Lystloc Anniversary – 7 Years Down! Many More To Come!

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Published Date: March 23, 2024

Lystloc Anniversary - 7 Years Down! Many More To Come!

Lystloc Anniversary – 7 Years Down! Many More To Come!

Hip-Hip Hooray! Lystloc Successfully Completed 7 Years!

We evolved from nothing to something and everything. And on February 7, 2024, Lystloc celebrated the culmination of seven prosperous years. Every single year that a company stays in business in this competitive period provides a reason for celebration. And this is our seventh anniversary of doing this with pride! 

The innumerable achievements are an outcome of our team’s unceasing efforts to get over every obstacle and provide the best possible results. Indeed! We have operated as a tightly-knit group for this entire time, thus it turned out to be a “memorable” experience. Most significantly, these seven years signify the Lystloc team’s diligent effort and commitment to stay and grow in this challenging business market.

How Did The Journey Of Lystloc Start?

In 2017, Bharath Annamalai established Mindsbeam Technologies, a start-up firm based in Chennai. It was started to offer the best and most affordable field force management software solution called Lystloc to assist companies in growing their bottom line and field team productivity. 

Beginning an endeavor as a new business is both thrilling and intimidating. There are many reasons to look forward with tremendous excitement and expectation, including the joy of embarking on an entirely novel path, developing consistently, becoming autonomous and in control, and changing the way things are done.

On February 7, 2017, Lystloc set off on its mission to gauge the output of its own company’s field employees. We wanted to base judgments on current employee location information rather than conjecture. We also wanted to develop an application that could provide data insights for operational and strategic decision-making, alongside solving location-based concerns. 

Lystloc initially emerged as a straightforward, mobile-friendly tool for monitoring staff attendance and meeting locations in an effort to address issues with employee productivity and location-based connectedness. Our CEO was inspired to update the product in a more sophisticated way after seeing its amazing outcomes so that it could help other businesses that were facing comparable problems to our own. 

Obstacles And Challenges Faced By Lystloc In Its Earlier Days

Like many other businesses, Lystloc had a lot of obstacles to overcome in the beginning. The hardest tech obstacle we had to overcome was getting accurate geographic info from smartphones. We had to create our very own AI algorithm and code in order to give our clients the most precise employee location information. Employees were worried about their privacy being violated even while client organizations jumped at the chance to employ our software. 

“The struggles, challenges, and obstacles that it takes to succeed in life are what makes success more valuable. Nothing great comes easy, and nothing easy ever equates to greatness.” 

But we promised them that Lystloc follows strict guidelines on privacy and is 100% safe. The software is designed with incredibly reliable systems and architectural components, and end-to-end encryption is employed from the start to secure the shared data. In businesses where security is a primary concern, Lystloc is quite helpful.  We were able to retain our customers with comfort due to all of this and the growing capabilities of our software. Primarily, our consistent customer interaction and assistance allowed us to sustain our customers from the beginning.

Growing Our Company And Team

Our business has benefited greatly from this “work from home” outlook, since we have expanded significantly across the nation. We believe we currently have the most talented Lystlers in all important sectors since we’ve added some aspirational folks to various teams, whether they be in engineering, sales, or marketing. Over these seven years, there was significant development for both the business and its members. 

The reality that Lystloc started with just three people in its early years is another fascinating aspect of the company. Currently, the Lystloc team includes 60+ Lystlers. Over the past seven years, Lystloc has witnessed significant operational and tangible development.

Lystloc has experienced an incredible seven years of existence since we were able to expand our clientele both locally as well as globally. A few well-known brands were added as Lystloc clients, increasing their business’s productivity. We also have a tonne of new clients from different industries, and we have a tonne of intriguing prospects for partnerships.

“Seven” Recent Milestones That Lystloc Achieved In This Business Journey

We are excited to share that Lystloc has reached a number of significant milestones in its blissful journey of seven years. We were able to meet some ambitious business targets and are proud of ourselves for doing so.

“Celebrate your milestones and achievements. Even if they are only pebbles. Life is too short not to celebrate.”

  • Overall Lystloc’s paying customers crossed 1200+ across the globe. 
  • The third largest financial institution is now the customer of Lystloc. 
  • Lystloc expanded its business across countries like the US, Africa, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many more.
  • Till now, Lystloc client meetings reached 9M+, and Lystloc kilometers traveled reached 199M+. 
  • Reached 22K+ followers on the LinkedIn platform. 
  • Lystloc has been mentioned in Best Startup’s 101 Best Delaware Internet Companies And Startups. 
  • IAA proudly presented our CEO and Founder, Mr. Bharath Annamalai with the “CEO of the Year” award.

Our Team – The Strongest Pillar Of Our Success

“Regardless of how well-structured an organization is, its work culture and employees make it what it is.” 

It’s a lot more than a business milestone; it’s the celebration of an extended family that overcame adversity and elevated the business to greater heights. We began with a handful of people and now expanded to include a large number of brilliant brains all working towards a common objective of providing our customers with outstanding products and services.

Lystloc has always acknowledged and appreciated each Lystler’s hard work and successes in the areas they specialize in, awarding them with best performer of the year certifications, increments, and promotions as a mark of appreciation and progress. Yet again, we are pleased to take this moment to express our gratitude to our team of 60+ Lystlers for their contributions to Lystloc’s business adventure and for pushing it towards greater heights year after year. 

Showing Our Gratitude To Our Customers

It’s essential to keep in mind the value of thanking customers who have backed your business in the bustling environment of business. A genuine “thank you” can go a long way towards fostering customer relationships, encouraging loyalty, and leaving a favorable impression.

“Thank you dear customers for always being there with us. Your support and loyalty have really helped us in coming a long way. Thanks a lot!”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our beloved customers and users for their earnest faith in Lystloc. We are grateful for our customers’ trust in us to help them in offering outstanding products and services. Our success story is complete with the support of you all. We strive to continue building our business and relationship with you and offer you nothing less than the best. In the years to come, we hope to reach new heights with the support of you.

What’s Next For Us?

We are incredibly optimistic about our business’s future, as always. We’re prepared to keep moving on as individuals and as a team. We must adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology in order to enhance our arsenal of abilities and, ultimately, enhance ourselves. Our values center on the continuous pursuit of knowledge and growth in this frantic period.

“It is impossible to progress without change, and those who do not change their minds cannot change anything.” 

We must all assist one another in reaching our maximum capabilities at the same time. Above all, we must be truthful—with what we do, with other individuals, and perhaps most importantly, with ourselves. In regards to thoughts, employees, and our greatest asset—service quality—we have built a solid corporate culture over the years and made Lystloc genuinely a worldwide business.

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