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Published Date: April 15, 2021

Lystloc vs Twib

Lystloc vs Twib

Are you looking for a better alternative to Twib?

Lystloc should be the one on which you should be aiming your arrows for better performance in your work field.

Being the most prominent and leading application that empowers enterprises with its location intelligence in the most viable way, Lystloc can be a great replacement for the enterprises that are being equipped with Twib.

Why are we saying this so?

Well, we have our reasons!

But, let’s just have a product comparison between Lystloc and Twib before getting deep into our reasons.

Pricing Comparison of Lystloc and Twib

The pricing comparison of Lystoc and Twib is here as follows.

Plan chosen for comparisonSTANDARDEnterprise
Pricing/user/month (billed annually) ₹ 199 ₹ 299
Free Plan Yes Yes
User limit for free plan Unlimited 10 Users
Usage limit for free plan 1K Hours Live TrackingLifetime free with feature restrictions.
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
For Web
Web Dashboard Yes Yes
API Integration Yes Yes
Priority Support Yes Yes

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 15/04/2021

Brief feature comparison of Lystloc and Twib:

Features LystlocTwib
Attendance Management Yes Yes
Geofencing Attendance Yes Yes
Meeting Notes / Sales Visits Yes Yes
Live Tracking Yes Yes
Sales Reporting Yes Yes
Live Tracking – Offline Yes Yes
Dashboard Roles & Permission / Multilevel Reporting Yes Yes
Multiple Branch Handling Yes Yes
Real-time Notifications Yes Yes
Customizable Forms Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Task Management / Remotely Task Assign Yes Yes
Customer List / Lead Management Yes Yes
Integrated with Maps Yes Yes
Task Management / Tour Plan Management Yes Yes
Expense Management Yes Yes
Expense with Images Yes Yes
Client Management Yes Yes
Checkin & Checkout Yes Yes
Checkout Reminder Yes No
Real-time Route Marking Yes No
Play/Pause Route Yes No
Auto Logout Option Yes No
Waiting Time Calculation Yes No
Timesheet Management Yes No
Order Management Yes Yes
Product Catalog Yes No
Travel Reimbursement Yes Yes
Customized Dashboard (Track Page) Yes No
Auto Filling Customer Details (On Repetitive Visits) Yes No
AI Route Curation Yes No
Lystdata – Custom Reports (Charged Additionally) Yes No
Customization on RequestYes Yes
EOD Email Summary Yes Yes
Custom Fields/Dynamic Fields Yes Yes
Document Vault No Yes
Data history
Data Retention Lifetime Lifetime
Cloud-based Storage Yes Yes

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 15/04/2021

What makes Lystloc a better alternative to Twib?

Now that we are aware of the features of both applications, it is quite evident that both applications share similar features in some way or the other. But the major difference is the features that the users get benefited in their pricing packages.

Lystloc stands to hold the maximum features that add up some great privileges for the company to stay upright on their productivity and on their location-based challenges. Whereas, in Twib one should consider an enterprise plan to access those privileges that Lystloc offers in their free or standard plans.

Here, we share why should you consider Lystloc if you’re looking for an alternative to Twib:

1. Highly Scalable:

The ability to produce crystal clear details based on the users’ performance can help in gauging the on-field productivity of the employees. It also further leads to sustainable growth and performance within the organization.

The admins can seamlessly add an unlimited number of users into the application and can effortlessly manage them without any flaws and glitches.

2. Data-driven analytics:

Lystloc is being equipped with data points that fetch the users’ location details and it further feeds it into our dedicated analytics architecture.

It can make a huge leap in the company’s productivity by eliminating the time spent on manually processing data to get a clear understanding of the users’ performance.

3. Agile application:

It is an undeniable fact that Lystloc is extremely user-friendly where the entire working algorithm is developed to make the users feel easy on their hands with our application.

In Lystloc, it is intended to solve the users’ purpose with 4 simple buttons to reach the endpoint of the task. Being extremely user-friendly, it is not a compulsory necessity that the user should be educated enough to handle the application.

4. Real-time location with great precision:

Unlike Twib, Lystloc equips its users with a real-time location tracking feature in its free package. Whereas in Twib, the users have to upgrade themselves to the enterprise plan to avail of this feature.

With Lystloc’s Artificial Intelligence noise reduction algorithm, it is possible to eliminate the random location points that are being drawn and give the most reliable distance traveled which is helpful for organizations on fuel reimbursements. So, Lystloc’s accuracy in providing location-related information is beyond human intelligence.

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Disclaimer: We do not take any ownership of the organization names, brand names, features name used and mentioned in this blog. They belong to their respective owners.

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