the hard work that the team showed towards developing it in the year 2020. With its avant-garde release to action, we made sure that we gave our best to foster the challenges that the companies face in their data and reports.

2. A newer appeal

Yes, we became stylish. We, at Lystloc, renovated and launched our website with a newer and cool appeal for better storytelling about the product and also to share a better representation. And we also launched an entirely new landing page for the new member of our features pool – Lystdata it is.

3. Fine-tuning to be bang on

We all do need this at some particular point in time and it was in 2020 for us. We have re-written the Android Location Services concept of our application in order to give a more accurate location tracking and minimal battery usage.

And we also showed our excellence in curating route noise reduction algorithms for effective location details. To be technically fit was the intent to be bang on with our features and services.

4. Roles and Permissions

2020 also offered extended roles and permissions to the customers in managing their admin dashboard. Lystloc increased the roles and permissions provided to the account owner both in terms of magnitude and feature so as to ensure being a proper fit for the company that has many employees.

5. Leap year

It’s a known fact, right? Why are we stating it here? 2020 was indeed a year of leap in sales for Lystloc. We were showered with a tremendous increase in various graphs related to business growth.

  • Sales increased by 100%.
  • The number of enterprises increased by 333.1%
  • The number of users increased by 121.5%
  • Total travel distance located by Lystloc: 6915055.8km
  • Total Live tracking hours: 1507665.8
  • Total number of attendance registered: 129143
  • Total number of Check-ins registered: 417497
  • We extended our customers in a wide geography
    Sales extended from India to South Asian Countries, Australia, US.
  • Our operation has increased in South East Asia.

6. Evolving as a company

It’s a bigger ship to sail. Our team size has increased by 50%. Even though we were a victim of the global pandemic that the year served right on our plate, we still chose to nurture our company with efficient employees to withstand and to compete with growing innovations in the track.

With a bigger team, we are strong and equipped enough to meet the coming year with great positivity to meet future battles to the best of our abilities.

7. Helping Hands

We are also involved in the overall growth of the market arena and we felt that it was our duty to help the companies that were finding their dust during the times of pandemic.

Based on Pandemic Corporate Responsibilities, Lystloc stood as a helping hand to the organizations that were affected by the global pandemic by providing our free license till June 1, 2020.

8. Comfort Zone

Who finds it difficult to work by happily sitting on their couch with a brewing hot cup of coffee?

Lystloc ensured to initiate work from home at the earlier stages for the betterment of the employees’ health.

And it’s a massive success to continue getting the progress on the revenue graph by creating a win-win environment for both employees and the company. 

And we were also listed as one of the top 100 free tools to use during the pandemic in along with Microsoft, Google, Linkedin, etc…


Whatever may begin has to eventually end on its way. And a new year is to start life with a clean canvas once again to color it as a beautiful piece of art. Let’s just spread the aroma of positivity in the environment and hope for the best in the coming year.

So it’s time to go back to our party playlist.

Hopefully, a cake or a pizza can be a better start to the year.

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