What is Location Intelligence?

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Published Date: November 21, 2018

What is Location Intelligence?

What is Location Intelligence?

Thanks to Google maps, we are well aware of location intelligence now. We are dedicating this blog so that one can appreciate the overall technology behind Location intelligence.

Definition: Location Intelligence

Tech Target beautifully defines Location intelligence (LI) as a business intelligence (BI) tool capability that relates geographic contexts to business data. Like BI, location intelligence software is designed to turn data into insight for a host of business purposes.

Lystloc & Location Intelligence

Lystloc is leveraging the very same Spatial Intelligence or Location Intelligence for its innovative and must-have solution. As part of building a location intelligence tool, Lystloc takes datasets from multiple sources and layers them on a map to provide enough insights to a user.

Lystloc locates your people and assets geographically and presents them visually for you to understand/ analyze trends to arrive at meaningful logic.

Addressing the Business Problem

The location information collected via the Lystloc mobile app can be used across various industries like education, logistics, taxi, field force, etc.

With location intelligence, you will be able to solve some of the most significant problems that you face in your industry with respect to reducing travel cost, managing resources and promoting your products to right customers.

Lystloc helps you to manage your resources very well using its location intelligence engine.

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How do You Track Your Vehicles?

Lystloc provides real-time geolocation of the driver and your vehicle. With this user-friendly platform, it is a lot easier to assign a task to your driver, check online/offline status and track the vehicle. This solution is applicable if you own many taxis or school buses.

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How to Track Employees on the Field?

It is easy to track your field agent at any given point of time using Lystloc mobile application. The mobile application has some interesting features to follow various appointment durations and routes taken between destinations.

Lystloc makes the attendance system a lot more intelligent by including timesheets.

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There is no escaping today’s location intelligence apps. It makes the most business sense when one is able to leverage this wonderful solution.

Check how we can help you solve your business problem using location intelligence. Call +91 044 4856 7924 to know more details.

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