5 Best Geofencing-Based Attendance And Location Tracking Apps For Your Employees

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Published Date: June 15, 2024

5 Best Geofencing-Based Attendance And Location Tracking Apps For Your Employees

“Be present. Be engaged. Experience and celebrate growth together”.

This could be the phrase you want to say to your team members with whom you head to drive success, loyalty, and reputation in your business. 

Unfortunately, in today’s work environment, where the remote and hybrid setting is prioritized, time theft, buddy punching, and absconding become persuasive due to lacking direct supervision under one’s eye.

Thankfully, with a geofencing employee tracking system, this situation can be avoided. Because, after that, you can:

  • Create a fair, transparent, and connected remote business setup.
  • Do away with faulty claims of attendance and work accomplishments.
  • Eliminate humanized errors in attendance marking and calculations for payroll management.
  • Keep a sharp eye on profit and loss-making activities.
  • Stay ahead to make a logical decision and adapt to changes if needed.

Now that you know the benefits of having geofencing software, you may be curious to know which could be the best one. So, let’s explore some of them to incorporate the right employee tracking solution into your business!

5 Best Geofencing-Based Attendance and Location Tracking Apps that You Can Consider

When we talk about attendance and location tracking facilities in a geofencing application, it’s not limited to this set of specifications only, it goes beyond that, like time, task, and productivity management. This is why 5 best geo fencing software are listed here with their inclusive features that you must know:



Lystloc is your ultimate solution to building seamless and modernized geofence-based monitoring to make your business profitable and grow. This single-stack platform to monitor your deskless workforce and manage them is designed with simplicity in mind to make it user-friendly and adaptable. 

With Lystloc, you can manage geofence-based tracking, build seamless communication, and optimize team performance from a single window of mobile or web application. Without any hassle, you can not only empower your employees with knowledge-based decisions but also impress your customers with an efficient and timely delivery.

Key features 

👉 Geofencing with dynamic location radius

With Lystloc geofencing, you can easily watch the proximity to your employees’ current location of interest and specify the location radius, where they need to work for every other task. This is how you can accurately track and market when your employees are arriving or exiting a virtual geofence. In fact, with the built-in AI of Lystloc, you can map routes and create coordinates between places beforehand to reduce fuel costs and avoid long routes to reach pre-decided destinations on time.

👉 Employee attendance control in geo-fenced areas

To ensure every employee clocks in the right time and place and avoids buddy punching to maintain clarity, Lystloc attendance tracking software comes with fingerprint-based attendance authentication. Not only that, its restrictions on a particular location or branch-based attendance and multiple login sessions can help you control over one’s suspicious activity.

👉 Multipurpose notifications and alerts in a geo-fenced area

Sometimes jobs come in and they have to be accomplished faster. Sometimes employees need to know they’re running out of time or they already stretch the time for certain tasks due to waiting longer. To avoid such mistakes frequently, ensure to avoid overtime, and keep moving as expected, Lystloc reminders and notifications for employees’ attendance, tasks, check-out, and waiting hours together are truly beneficial.

👉 Scheduling and organizing tasks more effectively

When scheduling and organizing tasks can be a big hassle for many, you can take advantage of Lystloc to avoid such situations. Whether you can create a fresh task, duplicate the previous one, craft lead-based responsibilities, or assign the same task to multiple members, you can do it all based on your workforce availability. It simply helps you create flexibility and avoid overwhelming anyone with unrealistic goals.

👉 Easy sharing of attachments from the field

Maintaining and managing proof of all works has to be in your hands so that you don’t need to follow up with your employees multiple times, which is why Lystloc enables attaching documents. Location and task-based files, images, videos, forms, and personalized meeting notes are some types of documents that you can take into account to maintain transparency and a verifiable record of work completion.

👉 Smooth and compliant communication setup 

Giving your employees room to connect with you at any point in time at their preferred communication channel becomes too important when they need immediate guidance from you. This is where Lystloc enables you to provide fast responses over calls and emails to avoid last-minute waitings.

👉 Simplified third-party software integrations

Whether you want to build a visual sales pipeline, make easy communication, schedule meetings without messing up, or manage payroll with automated calculation – Lystloc arranges it all with external integration. Well, for that, you’ve options to integrate Slack, Calendar, Zoho, Razorpay, Kredily, and more.


Lystloc pricing segment comes with a 7-day free trial for you so that you can walk through its beneficial features. Other than this, it has paid pricing options at minimal cost as follows:

  • Basic: Rs.99/user/month.
  • Standard: Rs.199/user/month.
  • Enterprise: Rs.349/user/month.


connect team

Connecteam is a dynamic geofencing application that not only helps in location-based attendance management but also improves your employees’ efficiency while working as an employee productivity tracking software. It can be integrated into your business process to make yourself capable of controlling your teams’ activities, stay compliant always, and maintain privacy to keep business information in a safer place.

Key features

👉 Go-fence on the go

Connecteams’ geofence-based location and attendance tracking method not only helps you watch your employees clock in and clock out for each location-based task but also allows you to approve or deny their punches. 

👉 Job and shift scheduling

With this geofence software, you can easily create optimal day-to-day activities while quickly scheduling tasks with templates and duplicates. This is helpful when you want to avoid costly mistakes, deal with employee absconding and spot inconsistencies more efficiently.

👉 Workflow tracking

To get everyone on the same page and updated in one go, Connecteam enables you to create to-do lists, checklists, and forms to track workflow and manage every single project on time. Also, you can set up recurring tasks with due dates and detailed descriptions to avoid rushing and misleading information.


  • Free trial: It’s for 14 days.
  • The small business plan: $0 up to 10 users.
  • Operations basic: $29 for the first 30 users + $0.5/month for each additional user.
  • Operations advanced: $49 for the first 30 users + $1.5/month for each additional user.
  • Operations experts: $99 for the first 30 users + $3/month for each additional user.


Clockify is a geofence attendance and location tracking software that helps you manage and increase your field team performance in a synchronized way. Not only your field team but also your in-office team can be managed with a timesheet reporting system. Moreover, with Clockify, resource allocation and control over expenses can become more handy to make profitability for your business as well as your clients.

Key features

👉 Geofencing based attendance management

Monitoring attendance and managing individual check-in and check-out on a daily basis is undoubtedly a tedious task. So Clockify comes with geo-fencing attendance management to document employee attendance with manual intervention, where you can check their start to end and even break and overtime.

👉 Time-based activity tracking

To prevent employee time theft, keep track of their productivity and ensure their higher engagement level, having timekeeping applications is truly necessary. Clockify allows you to do so while restricting your employees’ timesheet changes after a certain period to ensure managing time on individual projects and tasks in a better way.

👉 Forecasting for projects

Clockify enables you to forecast project trajectory so you can create a visual graph and estimate the time beforehand that you and your team members need to complete. This is not only helpful for your teams but also useful for managing clients.


  • Free: $0 forever.
  • Basic: $3.99/seat/month, billed annually.
  • Standard: $5.49/seat/month, billed annually.
  • Pro: $7.99/seat/month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: $11.99/seat/month, billed annually.
  • Bundle: $12.99/seat/month, billed annually.


Hubstaff’s geofencing clocking process prioritizes work maintenance, working as an employee monitoring software and allowing you to build a reliable team and asset management from both web and mobile applications. With its automated attendance notification and geofenced job site facilities, Hubstaff allows you to create a mainstream employee experience management that suits your organization today and tomorrow.

Key features

👉 Geofence time clocking

Hubstaff geo-fenced time clocking automatically starts the timer when your employees arrive at a particular location or it sets reminders for them so that they don’t forget to mark attendance on arrival. It is helpful as you don’t need to guesswork about who’s present and who’s absent for a particular day and shift.

👉 Workforce management

To robust your workforce management based on your employees’ activities, Hubstaff, one of the best workforce management software, enables you to schedule and dispatch individuals’ responsibilities in an organized manner. Moreover, you can make better decisions with its workforce analytical report.

👉 Productivity and engagement tracking

When with Hubstaff you have a clear overview of whether employees start earlier, late, or missed altogether and have a clear understanding of time allocations and time-wasting activities, you can easily optimize their productivity. It becomes very useful when you want to streamline workflow and maximize individuals’ engagement levels.


  • Free trial: A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Starter: $4.99/seat/month (2 users minimum).
  • Grow: $7.50/seat/month (2 users minimum).
  • Team: $10/seat/month (2 users minimum).
  • Enterprise: $25/seat/month/user.


Clockshark geofencing software offers you the power to get real-time attendance and location history while enabling your benefits from the employee monitoring system. It allows attaching critical job documents and external software integrations, eliminates multiple entries, and manages unnecessary expenses throughout a life cycle for each project to elevate your satisfaction to new heights.

Key features

👉 Geofencing-based accountability monitoring

Managing a dispersed workforce is not easy at all without knowing who’s currently working, for how long, and from where. So Clockshark’s geofencing-based location and time tracking ensure your team’s whereabouts with automated dynamic map visibility.

👉 Employee’s job scheduling

When managing multiple field projects becomes really challenging as you may not know their progress, Clockshark, one of the top-notch employee management software, ensures consistent monitoring of it. So you always have an update on what’s already done and what needs to be done next to move forward.

👉 Keep recording with file attachments

Your employees may forget details about any crucial tasks and even they can slip into sharing on-field data with you, which is why Clockshark enables attaching files, photos, and meeting notes. It helps you and your employees share details and clear doubts to head in the right direction.


  • Free trial: A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Standard: $40/month + $8/month/user.
  • Pro: $60/month + $10/month/user.

Take Lystloc into Action & Make All Geofencing Benefits Accountable 

All aforementioned geofencing software comes with unique capabilities to give you some more beyond attendance and location tracking compatibility. 

However, if you want to integrate software to improve your day-to-day employee management more efficiently, increase their productivity, and align all other needs with exclusive external integration in a single platform, definitely Lystloc can be your go-to option.

Lystloc helps you incorporate it into your process more quickly with its tech stack and homegrown system. On top of everything, Lystloc is powered by reliability, data security, and cost-effective accountability.

To see Lystloc into action, schedule a free demo today!

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