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Published Date: April 23, 2021

Lystloc vs Flocksales

Lystloc Vs Flocksales

Are you looking for a better alternative for Flocksales?

Then this comprehension is definitely for you. You can give it a trusted trial on Lystloc- one of the best real-time location intelligence applications and a greater replacement to Flocksales at many points.

To make it more simple and easy for you here is a quick and abbreviated narrative of attribute differentiation of the two top-rated on-field employee tracking apps; Lystloc vs Flocksales.

Note: For your kind information, in recent time Taskcare app has infused rebranding. The rebranded version name is Flocksales. Taskcare Alias Flocksales!

Why Lystloc is a better replacement to Flocksales

Lystloc is a location intelligence and data analytics SaaS app providing solutions for managing those employees who are working on-field. Lystloc helps managers in tracking location-based information, on-location attendance, work management, analyzing data, etc.

Lystloc is developed based on cutting-edge technologies in order to incorporate features like speed, scalability, security, and cost-friendly. Lystloc is a one-stop solution for all your field sales and on-field employee location tracking and management problems.

Speedy & Reliable: Lystloc fulfills the needs and expectations of every client it serves. Being accessible when needed. Response within the time frame needed. Be updated or modified as needed. The app runs fastly without slowing at any point of time.

User Friendly: No complex working functionality and have a greater app design, and clean presentation.

Affordable Cost: Get access to amazing features and options at a minimal and cost-friendly price.

Efficiency: The time and effort can be saved which helps in optimizing the use of resources which leads to increased productivity and improves profits.

App Security: Built with highly secure systems and architecture modules. Specifically, fingerprint authentication is highly reliable and secure. Lystloc is of particular utility to organizations where security is a primary concern.

Accuracy: Ensures accurate time records and minimizes the unavoidable and costly errors with manual data entry.

New Feature Updates: Generally, we make updates to our existing features and specifications and also introduce new ones more frequently. These new feature releases and updations are with regards to our customer demands and needs that they share with us as a request or suggestion.

In order to choose the best app, it is important to check if the app has all the above-mentioned attributes to it. And know what? Lystloc provides you with all these described characteristics and attributes.

Lystloc vs Flocksales – A Criteria Synopsis

Lowest-priced plan/user / month (billed annually)₹199₹270
Free Plan OptionUser LimitUsage LimitYESUnlimited14 days trialYESUnlimited14 Days- Free Trial
Free DemosYESYES
API IntegrationYESYES
E-mailing Data ReportsYESNO
Free Chat & Email SupportYESYES
Phone & Dedicated Account Manager SupportYES(15 licenses and above)YES(No dedicated account manager)
Sending MoM Via EmailsYESNO
Web DashboardYESYES
Uploading Documents & PhotosYESYES
Image Viewing Without DownloadingYESNO
Customized Dashboard(Track Page)YESYES
Customized ReportsYESNO
Customized Form FieldsYESYES
Dashboard Roles & Permission YESNO
In-group User Sign up/ Customer UploadYESNO
User Type FiltersYESNO
Offline TrackingYESYES
Offline Meeting NotesYESNO
Alerts & NotificationsYESYES
Auto Logout OptionYESNO
Battery Percentage Timeline Display YESNO
iOS AvailabilityYESYES
Android AvailabilityYESYES

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 23/04/2021

Feature Comparison – An Overall Glancing Grid!

In the below tabular, is the cut-shorted list of all the important and distinct features that are needed in a perfect field employee tracking app. And, also compared the specifications between Lystloc and Flocksales for better choice decision making.

Attendance ManagementYESYES
Lystface/Facial Recognition AttendanceYESYES
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYESNO
Attendance RemindersYESYES
Geofencing AttendanceYESYES
Live Location TrackingYESYES
Location Hierarchy/Team HierarchyYESYES
Tracking Map OptionsYESNO
Multiple Log-in/outYESNO
AI Route Curation/Route OptimizationYESYES
Real-time Route MarkingYESYES
Play/Pause RouteYESNO
Task/Meeting Check-in/outYESNO
Check-in/out ReminderYESNO
Check-in ApprovalsYESNO
Check out Location RestrictionYESNO
Route Planning /Daily Task PlanningYESYES
Approve/Reject Route PlanYESNO
Travel Route MonitoringYESYES
Task Edit/ReviseYESNO
Loop Existing TasksYESNO
Import/Export TasksYESNO
Location Restricted TasksYESYES
Task Reminders& NotificationsYESYES
Task Status UpdatesYESNO
Multi-User Task AssigningYESNO
Bulk Task UploadsYESNO
Time TrackingYESYES
Waiting Time CalculationYESNO
Timesheet ManagementYESNO
Meeting Notes/Visit ManagementYESYES
Repeat Task After One Time CreationYESNO
One Task Multiple Users Assign(Individually)YESNO
Task Management/Customer Address Management/Instant MessagingYESYES
Auto Filling Customer Details(On Repetitive Visits)YESNO
Customer Details ManagementYESYES
Customer Order HistoryYESYES
Customer URL RedirectingYESNO
Product Stock Feature Forms YESYES
Unique & Multiple Reporting StructureYESNO
Live Report TrackingYESNO
Custom Date Based Report DownloadsYESNO
Dashboard & InsightYESYES
Custom FormsYESYES
Order Management With FormsYESYES
Distance Travelled CalculatorYESYES
Fuel & Travel Allowances/ Expense Reimbursement WorkflowYESYES
Expense Reimbursement ApprovalsYESYES
Expense Reimbursement Status Updates On Approval LevelsYESNO
Bulk Reimbursement Approve/RejectYESNO
Workflow Timeline YESYES
Admin View/ Collaboration With Team MembersYESYES
Business Card ReaderYESNO
OTP AuthenticationYESNO
External Software IntegrationsYESNO

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