Elevate your business growth by Vehicle Tracking Feature

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Published Date: January 31, 2019


Elevate your business growth by Vehicle Tracking Feature

There are numerous innovations in the GPS market disrupting the technology space. They have paved way for the release of various vehicle tracking applications (apps) and systems.  These vehicle tracking apps play a vital role in various industries. They have also become an affordable and accessible feature to small and medium-sized companies.

Plenty of delivery service companies, logistic companies, transportation network companies are highly benefited by installing the location intelligence applications on their vehicles or employee devices.

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Nowadays, everything is online and the demand for delivery service has been increased widely. From food items, groceries, clothing to medicines, people prefer online/ home delivery. The organizations that offer home delivery or pick up services should focus on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of vehicle tracking:

With vehicle tracking tool, the product owner or the manager can track the vehicle. He/She can know the real-time location of the vehicle. They can also view additional information about the vehicle like stationary time, speed or mileage as well as previous routes which they traveled.

Know more about these advanced features.

Better schedule compliance:

GPS location intelligence applications drive the employees to work in a better way. The owners will know if the vehicle has been commenced as per the schedule and will have better control over the organization. Also, the duration of each trip can be predicted via route maps and can be monitored which will be helpful in the productive utilization of the resources.

Increased customer credibility:

In today’s busy world, the customers are not ready to take a long wait for their product or service – they want to know the exact time before they opt for the same. Since we have a very healthy competitive market, consumers always have varied options to choose from. With this vehicle tracking application, companies can commit a proper ETA for the product delivery. This will create a positive impact on customers and will become a base to grow our business.

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Reduced fuel cost:

At the end of the day, the owner of the organization will be unaware or will not have control over the fuel cost spent for each of their company’s vehicle. By installing this vehicle tracking device, the owners can reduce the fuel cost by continuously monitor their vehicle. The device will be capable of storing data for more than a month and also helps in details about the vehicle’s idle condition.

Real-time vehicle tracking:

Real-time vehicle tracking will help you to identify the location of your vehicle in real time even without internet by activating GPS services. The location information is sent from GPS receiver at regular intervals to the drivers and can be monitored from anywhere. Later if they resume their internet connection, the vehicle owner will be aware of the route maps driven for the day.

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Increased profit:

The benefits of location intelligence applications are endless and by this vehicle tracking system you will not only save your time and money but also you can ensure the safety of your drivers and their potential performances. By installing this vehicle tracking application, you will always be on top regarding your fleet and you need to question your employees.  This will help you in building employee relationship and bringing more productive employees on the ground.

All of the above will result in smoother business operation + enhanced customer service = Increased profit

All the best and grow your business using Lystloc – Your location intelligence partner.

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