What are the different methods to track field employees?

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Published Date: October 7, 2023

What are the different methods to track field employees?

Employees are regarded as a company’s most valuable resource since they contribute to its growth through their work, production, and efficiency. To improve management and results, organizational strategies and objectives should be clearly defined and communicated. There are more methods to track field employees strategically.

Why is Employee Monitoring Vital?

However, with the use of employee monitoring tools, a business can quickly track, monitor, and analyze employee working data to help employees who are having difficulty with their work and recognize top talent.

It is equally important to regularly evaluate, benchmark, monitor, and improve employee performance according to the defined goals. The culture of the organization benefits from transparency and visibility as a result of daily and constant evaluation of employee performance.

What are the different methods to track field employees?

Some existing methods to track field employees by firms are:

Email tracking

The companyissued email accounts are not meant for personal use, and employees should be aware that the administrators have full access to their email addresses. Several companies use hosting services, which enable them to read and track business emails whenever they want. Thus, it cannot be said that companies are interfering with employee privacy. The company will gain if they can quickly take control of the employee if any unnecessary actions happen. 

Tools for communication

Maintaining open lines of communication between your teams and divisions is essential if they are spread out across multiple locations.

Teams working remotely or in the field must use team collaboration apps and instant messaging to close the communication gap and keep in touch. By doing this, you can guarantee that everyone on the team is receiving the correct data and that everything has been acknowledged.

GPS Monitoring

Companies employ workers to work outside of the office or in various places. Computer monitoring or video surveillance are inadequate for field-based employees; they require real-time tracking software that can give complete information about employee travels. Employers can obtain specific details about employee work and site visits with the help of GPS-tracking equipment.

Monitoring of work hours

A different approach to monitor field employees and ensure they are not wasting business time while on schedule is through work time tracking.

Again, using this data has advantages for everyone. Employers and field team managers do not have to be concerned about how business time and resources are used. In the same way, field employees are aware that they will be monitored and receive just compensation for their efforts.

Web monitoring

Employers may track and keep an eye on how their employees use social media, applications, and websites with the use of employee monitoring software. The software enables administrators to receive detailed reports on the tasks completed by employees throughout working hours, as well as ideal and unproductive times, as well as any periods of inactivity. 

Monitoring Software for Employees

Employee monitoring software has a significant impact on companies since it gives them an accurate depiction of the activities carried out by their employees during work hours in real-time, making it the most important tool for companies today. The market offers a wide range of solutions via which companies can choose software to suit their needs. The software also keeps track of the tasks performed by WFH and remote workers throughout a range of periods.

Best Software for Employee Monitoring – Lystloc

Using the best employee monitoring software to keep an eye on your employees’ daily activities can be a wise choice. There are a ton of possibilities available on the market.

Although different methods exist to track field employees, the unique and customized solution for monitoring field employees is Lystloc – Employee Monitoring Software. Lystloc is embedded with advantageous features such as real-time location-based attendance, meeting notes, live field reporting, facial recognition attendance system, task management, and more.

However, Lystloc employee monitoring software enables you to manage each employee under the same roof, including managing their vacation requests, tasks, or projects, logging in and out, location tracking, and many other things. Your company can increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the employees by integrating the best tool. 

Whether your business is small or large, you should keep a record of the work your employees perform and receive real-time data on their performance and growth.

Benefits of Monitoring Employees with Lystloc

One of the most effective tools that employees have at their service for doing better is performance monitoring. It’s an approach to ensure that your employees are motivated and producing results while also aligning them with the goals of your business.

Increased productivity

You can increase productivity by monitoring your employees. You may more effectively manage your employees’ responsibilities and keep them on track. You may find that there is more time in the day than you expected, which enables you to take on additional tasks or projects.

Boost Security

Employee monitoring has become more crucial as more businesses migrate to remote work. It can help to strengthen security in addition to helping to increase productivity. The ability of employee monitoring to stop data breaches, find malicious activity, and ensure compliance.

Enhanced Team Performance

Teams can pinpoint areas for development, increase responsibility and productivity, get feedback, and work more efficiently when they monitor their employees. 

Effective in terms of cost

Lystloc’s Employee monitoring has a lot of advantages, as you can see. The possibility of being extremely cost-effective is one of the main advantages. Instead of recruiting employees that you have to pay for and then replace when they don’t work out, you can save a lot of money on workplace conduct concerns by using this strategy.


Look through your needs before buying any of your employee monitoring devices. so that you won’t need to make any adjustments later. For the optimized solution, give out a try for Lystloc and see enhanced performance results with increased field team productivity.

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