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Published Date: August 12, 2023

Connect My world Vs Lystloc

Field employee tracking software enables businesses to be adaptable, quickly identify which methods are successful, and change their approach depending on their level of success. They are benefited for ample reasons like enhancing field team productivity, handling field employees without any hurdles, and much more. Let’s have a quick look at how Lystloc outperforms Connect My World for significant reasons.

What is Lystloc?

Lystloc is a real-time, location-based field employee productivity tracking app. The app provides you with the data you need for a range of attendance-related reports, providing insights into hours worked, shift timings, and other information to continuously increase workforce productivity. With the help of the field employee monitoring app, it is simple to keep track of employees’ attendance and allow them to clock in and out from any location without interfering with their work. Lystloc assists businesses in maintaining close track of the daily working hours, client meeting schedule, attendance marking time, and other daily activities for every field employee. 

What is Connect My World?

The employee tracking tool called Connect My World was made specifically for tracking and monitoring field workers. The software creates a website where it shows the location of the monitored employees. The managers can rapidly connect to the field workers and see where they are on the platform in real-time. It also creates a rapid connection, eliminating the need for a mobile device. Companies can easily monitor their employees’ whereabouts, schedules, and attendance using this software. Additionally, it allows managers to quickly access employee files and data, ensuring that they are always up to date on the most recent information.

Why does Lystloc rank better than Connect My World?

Lystloc is endeavoring to offer a highly effective, economical field force automation software solution to emerging and smaller businesses. It improves the effectiveness of their field forces and enhances profits. To give customers a chance of trying out all of the features and functionalities, Lystloc offers a free 14-day trial period. You can register for an obligation-free demo session to learn more about Lystloc services initially. Three different commercial plan types with monthly or yearly subscription options are available after the free trial. The basic plan starts at 99/user/month, and these prices are reasonably competitive when measured against other sellers currently operating in the market. 

Using the best employee monitoring software solution enables the organization or business leader to instantly monitor and maintain productivity increases, maintain safety, track staff attendance, and receive proof of employee working hours. By successfully implementing monitoring software, you may increase employee productivity. 

What is the peculiarity of Lystloc?

Lystloc is a software application for managing and tracking the daily activities of field workers. This software is used to manage work assignments, track on-site attendance, analyze data, and manage location-based information. Besides that, Lystloc provides managers with a live tracking option so they can get updates on the employee’s presence, check-ins, check-outs, daily travels, and much more. With Lystloc, you can check in on-field employees discreetly and watch employee activity in real-time. 

Employees can submit their daily operations expense receipts and request reimbursement through the mobile app itself with this employee monitoring software’s employee expense and reimbursement management feature. As well, managers can evaluate these requests and decide quickly whether to accept the requested refund amount or reject it. Also, Lystloc has introduced two solutions to the market: Lystdata, a unique platform for data insights that helps to view all reports in one place. Lystchat is a tool that answers all your queries to enhance your knowledge.

Here is a collation table between Lystloc and Connect my world to help you realize how they both differ.

CriteriaLystlocConnect my world
Annual Pricing ₹ 199/user/month₹ 89/user/month
Free PlanNOYES
Free Chat, Email & Phone SupportYESYES
Free DemosYESYES
API IntegrationYESYES
Upload of Files & ImagesYESYES
Web DashboardYESYES
Track PageYESNO
Dashboard Roles & Permission YESNO 
Battery Percent & Network StatusYESYES
Mailing Data ReportsYESYES
Prompt Alerts & NotificationsYESYES 
Offline TrackingYESYES
Live TrackingYESYES
Bulk User AdditionYESNO
User Type FiltersYESNO
Android AvailabilityYESYES
IOS AvailabilityYESNO

Also, here are features differentiation between Lystloc and Connect my world.

App FeaturesLystlocConnect my world
Attendance Management  
Field & Remote Attendance YESYES
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYESNO
Multiple Log-in/outYESNO
Geofencing AttendanceYESYES
Daily Attendance & Task LinkingYESNO
Location Tracking  
Real-time LocationYESYES
Route PlanningYESYES
Approve & Reject Route PlanYESNO
AI Route CurateYESYES
Route TraveledYESYES
Play & Pause RouteYESNO
Distance Traveled CalculatorYESYES
Location Hierarchy or Territory ManagementYESNO
Tracking Map OptionYESYES
Checkin & CheckoutYESYES
Check-in & Checkout Location RestrictionYESNO
Check-in ApprovalsYESNO
Task Management  
Task Create & EditYESYES
Location-based TaskYESNO
Task RemindersYESYES
Import & Export TasksYESNO
Task Status UpdateYESYES
Multi-User Task AssigningYESNO
Meeting NotesYESNO
Bulk Task UploadsYESYES
Location-Restricted TasksYESYES
Task Details in Regional LanguagesYESNO
Travel Expense/Reimbursement  
Expense & Reimbursement SubmissionYESNO
Expense/Reimbursement Approval Level SettingYESNO
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdateYESNO
Bulk Reimbursement Approval/RejectYESNO
Expense/Reimbursement Value Limit SetupYESNO
Designation Based Travel Reimbursement SetupYESNO
Time Tracking  
Workflow Timesheet ManagementYESYES
Waiting Time CalculationYESYES
Reports & Data Management   
Lystdata/Data Analytics & ReportsYESYES
Live ReportsYESNO
Custom Date Based Report DownloadsYESYES
Customizable Data ReportsYESNO
Custom Forms & FieldsYESNO
Customer Details ManagementYESNO
Customer URL RedirectingYESNO
View Customer HistoryYESNO
Other Features  
Business Card ReaderYESNO
OTP AuthenticationYESYES
External Software IntegrationYESNO


The software for employee monitoring should be easy to use and deploy with minimum to no preparation time. The software provider should provide an adequate support system for the product. There should also be adequate assistance to make sure the software is always up and running. In light of the aforementioned benefits, Lystloc is a more solid choice than Connect my world.

Use Lystloc software to boost field sales efficiency and business growth. Have a deeper understanding of our product by utilizing our free plan.

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