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Published Date: August 25, 2021

Lystloc vs Unolo

Lystloc vs Unolo

Are you looking for a better alternative to Unolo?

Well, we must concur that you should shift your attention to Lystloc!

Lystloc has been the leading enterprise-grade solution for all location-related challenges.

Lystloc combines cutting-edge location intelligence technology and data-driven architecture to produce user-friendly solutions and analytics regarding their field workforce.

But, what makes Lystloc a better alternative to Unolo?

Before getting into details, let’s have a brief feature comparison of Lystloc and Unolo.

Basic Product Comparison:

Plan chosen for comparison STANDARD Elite
Pricing/user/month (billed annually) ₹199 ₹270
Free Plan Yes Yes
User limit for free plan Unlimited Not specified
Usage limit for free plan 1K Hours Live Tracking 14 Days
API Integration Yes Yes
For Web
Web dashboard Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
SupportChat, Email & PhoneChat, Email & Phone

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 25/08/2021

Brief feature comparison of Lystloc and Unolo:

Features Lystloc Unolo
Location-based attendance Yes Yes
Geo-fence restrictions for attendance Yes Yes
Calculation of working hours and attendance Yes Yes
Biometric authorization Yes Yes
Selfie authorization Yes Yes
Attendance In/Out forms Yes Yes
Unlimited Check-in Yes Yes
Auto logout Yes No
Shift hour based Attendance No Yes
Location Tracking
Real-time location tracking Yes Yes
Real-time route marking Yes Yes
Route playback Yes No
Location point update frequency Yes 1 min
Display of distance traveled by the employee Yes Yes
AI-based route noise curation Yes No
Offline tracking Yes Yes
Maps integrated with google maps Yes Yes
Maps integrated with open street maps No Yes
Alerts and Notifications
Real-time alerts Yes Yes
OTP Authentication during customer visits Yes No
Real-time customer feedback Yes No
Task Management
Assigning tasks to field employees Yes Yes
Location-based task management Yes Yes
Users can add their own task Yes No
No. of tasks/field employee/day Unlimited100
No. of sites/field employee/day Unlimited 20
Tap-in and Tap-out based Check-in/out Yes Yes
Invoice Management No Yes
Comprehensive Dashboard Yes Yes
Hierarchical roles and operations Yes Yes
Recurring tasks Yes Yes
Multiple branch management Yes No
Location-based lead managementYes Yes
Expense Management
Expense Management Yes Yes
Expense management with images Yes Yes
Sales reporting
Location-based check-in/out Yes Yes
Check-out reminder Yes No
Location-based check-out restriction Yes No
Waiting time calculation Yes No
Order management Yes Yes
Application and web page display of location information Yes Yes
Product catalog Yes No
Reporting of device’s status of the battery, internet and, GPS Yes Only GPS
Document attachment Yes Yes
Business card scanner Yes No
Custom formsUnlimited 100/day/user
Photo uploadUnlimited50/day/user
No. of lead/employeeUnlimited500
Less battery consumption Yes Yes
Custom reports Yes No
EOD report summary Yes No
On-demand reports Yes No
Downloadable reports Yes Yes
Customizable approval workflow No Yes
Access to email/ whatsapp No Yes
Chat and Collaboration No Yes
Leave requests No Yes
Attendance override from app No Yes
Auto task detection No Yes

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 25/08/2021

Why should you look for Lystloc as a better alternative to Unolo?

1. Unlimited feature access count

Lystloc doesn’t restrict users by adding a borderline to access the features provided. There is no particular extinction point to the features given, unlike Unolo.

Unolo has per-day feature usage counts that the field employees should follow. In such instances, the on-field users can’t take full liberty of the features provided as the application hinders access to those features.

So, Lystloc ensures that your field employees are making the best out of the application to increase your on-field productivity and sales activities.

2. Pocket Friendly

The pricing module of Lystloc is significantly less compared to Unolo. Considering the unlimited feature usage count, Lystloc’s pricing module can be highly effective in terms of making revenue with a minimal investment.

Lystloc also has a wide assortment of pricing modules that adds more value to the money that the organization spends.

3. Sales reporting with automation enabled

Lystloc comes with the best sales reporting pipeline that integrates location information and sales operations for easier reporting. 

It also automates the user’s sales operations like auto log-out, location-based check-out restriction, waiting time calculation for an effective understanding of the field work.

Lystloc empowers organizations with its unique sales reporting pipeline by leveraging the time spent on manual calculations and field updates.

4. Simplifies on-field operations

One can’t refuse the fact that Lystloc simplifies the on-field operations of their field workforce by enabling the organization to be more productive. 

One such feature that reduces the burden of manual operations is Lystloc’s Business Card Reader feature.

With this feature, the required contact details and data of the customer can be collected by simply scanning their Business card into Lystloc’s interface.

Lystloc scans for the details in their business card and automatically fills the appropriate fields with the relevant information.

And the managers also can ensure that the employees are at the right place with 100% honesty by initiating the OTP authorization on every customer visit.

5. Real-time location with great precision

With Lystloc’s Artificial Intelligence noise reduction algorithm, it is possible to eliminate the random location points that are being drawn and give the most reliable distance traveled which is helpful for organizations on fuel reimbursements.

So, Lystloc’s accuracy in providing location-related information is beyond human intelligence.

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