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Published Date: March 31, 2024

Lystloc vs Skynamo

Lystloc vs Skynamo

Have you ever heard the phrase nothing is more difficult than being able to make a precise decision?

I know, I know, you start nodding your head and trying to figure out why I mention it. Well, let me tell you, when the duel starts between Lystloc and Skynamo, you ought to be ready with your keen eye to choose one of them. 

Do you know why? You’re here not only to find one of the best alternatives to Skynamo but also to uncover the secret sauce of these duos to get a reality check. So that you can reach a confirmed conclusion without beating around the bush that can make your business scalable and help you count your business on that 80% who outperform with better customer experience.

While you’re expecting a feasible and realistic outlook that can give you clarity for field force sales management, I’m covering each bit from features to functionality in Lystloc vs Skynamo.

Now, let’s get to know what you’ll be served on your plate!

Lystloc vs Skynamo: An Unparalleled Tussle to Take You through Precision

You may start thinking about what advanced features are catered by Lystloc and Skynamo, how they can be differentiated, or on what basis you can take charge of one of them’s replacements. Hey! Relax, because you’re going to unfold the comparable features for Lysltloc and Skynamo which are the best workforce management software for your field sales employee:

Lystloc vs Skynamo: A Short Glimpse on Criteria Synopsis

Criteria Specification Lystloc Skynamo
Annual Pricing Plan₹349/user/month.Customizable pricing options.
Free Trial Plan7-days free trial.No free-trial is available.
Bulk User Sign UPYesNA
API IntegrationYesYes
External Software IntegrationYesYes
Web Dashboard AvailabilityYesYes
Android & iOs Phone AvailabilityYesYes
Free Chat, Email & Phone SupportYesYes
Sending MOM via emails YesNA
Image & File UploadYesYes
Dashboard Role & PermissionYesYes
Prompt Alert & NotificationsYesYes
Live TrackingYesYes
Offline TrackingYesYes
Track PageYesNA
Offline Meeting NotesYesNA
User Type FiltersYesYes
Watermark in Photo UploadYesNA
Customer Visit Verification with OTP YesNA
Battery Power & Network Status DisplayYesNA
Auto LogoutYesNA

Lystloc vs Skynamo: A Detailed Comparable Feature Grid

Attendance Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYesNA
Field/Remote AttendanceYesNA
Geo-fencing AttendanceYesNA
Daily Attendance & Task LinkingYesNA
Check-in ApprovalYesNA
Multiple Check-in & Check-outYesNA

Task Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Task Create/Edit/AssignYesYes
Location Based TasksYesNA
Location Restricted TasksYesNA
Meeting Notes with Different FieldsYesNA
Lead Based Task ModelingYesYes
Update Task StatusYesYes
Bulk Task UploadsYesNA
Meeting NotesYesNA

Task Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Task Create/Edit/AssignYesYes
Location Based TasksYesNA
Location Restricted TasksYesNA
Meeting Notes with Different FieldsYesNA
Lead Based Task ModelingYesYes
Update Task StatusYesYes
Bulk Task UploadsYesNA
Meeting NotesYesNA

Location Tracking

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Live Location TrackingYesYes
Tracking Map AvailabilityYesYes
Mileage MonitoringYesYes
AI Route CurationYesNA
Route PlanningYesYes
Play & Pause RouteYesNA
Location Hierarchy/Territory managementYesNA

Time Tracking

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Workflow Timesheet ManagementYesYes
Waiting Time CalculationYesNA

Reminders & Notifications

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Task ReminderYesNA
Attendance ReminderYesNA
Check-in & Check-out NotificationYesNA
Waiting Time NotificationYesNA
Working Hours NotificationYesNA
GPS On & Off NotificationYesNA
Hierarchy-based Geo-restriction NotificationYesNA
Fake Location NotificationYesNA

Data & Report Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Live Report TrackingYesYes
API Report ManagingYesNA
Multiple Reporting StructureYesYes
Auto-fill Customer Details with Business Card ReaderYesNA
Customer Profile ManagementYesYes
Customer Purchasing HistoryYesYes
Enter Product StockYesYes
Customer URL RedirectingYesYes
Data RetentionYesYes

Travel Expense & Reimbursement Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSkynamo
Expense/Reimbursement SubmissionYesNA
Bulk Expense/Reimbursement Approval/RejectionYesNA
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdateYesNA
Fuel Allowance/Reimbursement Limit SetupYesNA
Automate Fuel Allowance CalculationYesNA

Why Lystloc over Skynamo Will Be A Better Choice for You To Curve Winning Sales Dynamics?

When watching over key aspects of Lystloc and Skynamo may not sound good enough for you, I can give you some pretty good reasons that make it more convenient to replace Skynamo with its alternative. Well, if you want to know how Lystloc works in real time, you can sign up with Lystloc as well.

Now, let’s check, how Lystloc can be a better choice for you as a Skynamo alternative:

Automation to Manage Sales Operation

Automating your business practices with Lystloc means ease of execution of different sales tasks on different endpoints with precision. It not only saves your time without going through endless paperwork but also solves your traveling sales reps’ problems while providing the experience of an error-free zone. 

How? You can get the exact time and location of your sales reps’ attendance, control task management, and track on-time delivery with customer visiting information without asking your sales reps for manual intervention. One of the unique advantages of Lystloc is auto-filling your customer details with a Lysltoc business card reader that scans your customer data to mention it in the appropriate field. 

Also, Lystloc allows you to auto-update your customer’s profile, the stock of your existing products, and the reimbursement or expense data of traveling so that you can avoid humanized errors to maintain accuracy. Besides this, the automated reminders and notifications of check-in, check-out, working hours, and more enable your sales reps to do their daily field sales activities with the highest productivity.

Access to Accurate Data-Driven Insight

It is said that “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data” and “One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.”

Well, when you’re embracing Lystloc as a Skynamo alternative, you can avoid that capital mistake while accessing email data and dedicated daily sales reports from the field with utmost accuracy. Also, when Lystloc allows you to integrate itself with external software, you can get data based on different purposes.

By doing so, you can make a better understanding of your customer behavior, their buying psychology, and their expectations of your brand. Also, clean and consistent data on your field sales employees can help you evaluate their efficiency and productivity when it comes to successfully closing the deal.

Here, the intent is none other than finding bottlenecks in the sales process with Lystloc, so that you can evaluate areas of improvement, market trends, and better sales opportunities to crack the deal.

Elimination of Micromanagement 

Do you know that micromanagement can sound like controlling activities, creating mistrust, and spying on your field sales employees? 

However, fortunately, when Lystloc is in your hands, you can avoid this recipe of disaster, and make your smart sales reps in a pleasant working environment. Because with Lystloc watching over your field salesman’s activities with allocated time becomes easier be it evaluating takt time, cycle time, or lead time. Therefore, you always don’t need to become a guiding star for your large workforce.

It means you can establish trust and autonomy between team members and admins, put them under pressure to enhance their productive performances, and provide them with a supportive work environment.

Cost-Effective Scalability 

If you minutely check the aforementioned comparison table, you must get the transparent pricing overview of Lystloc where the advanced features can be accessible to you at a minimal cost. However, coming to Skynamo, where you must contact their sales team and discuss your priorities to get custom pricing options.

Don’t you think Lystloc is more trustworthy than Skynamo? Not only does Lystloc provide a transparent pricing module with its coherent feature alignment but also allows you a 14-day free trial to check its functionality. Also, Lystloc enables you to access 1K hours of free location tracking and attendance in its free module so that you can evaluate if it works for you. 

Moreover, other features like 1GB cloud storage and 250 timesheet submissions can actually help you make a confirmed decision on whether you want a premium version. So that you can ensure that Lystloc can save your money while accelerating productivity and stand on your expectations while easing future-proofing business operations.

Ultimate Maintenance of Privacy

In David Brin’s words, “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”

Do you agree with the aforementioned statement? If so, then you can take a sigh of relief with Lystloc when continuously taking your customer data and the details of your daily sales by tracking your field sales employees during their working hours.

Why? Lysltoc understands your concern and cares about each of your information. The reason why it adheres to industry standard guidelines and never shares your data with third-party services without your knowledge. From here, you may understand that Lysloc intended to do profound actions so that security breaches can’t take place easily and your customers do not get dissatisfied.

Think of Your Goals & Step Towards A Right Field Sales Tracking Solution

Now, when you’ve got a detailed showdown of Lystloc vs Skynamo in front of you, it’s time to choose one of them to make your business expandable with one of the best sales mapping software. But before that, remember the goals that you want to achieve with the most promising field sales tracking solution.

What are your expectations? I guess, it’s seamlessly managing your field sales reps, monitoring their punctuality and behavior, maintaining higher data security, satisfying your customers, and doing all these things without burning your big bucks. 

If this is the case, then you already know that Lystloc can be your location intelligence software buddy that you undoubtedly choose over Skynamo at any point in time. 

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