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Published Date: December 11, 2022

Lystloc Vs Trackobit

Lystloc Vs Trackobit

You ought to be shooting your arrows at Lystloc if you want to perform better at fieldwork. Lystloc might be a wonderful replacement for businesses that are using Trackobit because it is the most well-known and renowned software that provides real-time location intelligence solutions to companies in the most feasible and realistic approach.

Here is a simple and condensed perspective of the attribute differential of the two highest-rated field force management apps, Lystloc Vs Trackobit, to make their product and quality comparison easier for you.

Lystloc Vs Trackobit: A Quick Specifications Analysis

We all know that while comparing two software Lystloc and Trackobit, the first thing that comes to mind is how they differ from one another in terms of features and specifications. So why not do that as well?

We’ve attempted to compile some of the most essential features and app specifications of both software in the brief comparative tabular column that can be viewed below.

App SpecificationsLystlocTrackobit
Annual Pricing ₹ 199/user/month$ 6/vehicle/month
Free PlanYesNo
Free Chat, Email & Phone SupportYesYes
Free DemosYesYes
API IntegrationYesYes
Web DashboardYesYes
Customized Track PageYesNo
Dashboard Roles & PermissionsYesNo
Battery Power & Network StatusYesYes
Mailing Data ReportsYesNo
In-app Chat & MessagingNoYes
Upload Of Files & ImagesYesYes
Video RecordingNoYes
Prompt Alerts & NotificationsYesYes
SIM- Based TrackingNoYes
Offline TrackingYesYes
Live TrackingYesYes
Bulk User Sign UpYesNo
User Type FiltersYesNo
Android AvailabilityYesYes
iOS AvailabilityYesYes

Lystloc Vs Trackobit: A Dynamic Feature Comparison Table

App FeaturesLystloc Trackobit
Attendance Management
Field/Remote Attendance YesYes
Lystface/Facial Recognition AttendanceYesYes
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYesNo
Leave ManagementNoYes
Geo-fenced Attendance Log-insYesYes
Daily Attendance & Task LinkingNoYes
Multiple Log-in/outYesNo
GPS Location Tracking
Real-time Location TrackerYesYes
Route PlanningYesYes
Approve/Reject Route PlanYesNo
AI Route CurateYesNo
Travel Route MonitoringYesYes
Play/Pause RouteYesNo
Route Deviation AlertsNoYes
Custom Travel TourNoYes
Distance Travelled CalculatorYesYes
Vehicle Location TrackingYesYes
Location Hierarchy/Territory ManagementYesNo
Tracking Map OptionYesNo
Task/Meeting Check-in/outYesNo
Check-in/out Location RestrictionYesNo
Check-in ApprovalsYesNo
Task Management
Task Edit/ReviseYesYes
Loop Existing TaskYesNo
Task RemindersYesYes
Import/Export TasksYesNo
Task Status UpdatesYesYes
Multi-User Task AssigningYesNo
Meeting NotesYesNo
Task Checklists MarkingNoYes
Bulk Task UploadsYesYes
Location-Restricted TasksYesYes
Task Details In Regional LanguagesYesNo
Travel Expense/Reimbursement
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdatesYesYes
Expense/Reimbursement ApprovalsYesYes
Expense/Reimbursement Status Updates On Approval LevelsYesNo
Bulk Reimbursement Approval/RejectYesNo
Expense/Reimbursement Limit SetupYesYes
Designation Based Reimbursement SetupYesNo
Live Fuel MonitoringNoYes
Fuel Refill AlertsNoYes
Time Tracking
Workflow Timesheet ManagementYesYes
Waiting Time CalculationYesNo
Idle Time CalculationYesNo
Reports & Data Management 
Lystdata/Data Analytics & ReportsYesYes
Live ReportsYesNo
API ReportsYesNo
Custom Date Based Report DownloadsYesNo
Customizable Data ReportsYesNo
Custom Forms & FieldsYesYes
Customer Details ManagementYesNo
Auto-Filling Customer DetailsYesNo
Customer URL RedirectingYesNo
View Customer HistoryYesNo
Other Features
Asset TrackingNoYes
Fleet Management NoYes
Order ManagementYesYes
Proof Of Delivery ApprovalNoYes
Time Of Arrival EstimatorNoYes
Driver Behaviour MonitoringNoYes
Business Card ReaderYesNo
OTP AuthenticationYesYes
External Software IntegrationYesNo

Why Lystloc Can Be A Better Choice To Go For?

If you’re seeking a better alternative for Trackobit, Lystloc is the one you want to have, we’re confident in that. It is a location intelligence and data analytics SaaS app used as a permanent solution for managing those employees who are working on-field. Lystloc has the potential to solve the location-related problems you and your company are currently encountering with its cutting-edge technology that delivers precise location facts and analytics in real time.

Scalability: The capacity to handle an influx of new users and capacity while allowing for development without impacting the end users.

Pocket-Friendly: Get access to amazing features and options at a minimal and cost-friendly price.

API Integrations: It is feasible to integrate our software with other software used in your workplace with the help of our professional customer support team.

Easy To Use: Simple operational functionality, better app design, and a polished presentation.

Data-Driven Insights: Lystloc has data sources that may be used to retrieve user location information, which is then fed into our specialized analytics framework. Reducing the time spent manually on data processing to have a comprehensive knowledge of the users’ performance, can significantly increase the organization’s productivity.


If you’re looking for better and more promising software to monitor and manage your field workforce at all levels, then this comprehension is definitely for you. You can give it a trusted trial on Lystloc- one of the best real-time location intelligence applications and a greater replacement to Trackobit at many points.

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