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Published Date: February 24, 2021

Lystloc vs Fieldsense

Lystloc vs Fieldsense

Lystloc Vs FieldSense – A Quick Glimpse On Trait Analysis

Are you searching for a finer replacement to FieldSense?

Then definitely you have to give it a try on Lystloc – one of the best real-time location intelligence applications and a greater replacement to FieldSense on some aspects.

Why Lystloc is a better alternative to FieldSense?

Lystloc is a mobile-based application platform for field-based workforce productivity and can be used in field employee’s day-to-day activities.

It is a location intelligence and data analytics SaaS app used as a permanent solution for managing those employees who are working on-field.

This product is completely used for tracking location-based information, on-location attendance, work management, analyzing data, etc.

Lystloc is completely developed based on cutting-edge technologies in order to incorporate features like speed, scalability, security, and cost-friendly.

Via Lystloc, we support the sales managers and HRs to collect full-on information about the on-field employees and sales team’s current precise location and allow them to assign meetings according to the availability of nearest clients.

Lystloc also provides a live tracking option by which they can get time to time information about the sales employee’s present location, their check-in/out’s, distance travelled by them in a day, and much more.

User Friendly – No complex working functionality and have a greater app design, and clean presentation.

Affordable – Get access to amazing features and options at a minimal and cost-friendly price.

Product Flexibility – Adaptable and malleable inbuilt software structure, and available in Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Scalable – Seamlessly and efficiently accommodate growth and ability to handle an increase in users and load, without disrupting the end-users.

Simple and Customizable – The application features inbuilt is a simple on/off button which can be customized according to the needs and specifications of client groups i.e the clients can either use it or not.

Lystloc Vs FieldSense – An Abbreviative Overview!

Lowest-priced plan / user / month (billed annually)₹199₹208
Free Plan OptionUser LimitUsage LimitYESUnlimited14 daysYES25 UsersNot Specified
API IntegrationYESNO
Free Chat & Email SupportYESYES
Uploading Documents & PhotosYESYES
Web DashboardYESYES
Customized Dashboard(Track Page)YESNO
Dashboard Roles & Permission YESNO
Free DemosYESYES
Premium Support(Phone & Dedicated Account Manager)YES(15 licenses & above)YES(100/user/month)
Alerts & NotificationsYESYES
Bulk User Sign up/ Customer UploadYESNO
User Type FiltersYESYES
Offline TrackingYESYES
Offline Meeting NotesYESNO
Auto Logout OptionYESNO
Battery Power & Network StatusYESNO
Android AvailabilityYESYES
iOS AvailabilityYESYES
For PC(Windows)NO

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 24/02/2021

A Short Feature Comparison Between Lystloc And FieldSense

Attendance ManagementYESYES
Lystface/Facial Recognition AttendanceYESNO
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYESNO
Multiple Log-in/outYESNO
Geofencing AttendanceYESYES
Live Location TrackingYESYES
Tracking Map OptionYESNO
AI Route CurationYESNO
Real-time Route MarkingYESNO
Play/Pause RouteYESNO
Route Planning/Task PlanningYESNO
Approve/Reject Route PlanYESNO
Travel Route MonitoringYESNO
Location HierarchyYESNO
Task Reminders & NotificationsYESYES
Task Edit/ReviseYESNO
Loop Existing TasksYESNO
Import/Export TasksYESNO
Task/Meeting Check-in/outYESNO
Check out ReminderYESNO
Check-in/out Location RestrictionYESNO
Check-in ApprovalsYESYES
Location Restricted TasksYESNO
Bulk Task Uploads
Time TrackingYESYES
Waiting Time CalculationYESNO
Timesheet ManagementYESNO
Meeting Notes/Visit ManagementYESYES
Task Management/Customer Address Management/Instant MessagingYESYES
Multi-User Task AssigningYESNO
Auto Filling Customer Details(On Repetitive Visits)YESNO
Customer Details ManagementYESYES
View Customer History YESNO
Customer URL RedirectingYESNO
Report Generation/Activity Report LoggingYESYES
Unique & Multiple Reporting StructureYESNO
Live Report TrackingYESNO
Custom Date Based Report DownloadsYESNO
Customizable ReportsYESNO
Dashboard & InsightYESYES
Custom Forms & FieldsYESYES
Order Management With FormsYESNO
Distance Travelled CalculatorYESYES
Fuel & Travel Allowances/ Expense Reimbursement WorkflowYESYES
Expense Reimbursement Approvals YESYES
Expense Reimbursement Status UpdatesYESYES
Expense Reimbursement Status Updates On Approval LevelsYESNO
Bulk Reimbursement Approval/RejectYESNO
Workflow Timeline YESNO
Admin View/ Collaboration With Team MembersYESYES
Business Card ReaderYESNO
OTP AuthenticationYESNO
External Software IntegrationsYESNO

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 24/02/2021

Glancing Into The Certain Specifications Of Lystloc!

Real-time location intelligence application that provides the organization with the ability to track their on-field employees and their vehicles comfortably from anywhere at any time.

With Lystloc, we can track the routes; get information about km travelled by the employees with the help of GPS signals.

Employees can save their attendance through a single touch fingerprint-based authentication.

Ability to track the location of each employee working in the team. So that you can easily provide them with new tasks once they complete the previous ones.

Increases an organization’s productivity by meeting the needs of the customers on time.

Lystloc as a product is composed of strong and technically powerful Data Analytics oriented Lystdata for deriving reports for payroll processing, evaluating employee performance, agility, and many more.

Why You Have To Opt For Lystloc To That Of FieldSense? – 4 Unique And Key  Reasons To Share

Data Analytics-Driven Data

The most difficult works of any firm are on-field employee’s attendance and daily work management manually in the form of reports.

In Lystdata, using various Data Analytics techniques we provide our clients with a completely analyzed data report on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

This new normal feature is used for deriving real-time reports for company management purposes such as payroll processing, evaluating employee performance, agility, and many more.

API Based Services

Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface that provides communication and connectivity between two or more software applications.

In Lystloc, we provide this seamless connectivity that allows integration with your existing systems to acquire the data of your workforce and enhance the sharing and embedding of data across various applications and systems.

Complete, All In One Package

As a sales manager, everyday work includes monitoring the on-field sales team, assigning time-to-time tasks, attendance management, and much more which are problematic work to carry out.

But, for each and every work we can’t opt for separate applications as it may tend to be both time and battery power consuming. In order, to make it easy for you we have provided an all-in-one work tool in the form of a mobile application.

Open Book Policy

In Lystloc, we try to follow an open book policy with all our customers. Our open book policy allows customers to see every aspect of Lystloc from detailed proposals to final pricing with clarity and precision.

No more guessing about the scope of the product or the bill. Through this, we can easily review our customer’s needs and understand their business, so we can work together to ensure that their needs are met correctly and on time.

It also allows us to be transparent with our customers, with no hidden amounts whatsoever, building a relationship of trust from day one.

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