How Lystloc App Saves Your Money And Increases Field Employee Productivity

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Published Date: February 10, 2024

How Lystloc App Saves Your Money And Increases Field Employee Productivity

How Lystloc App Saves Your Money And Increases Field Employee Productivity

It required an extensive amount of work just a few years ago for managers to be aware of the activities of field employees. Workforce monitoring used to be a laborious, physical operation in earlier days. Companies utilized tangible proof of a worker’s hours and location, such as card punching and time sheets. The ability to efficiently track and oversee a mobile team has become critical for several companies as industries and technologies have evolved. 

Visualize a smartphone app that enables you to monitor the whereabouts and activities of your field staff. Using this application is equivalent to having an invisible eye on your field employees, allowing you to monitor their activities while they are at work.

Lystloc – The Best Field Employee Tracking App For You

Lystloc is a real-time field employee tracking application that assists companies in efficiently managing their field staff. This tool facilitates work management and monitoring as well as GPS-based staff tracking. The power to individually track each team member’s fieldwork while away from the office is made possible via Lystloc. 

Other varied functions offered by Lystloc include attendance, geofence, log-in and log-out, expenditure monitoring, and a lot more. To make things even simpler, Lystloc also offers comprehensive data insights on field staff in the customized interface. By automating repetitive, manual tasks, Lystloc frees businesses and their field workforce teams to concentrate on closing deals and generating income. Acquiring Lystloc is a wise investment for any company looking to boost employee capacity, productivity, and profitability.

Benefits Of Investing Your Money In The Lystloc App For Your Business Growth 

Real-time Attendance Management

The maintaining of field staff and the monitoring of their presence are among the crucial duties. It takes time to use Google Sheets, and doing so will reduce employee efficiency. However, it’s simple if you use a field employee tracking application! With just a few taps on their smartphone, they can log in and out from any location at any point in time.

Live Geo-location Tracking

Geographic location tracking is one of the primary issues with field workers. Since the start, GPS has been used as a rapid solution for location-related queries. With this, all location-related problems could be fixed. All things considered, the field employee tracking software provides a useful way to track the progress and activities of the field team in real-time.

Enhances Employee Work Efficiency

Employees squander less time and remain focused on their tasks when they are aware that their managers are monitoring everything they do. They won’t become sidetracked by personal duties or pointless business talk. Without an employee tracking tool, managers won’t know where each employee is at any given time because it is impossible for one person to monitor lots of employees at once.

Reduces Time Wastage 

A business loses money when employees get paid for their entire workday yet use a significant amount of their time for unrelated activities. They receive more payment than is required when that occurs. If you are monitoring what your employees perform, they will be paid for the entire duration of their labor. This will also increase the company’s or the business’s productivity. 

Minimizes Operational Cost

Are you overspending on field employee pay for overtime, petrol, and vehicle repairs? Consider that as equivalent to tossing cash out of a window! With time-saving features like tracking time, timetables, and efficient routing, field employee tracking apps can save you time. Using a field employee tracking tool for your business is like having free money all around you. 

How Lystloc Helps You In Enhancing Field Employee Productivity While Saving Your Money?

It’s simple to overlook that not every investment yields a monetary return when considering return on investment. Humans are invaluable, and your time is precious. To operate a profitable company, you must have both. Thus, you might need to think about how you can maximize the time while enhancing the quality of work life for the team members. This is an indisputable fact. Making the best use of time can assist your company or organization in comprehending speedy returns on investment because time is money.

Implementing an employee tracking system, such as Lystloc, can help the business by giving you knowledge of how your staff members are spending their work time thereby increasing productivity. Effectively tracking work hours with a Lystloc app solution will help you maximize revenues by making sure that employees are paid appropriately for the amount of work they do. This helps you identify techniques to streamline operations and cut expenses by giving you a clearer idea of what amount of time is being devoted to every task. 

Just by paying Rs.199/employee/month, you get to see an overall picture of their day-to-day business activities, work productivity, and how they are investing their work hours efficiently for which you pay for them monthly. Your business can see immediate returns on investment by implementing an automated Lystloc field employee monitoring application, which can reduce inaccuracies improve scheduling, and give analytical data and smart reporting.


As organizations broaden their reach, the difficulties of managing teams scattered across broad geographic regions become increasingly apparent. Conventional methods such as physical check-ins, paper-based reporting, and word-of-mouth are no longer effective or trustworthy. 

Hence, to make the process efficient and reliable for each firm The Lystloc field employee monitoring software is intended to bridge the distance between managers and their employees by promoting flexibility, boosting productivity, and developing trust. The growth of Lystloc is more than simply a fad; it represents an ever-changing business environment in which real-time information and swift interaction are critical to success. Investing in Lystloc is no longer an expense, but rather an essential element for companies seeking advancement, productivity, and performance in the current marketplace. 

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