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Published Date: May 11, 2024


Lystloc vs Salarybox

These questions are included but not limited to when you’re either a business pro with a team of field folks to satiate your customers’ thirst or a field manager who takes charge of managing a large field force. 

Well, I guess, to get out of these brain-pinging thoughts and overcome the dilemma, you have already embraced a choice which is investing in a field employee tracking app like Salarybox.

Still, if you’re here, it means your presence indicates that you either may not be completely convinced of Salarybox’s effectiveness or you want a more precise solution through an alternative to Salarybox. Your purpose may be none other than to effectively bridge the gap between the field staff planning system and customer satisfaction to beat the clock. 

Let me tell you, if this is the case, you’re in the right place, as I’ll show you how you can take Lystloc as one of the best alternatives to Salarybox while taking you through a detailed synopsis of Lystloc vs Salarybox. 

Here you’ll find how diverse facilities like tracking to monitoring, reporting to management, and integration to customization can make a difference for your way to success.

So, let’s delve into the duel!

Lystloc vs Salarybox: A Criteria Analysis

Criteria Specification Lystloc Salarybox
Annual Pricing Plan₹349/user/month.Customizable pricing options.
Free Trial Plan7-days free trial.Available.
Bulk User Sign UPYesNA
API IntegrationYesNA
External Software IntegrationYesNA
Web Dashboard AvailabilityYesYes
Android & iOs Phone AvailabilityYesYes
Free Chat SupportYesYes
Free Email & Phone SupportYesNA
Sending MOM via emails YesNA
Image & File UploadYesNA
Dashboard Role & PermissionYesYes
Prompt Alert & NotificationsYesYes
Live TrackingYesYes
Offline TrackingYesNA
Track PageYesNA
Offline Meeting NotesYesNA
User Type FiltersYesYes
Watermark in Photo UploadYesNA
Customer Visit Verification with OTP YesNA
Battery Power & Network Status DisplayYesNA
Auto LogoutYesNA

Lystloc vs Salarybox: A Detailed Feature Analysis

Attendance Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSalarybox
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYesYes
Field/Remote AttendanceYesYes
Geo-fencing AttendanceYesYes
Daily Attendance & Task LinkingYesYes
Check-in ApprovalYesNA
Multiple Check-in & Check-outYesNA

Task Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSalarybox
Task Create/Edit/AssignYesYes
Location Based TasksYesNA
Location Restricted TasksYesNA
Meeting Notes with Different FieldsYesNA
Lead Based Task ModelingYesNA
Update Task StatusYesNA
Bulk Task UploadsYesYes
Meeting NotesYesNA

Location Tracking

App Features SpecificationLystlocSalarybox
Live Location TrackingYesYes
Tracking Map AvailabilityYesYes
Mileage MonitoringYesYes
AI Route CurationYesNA
Route PlanningYesYes
Play & Pause RouteYesNA
Location Hierarchy/Territory managementYesNA

Time Tracking

App Features SpecificationLystlocSalarybox
Workflow Timesheet ManagementYesNA
Waiting Time CalculationYesNA

Reminders & Notifications

App Features SpecificationLystlocSalarybox
Task ReminderYesNA
Attendance ReminderYesNA
Check-in & Check-out NotificationYesYES
Waiting Time NotificationYesNA
Working Hours NotificationYesNA
GPS On & Off NotificationYesNA
Hierarchy-based Geo-restriction NotificationYesNA
Fake Location NotificationYesNA

Data & Report Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocSalarybox
Live Report TrackingYesNA
API Report ManagingYesNA
Multiple Reporting StructureYesYes
Auto-fill Customer Details with Business Card ReaderYesNA
Customer Profile ManagementYesNA
Customer Purchasing HistoryYesNA
Enter Product StockYesNA
Customer URL RedirectingYesNA
Data RetentionYesYes

Travel Expense & Reimbursement Management

App Features SpecificationLystlocHubstaff
Expense/Reimbursement SubmissionYesYES
Bulk Expense/Reimbursement Approval and RejectionYesYES
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdateYesNA
Fuel Allowance/Reimbursement Limit SetupYesNA
Automate Fuel Allowance CalculationYesNA

How Lystloc Can Be Better Than SalaryBox to Become Your First Preference?

When I closely checked the beneficial features of both Lystloc and SalaryBox, I was surprised to see that Lystloc isn’t a simple field staff location and attendance tracking software like SalaryBox. It is designed in a way that you don’t need to look for others.

Well, when I’ve many options to do a fair comparison between them, I’ll show you some exciting specifications which you actually need to manage your field service team. What are they? Look below:


Seamless Task Management 

Being a field team manager isn’t an easy job at all. You’ve to keep an eagle eye on each single task of your field executives, so that the tasks can be finished within time, with accuracy, and without any ambiguity. 

In this case, getting involved with pro executives, assigning tasks to those who can value and prioritize tasks, and updating or rejecting any task for anyone need to be done through flexible software. 

After all, it’s nearly impossible to get everything done especially when your email box can’t handle the pressure of a large data file, and, yes, here, Lystloc steps in.Whether you want to clone the existing task, make the repetition, curate lead-based tasks, or restrict tasks for a particular location, Lystloc can help you out with everything. 

So sayonara to micromanaging your field executives while doing frictionless task management with Lystloc field force automation.

Accurate Data-Driven Insight

Can you drive without seeing the road? No, of course!

If you agree, think about it. You’ve got a herd of loyal customers who purchase your products or services very frequently, and expect decent offers so that you can easily retain them back. Although you’ve got pro field sales executives to deal with your customers with flawless sales pitches, still you’re losing them.

Do you know why? Your field sales reps may not be as good in offering better as they’re in fine-tuning conversation and the reason is nonetheless overlooking your customers purchasing history. Well, it’s just a single case and there can be many reasons which may fail you to serve both your customers and field employees better.

Thankfully, when Lystloc is on your hand, you don’t need to be worried as you can receive live reports from the field. Moreover, you can get insight into your customers’ profile, their preferences, and choices on purchasing. Moreover, your field pros’ behavioral approach and their consistency in efficient task handling can help you make better decisions. 

Purpose-backed Reminders & Notifications

While crashing down your field employees’ concerns isn’t always a practical approach, you need to provide support to them in a way so that they don’t need to say that they’ve got the clock ticking away. After all, no one is being called out and pushed, especially when they’re busy at their work and have a handful of tasks.

Well, to help you serve your field employees with exactly the same approach, Lystloc, an employee management software makes things better for you. How? It comes with purposeful reminders and notifications including GPS on and off, individual tasks, check-in and check-out, fake location, and more. 

Therefore, Lystloc never fails to keep engaging your field executives and lose the ability to execute tasks from kickoff to completion.

Easy API & External Software Integrations

Do you know today nearly 83% of enterprises use API to accelerate their ROI on digital assets?

Not only that but also most of the businesses integrate external software too. Why? The reason is to provide you with custom solutions for managing multiple projects at a time, achieving frictionless communication with your employees, providing the easiest payroll facility, helping with sales potential, and so on.

Now, let me tell you, with Lystloc you can enjoy this purpose-backed motto while enhancing your business’ capability and capacity with a tangible solution which you may not get with SalaryBox.

Choose Lystloc & Leverage Multiple Benefits in A Single Stack

What comes to mind when you think about a field service management or field employee tracking app?

Let me guess! It may be a proxy eliminator, a micromanager, or a sharp bird’s eye with which you can take control over multiple field tasks and time, attendance, expense, reimbursement, and most importantly data security.

Well, if it’s your deep-down thought, then you shouldn’t be looking for anything other than Lystloc and take it as one of the best alternatives to Salarybox. With Lystloc’s seamless operational functionality and polished management, you not only can excel in your business with profitability but can also suppress your competitors while having happy customers.

To check on your own how Lystloc can serve you with enticing results, just land on the page registered with Lystloc and enter into a free trial at any time.

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