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Published Date: March 5, 2021

Lystloc vs dayTrack

Lystloc vs dayTrack

It is certain to the fact that location intelligence is building its fort in the market with enormous potential to exploit. And we are loaded with tons of applications and web-based tools to foster the productivity of the workplace with location information.

dayTrack is a field employee management application service provider. dayTrack users intend to free themselves from conventional work operations by introducing location-based tools to the respective workplace.

But, the User Interface and the data input modules are highly uncomfortable making it the worst decision for workplace activities.

Lystloc Vs dayTrack

Although Lystloc and dayTrack share similar features, it is easy to spot some key differences that dayTrack failed to assure their users.

The key areas of differences are:

  • Data input modules
  • Demo run period
  • The pricing models
  • Stability of GPS functionalities
  • User Interface and Design layout

What Lystloc and dayTrack share in common?

Both Lystloc and dayTrack intend to simplify the location-related challenges that enterprises go through in their trade. The potential to process location information into real-time data is one of the key functions that both the application serves ready-made to their users, and it’s highly impressive.

Criteria Lystloc dayTrack
Pricing plan / user / month (billed annually) ₹ 199₹ 249
Free PlanYESNO
User limit for free planUnlimited
Usage limit for free plan1K Hours Live Tracking
Free TrialYESYES
Setup Fee NO 499 INR / user
Support Chat, Email & Phone Support Phone/Email
API Integration YES NO
For Web
Web dashboard YES YES
Android YES YES
Access to Other Platform
Email, WhatsappNO YES

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 24/02/2021

How is Lystloc different from dayTrack?

Although both Lystloc and dayTrack share few features in common, they have a huge difference in some key features that both applications offer.

Features Lystloc dayTrack
Geo Location Based Attendace with Photo Option YES YES
Visits/Business Meeting – Meeting Notes
Location based Meeting updates ( image attachment / voice attachment) YES YES
Day/Route/Beat Plan – Task Management
Location based Task Management Updates YES YES
Expense Management YES YES
Day Reporting YES YES
Offline Working
Live tracking YES YES
Reports YES YES
Lystdata / Custom Report – Paid additionally YES YES
Custom Forms YES YES
Product Catalog YES YES
Order Management YES YES
Timesheet Management YES NO
Waiting Time Calculation YES NO
Check out Reminder YES NO
Play/Pause Route YES NO
Real-time Route Marking YES NO
Auto Logout Option YES NO
Dashboard Roles & Permission YES NO
Travel Reimbursement YES YES
Contact list / Customer List
Location based Contact list YES YES
Bulk upload of contact list YES YES

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 24/02/2021

Looking for an alternate for dayTrack?

If you’re looking for an alternate for dayTrack, we can be sure that Lystloc will be the one that you’re looking for. With its cutting-edge technology to provide accurate location details and analytics in real-time, Lystloc stands to eliminate the location-related challenges that you and your organization are facing.

How Lystloc can be a great alternative to dayTrack?

User-friendly data modules

Lystloc is extremely simple in collecting data. With Lystloc’s customizable forms, the manager can create their input modules with greater ease. By doing so, enterprises can simplify the entire workflow according to their convenience.

Lystloc’s forms feature works in a simple drag and drop methodology. Since it follows the What – you – see – is – what – you – get approach, data input becomes an easy nut to crack.

With the flexibility to customize our application to your convenience, it is no doubt that your business stays at the top of the productivity curve.

Appealing User Interface

Unlike dayTrack, we have an aesthetically designed user interface. After a long day, it is a bit unsatisfying to look at an interface that is extremely clumsy and old-fashioned.

So, eventually using the application with such an interface becomes a burden for the employees. With our extremely appealing user interface, users can be comfortable with updating their location information with greater ease.

Economical package

Yes, we do understand that you don’t want to waste your time, money and, other resources by investing in an application that is completely strange to your business environment.

And that is where we are going to give you a green light by offering you 1K hours of real-time location tracking and attendance. And the trial run also includes 250 timesheet submissions, 3 months data retention, 1 GB cloud storage, and much more.

With such an extended trial run, you can gauge our application’s potential easily without being hurried. If you think that it is a must-needed element to your environment, then fear not!

Our application comes with a pocket-friendly tariff and packages so that the companies can select the tariff that can be convenient to their company and users.

Real-time location information with great precision

Google maps being the prime element to extract GPS details from the user’s mobiles, we developed our own AI to deliver stable and accurate location information.

We deliver this accuracy with our noise reduction artificial intelligence algorithm. It reduces the random location point noise and gives accurate results for tracking and route mapping making it stable than google maps.

So, Lystloc’s performance in providing real-time location accuracy is beyond human intelligence.

API Services

With our enterprise plan, it is possible to integrate our application with other applications that are practiced in your work environment. 

This not only adds an advantage to our environment, whereas it acts as a catalyst in strengthening your existing work habits in your work environment.

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