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Published Date: October 19, 2021

Lystloc vs TrackerPal

Lystloc vs TrackerPal

Are you looking for a better alternative to TrackerPal?

We might have something for you here!

Although TrackerPal (aka OntheGo) tends to solve field sales/service-related challenges, having a dedicated data-driven interface that gives you an effective insight into on-field operations will hold a good command over your on-field tasks and productivity.

And, that’s the reason why you should consider Lystloc before eyeing out other products in the market.

Why do we say so? Below, we have added a detailed product comparison to support our statement. Why don’t you give yourself a read?

Basic Product Comparison:

CriteriaLystloc TrackerPal
Plan chosen for comparisonStandardPro
Pricing/User/Month (Billed annually)199/User/Month199/User/Month
Free Plan
User limit for free planUnlimitedNot specified
Usage limit for free plan14 days trial14 days
Free TrialYesYes
API IntegrationYesNo
For Web
Web dashboardYesYes
SupportChat, Email, Phone & Dedicated Account ManagerChat, Email & Phone
Customized Track PageYesYes
Dashboard Roles & PermissionsYesNo
Mailing Data ReportsYesNo
Prompt Alerts & NotificationsYesYes
Bulk User Sign-upYesNo
User Type FiltersYesNo

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 19/10/2021

A brief comparison of Lystloc and TrackerPal:

CriteriaLystloc TrackerPal
Location-based attendanceYesYes
Geo-fence restriction for attendanceYesYes
Fingerprint authenticationYesNo
Selfie authenticationYesYes
Attendance In/Out formsYesYes
Attendance Auto log-outYesNo
Shift hour based AttendanceNoYes
Leave ManagementYesYes
Approval workflowNoYes
Leave balance calculationYesYes
Report on late arrivalsYesYes
Multiple Log-in/outYesNo
Location Tracking
Real-time location trackingYesYes
Tracking with Employee IdYesNo
Real-time route markingYesYes
Route playbackYesNo (Available only in a viewable format)
AI-based route noise curation/ Route OptimizationYesYes
Route Planning/Beat PlanYesYes
Approve/Reject Route PlanYesNo
Distance Travelled Calculator YesNo
Offline Meeting NotesYesNo
Unlimited Check-inYesNot mentioned
Offline trackingYesYes
Offline Check-In/OutYesNo
Live Location TrackingYesYes
Maps integrated with google mapsYesYes
Tracking Map OptionsYesNo
Speed trackingNoYes
Call log trackingNoYes
Service point markerNoYes
Alerts and Notification
Real-time notificationsYesYes
OTP authentication during a customer visitYesNot mentioned
Task management
Assigning tasks to field employeesYesYes
Edit/Revise Existing TasksYes No
Ticket based task managementNoYes
Track ticketsNoYes
Location-based task managementYesYes
No task location restrictionsYesNo
Users can add their own taskYesNo
Tap-in and Tap-out based Check-in/outYesNot mentioned
Recurring tasksYesNo
Comprehensive DashboardYesYes
Hierarchical roles and operationsYesOnly for 4 levels
Invoice ManagementNoYes
One Task Multiple Users Assign(Individually)YesNo
Meeting NotesYesNo
Task RemindersYesYes
Bulk Task UploadsYesNo
Multiple branch managementYesNo
Territory ManagementYesNo
Location-based lead managementYesNo
New Leads & Customer Fields Creation in Task PageYesNo
Cloud storageYesNot mentioned
Data RetentionYesNot mentioned
Expense Management
Expense Management/Trip Reimbursement ApprovalsYes Yes
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdatesYesYes
Expense/Reimbursement Status Updates On Approval LevelsYesYes
Bulk Expense Reimbursement Approval/RejectYesNo
Expense management with imagesYesYes
Advance Amount RequestYesYes
Sales reporting
Location-based check-in/outYesYes
Check-out reminderYesNo
Location-based check-out restrictionYesNo
Check-in ApprovalsYesNo
Waiting time calculationYesNo
Order managementYes (Via forms)Yes
Application and web page display of location informationYesYes
Product catalogYesYes
Customer Details ManagementYesYes
Auto-Filling Customer DetailsYesNo
View Customer HistoryYesNo
Customer URL RedirectingYesNo
Barcode ScannerNoYes
Reporting of device’s status of the battery, internet and, GPSYesYes
Document attachmentYesYes
Business card scannerYesNo
Custom formsYesYes
Photo uploadYesYes
Image viewing without downloadingYesNo
In-app SurveyNoYes
External Software IntegrationsYesNo
Custom reportsYesNo
Live ReportsYesNo
Insights in the form of APIYes (On-demand)No
EOD report summaryYesYes
On-demand reportsYesYes
Downloadable reportsYesYes
Custom Date based Report DownloadsYesNo
Sending MoM Via EmailsYesNo
Automated reports in emailYesNo

*This comparison we have last checked and updated on 19/10/2021

Why is Lystloc a better TrackerPal alternative?

1. Automation made possible

Lystloc has various automation enablements that boost your field employees’ productivity in a greater notch.

Through the location data collected from various location touchpoints, Lystloc automates operations including fuel reimbursement insights. 

Features like auto-logout and geo-fence-based check-out reminders add great value to the organizations in being more efficient in terms of resource utilization.

2. Dedicated sales reporting

With its unique and dedicated sales reporting module, with Lystloc, it is much easier to manage leads and tasks easily without getting to shift tabs and applications. Lystloc acts as a single roof solution that covers almost every possible challenge that a field-sales employee faces when they are on their go.

Adding a location-based sales entity to the picture of field employee management eases out every sales professional in getting burned out from manual workload. Lystloc lets you add tasks and process them on loop for every single day. And, organizations with more than 1 branch can process multi-location management through Lystloc.

Salespeople can also take the liberty to create their own tasks based on the situation, so, it is not a necessity to rely on the sales manager to receive task updates.

3. Not a micromanaging medium

Even though features like speed tracking and call log tracking might be of great help under few instances, it doesn’t really add a pleasant experience to the salesperson. Often, it creates a delusion of micromanagement that puts salespeople under constant pressure.

Lystloc is a medium that paves way for both sales managers and salespeople to work in an environment that provides a seamless work experience both in terms of the interface and the support.

4. Effective Free Plan

Lystloc provides 1K hours of real-time location tracking and attendance in its free plan to its users. This free plan also comes with various other features like 250 timesheet submissions and 1GB cloud storage that can actually help enterprises to take a good command over their decision in knowing and moving further for the premium plans.

5. Simplifies on-field operations

One can’t refuse the fact that Lystloc simplifies the on-field operations of their field workforce by enabling the organization to be more productive.  One such feature that reduces the burden of manual operations is Lystloc’s Business Card Reader feature.

With this feature, the required contact details and data of the customer can be collected by simply scanning their Business card into Lystloc’s interface. Lystloc scans for the details in their business card and automatically fills the appropriate fields with the relevant information.

And the managers also can ensure that the employees are at the right place with 100% honesty by initiating the OTP authorization on every customer visit.

6. Real-time location with great precision

With Lystloc’s Artificial Intelligence noise reduction algorithm, it is possible to eliminate the random location points that are being drawn and give the most reliable distance traveled which is helpful for organizations on fuel reimbursements. So, Lystloc’s accuracy in providing location-related information is beyond human intelligence.

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Disclaimer: We do not take any ownership of the organization names, brand names, features name used and mentioned in this blog. They belong to their respective owners.

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