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Published Date: April 21, 2024

Lystloc vs PagarBook

Have you ever felt that sinking sensation?

I mean, you’re staying in touch with your pro field executives, guiding them over multiple tasks, the communication is going smoothly, and then all of a sudden…. A pin-drop silence! 

The consequences? A complete mess! You may start biting your nails.

Why? You don’t know where your field folks are, whether they successfully reach your customers, or whether they need any immediate help to change the route or organize the field data.

If you know, it doesn’t have to be like this. In the world of field workforce management, you have to have full-fledged software with which you can apply different methods of tracking your employees. Not only that but also monitor their efficient working in different times and provide them support to be more productive.

I know, now you can say, you integrate PagarBook in your existing business flow with this expectation only. However, you may be more conscious about its effectiveness and expenses, which may make you think about an alternative to PagarBook.

Till now, if you’re worried about it, it’s time for you to take a sigh of relief as I’ll tell you about an amazing platform that is none other than Lystloc which you can take as a replacement for PagarBook.

Curious to know why? Then let’s unfold the comparison of Lystloc vs PagarBook!

Lystloc vs  PagarBook: A Criteria Specification

Criteria Specification Lystloc PagarBook
Annual Pricing Plan₹349/user/month.$1398/staff/year.
Free Trial Plan7-days free trial.NA
Bulk User Sign UPYesNA
API IntegrationYesNA
External Software IntegrationYesNA
Web Dashboard AvailabilityYesYes
Android & iOs Phone AvailabilityYesYes
Free Chat, Email & Phone SupportYesNA
Sending MOM via emails YesNA
Data & Live Report ManagementYesYes
Import & Export DataYesYes
Image & File UploadYesYes
Dashboard Role & PermissionYesNA
Prompt Alert & NotificationsYesNA
Live TrackingYesYes
Offline TrackingYesNA
Track PageYesNA
Offline Meeting NotesYesNA
User Type FiltersYesYes
Watermark in Photo UploadYesNA
Customer Visit Verification with OTP YesNA
Battery Power DisplayYesYes
Network Status DisplayYesNA
Auto LogoutYesNA

Lystloc vs PagarBook: A Feature-Based Specification

Attendance Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYesNA
Field/Remote AttendanceYesYes
Geo-fencing AttendanceYesYes
Daily Attendance & Task LinkingYesYes
Check-in ApprovalYesNA
Multiple Check-in & Check-outYesYes

Task Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Task Create/Edit/AssignYesYes
Location Based TasksYesNA
Location Restricted TasksYesNA
Meeting Notes with Different FieldsYesNA
Lead Based Task ModelingYesYes
Update Task StatusYesNA
Bulk Task UploadsYesNA
Meeting NotesYesNA

Location Tracking

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Live Location TrackingYesYes
Tracking Map AvailabilityYesYes
Mileage MonitoringYesYes
AI Route CurationYesNA
Route PlanningYesNA
Play & Pause RouteYesNA
Location Hierarchy/Territory managementYesNA

Time Tracking

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Workflow Timesheet ManagementYesYes
Waiting Time CalculationYesYes

Reminders & Notifications

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Task ReminderYesNA
Attendance ReminderYesNA
Check-in & Check-out NotificationYesNA
Waiting Time NotificationYesNA
Working Hours NotificationYesNA
GPS On & Off NotificationYesNA
Hierarchy-based Geo-restriction NotificationYesNA
Fake Location NotificationYesNA

Data & Report Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Live Report TrackingYesYes
API Report ManagingYesNA
Multiple Reporting StructureYesYes
Auto-fill Customer Details with Business Card ReaderYesNA
Customer Profile ManagementYesNA
Customer Purchasing HistoryYesYes
Enter Product StockYesNA
Customer URL RedirectingYesNA
Data RetentionYesYes

Travel Expense & Reimbursement Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocPagarBook
Expense/Reimbursement SubmissionYesNA
Bulk Expense/Reimbursement Approval/RejectionYesNA
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdateYesNA
Fuel Allowance/Reimbursement Limit SetupYesNA
Automate Fuel Allowance CalculationYesNA

What Makes Lystloc More Desirable to You than PagarBook?

To manage your field service team, you need a more accurate and precise solution with which you can stop guessing and maintain maximum efficacy while also creating an impact on increasing revenue. 

Well, with Lystloc you can achieve it all, and it has more which actually makes you think of it as a top-notch alternative to PagarBook. How? Let’s have the insight as follows:

Cost-Effective Growth

If you agree, your business becomes scalable when your vision is crafted to get long-term support and growth without burning your big pockets. In that case, you may embrace different ideas and go-through multiple trials and errors while finding a reliable solution to grow without major complications.

Don’t you think this is exactly the same scenario when you’ve PagarBook in one hand and on the other hand you’re looking for an alternative to cut down the cost of growth. Although the aforementioned table makes it quite clear who costs you minimal, yet you must know that with Lystloc you can access 1GB cloud storage and 250 timesheet submission with its exclusive features.

Along with that, while you register with Lystloc, a free-trial helps you understand more how it can curve your long way of success with future-proof growth hacks.

Automated Travel Expense & Reimbursement Management

Did you know that 43% of companies are still doing expense management manually?

Is this feasible? Of course, not, because there is a higher chance of failure in accuracy, agility, and scaling without intricacies. I’m sure you don’t wanna be one of them, especially when it’s about smartly calculating your field team members’ travel expenses and proactively acknowledging their reimbursement requests.

Well, with Lystloc, you can do the same while not only getting an automated fuel allowance calculator but also you can set a limit on reimbursement so that your whole process can be transparent.

It means, with Lystloc expense reimbursement automation, you can say goodbye to unnecessary errors, ambiguity, and delays, and not leave a little space for your field folks’ frustrations or doubts.

Purpose-Driven Reminders & Notifications

While data on productivity reveals that 82% of managers of remote workers are worried about decreased employee productivity and task completion, you can hold yourself back from there only with Lystloc. 

How? Lystloc automated reminders and notification entails that your field employee is reminded of everything prior be it about any tasks, check-in and check-out, and more. The purpose is simple and that is either your field folks can finish their work on scheduled time, or they can inform you prior about completion tasks lately. 

Therefore, you neither micromanage your field employee while intervening multiple times between their working hours nor do you have to have a headache of task accomplishment.

Smart Task Managing Facility 

As a field manager, you may have a wide responsibility regarding field projects from planning, and procurement to execution without wasting precious time. In that case, you must have field task management software where you can pre-assign tasks, design lead-based tasks, edit, repeat, and reschedule tasks, or hold them back for a while.

Also, you can do all these things without jumping over emails or chats while accomplishing it with the help of bulk tasks files uploading. Well, to inform you, you can have all these staff at your fingertip while having Lystloc on your side.

Remember, with Lystloc smart task management, you not only enable your field folks to produce desired results as per the planner but also save them from last-minute work pressure.

Acute Route Optimization

Can you drive on a road without having the correct route? Of course, it’s a Nah!

Without having a correct tool at your side, you neither have a plan for a dozen delivery routes nor adjust and embrace a new path for your destination. Well, the same can happen with your field employees too.

But, don’t take stress, Lystloc takes center stage to do so. With Lystloc, you can curate the route map with its built-in AI, monitor traveled mileages, and come up with the best territory management facility.

All-in-all, with Lystloc geo-fencing, you can incorporate an effective approach and become more accountable. It’s especially when your field folks’ mental bandwidth is about to lose patience only because of an unfortunate occurrence on their pre-set route.

Incorporate Lystloc & Give Your Business A Reason to Sail More Smoothly

It’s time for you to decide who you’ll choose as you already have a detailed overview of Lystloc vs PagarBook based on their unique features, pricing module, and most importantly their impact on your business scalability.

Well, if you want to prioritize ease of use, simplified operational management, and outstanding beneficial add-on features in the upcoming days, you can undoubtedly tap on Lystloc over PagarBook and take edges.

Why? Don’t forget, it’s not only about fixing problems in field workforce management but also enhancing your field service quality with field force automation to impress your customers and retain them back.

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