2023 Year in Review: Lystloc’s Remarkable Journey in a Single Frame

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Published Date: January 5, 2024

2023 Year in Review: Lystloc’s Remarkable Journey in a Single Frame

2023 Year in Review: Lystloc’s Remarkable Journey in a Single Frame

2023 has turned out to be an extremely significant year for each one of us, full of opportunities as well as challenges that called for novel innovations, improved customer experiences, and the implementation of numerous ideas into business practices.

All the above things put together have made the journey of Lystloc even more successful and remarkable. Let’s see a quick recap of all our cherished moments!

Lystloc Product Highlights: What has been New in 2023?

As you all know, developing new product features and upgrading the software is a usual thing in Lystloc which we do frequently. New feature releases make our products more beneficial and valuable to customers. This improves customer satisfaction, which leads to higher trust and profit. Improved features are critical to retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. They add quality to our product, enhance customer loyalty, and allow us to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Let’s get to see what are all the new product features we released in 2023, to make Lystloc a better product for our customers.

Was 2023 a Growth Phase for Lystloc?

Yes, of course! We were able to make big both in terms of team size and sales growth.

Firstly talking about internal growth. We expanded our team of Lystlers by 70+ by creating new domains like Business and Product Analysts, Data Services, and App Development. Which in turn supported productivity improvements, easier sales processes, and an increase in the quality and consistency of customer service.

Secondly, let’s get into sales and business growth. We were able to wrap it up with a big bang!

Growth often proves to be advantageous for a business’s success. A growing brand is one that expands its market volume year over year. A company’s growth consists of an expansion, making it more extensive, expanding its target market, and eventually turning more profitable as a result. And know what? Lystloc followed a similar path this year.

Some of the key events we would like to share:

  • Onboarded 500+ new customers this year
  • Overall Lystloc’s paying customers crossed 1000
  • Onboarded 5 Bi-Annual, 1 Tri-Annual 1 5-year subscription customers
  • Lystloc expanded its business to Africa
  • There has been a consistent revenue growth of 100% YOY
  • Lystloc client meetings reached 8M+
  • Lystloc kilometers traveled reached 173M+

How was Lystloc’s Customer Acquisition in 2023?

The customers are the most important aspect of Lystloc. The higher the amount of satisfied customers, the greater our chances for long-lasting and consistent success.

Lystloc had a phenomenal year in 2023 since we had the opportunity to develop our customer base both domestic as well as international. Lystloc onboarded a few established organizations as its customers and expanded their businesses’ productivity.

This year,

  • The third largest financial institution is now the customer of Lystloc 
  • Onboarded 4 -> 100 license customers; 1->150 license customer; 1-> 570 license customer; 1-> 350 license customer
  • From 2022 to 2023, the overall customer growth increased by 51.60%
  • Lystloc partnered with Payroll, being the only platform that seamlessly integrates the on-field team’s operations and salaries. Also, sealed the 1st Bi-Annual Subscription customer for the same.

We’d like to make use of this chance to thank our partners, customers, and users, without whom this achievement wouldn’t have been feasible. We are glad that they are constantly with us. Their trust and support have extensively assisted our success. We are able to thrive in this industry due to their faith in us. As we are recalling and cherishing the 2023 journey, we would like to express our warmest gratitude to each and every one of them.

The Advancement of Lystloc in Internet and Social Media Platforms

With the swift growth of the newest trends and technologies, the need for internet building has rendered business transformation impossible. It has the potential to significantly improve brand recognition and market positioning. This involves the website, SEO, social media pages, email advertising, and other related things. All of these distinct sections are important in conveying the product story, and they also help the business build relationships with customers.

Keeping this in mind, this year Lystloc team greatly invested their time and effort in expanding online brand promotions, digital marketing, and email campaigns and reached some really great heights on the internet and social media platforms.

SEO Achievements

  • The new Google AI-generated search results highlighted and suggested our published content
  • We have newly created and updated 19 landing pages for Lystloc
  • We also obtained some high-ranking keywords in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions and also some high-performing website blogs.
  • We got to see 240% growth in organic traffic from 28K to 96K
  • We got to see 120% growth in Organic signups from 530 to 1123
  • We got to see 480% growth in exit form lead from 85 to 490
  • We received 60+ leads through blog popups

Social Media Achievements

  • In social media platforms, we had 40% engagement growth this year
  • Reached 20K+ followers on the LinkedIn platform
  • Lystface fruitfully completed 1 business year in social media. Also, in Jan 2024, we are going to introduce Lystface API
  • Lystloc has been mentioned in Best Startup’s 101 Best Delaware Internet Companies And Startups.

Awards and Appreciations Attained by Lystloc in 2023

It is not usually easy to stand out in the frantic realm of business. Achieving a business award for us is similar to receiving a medal of honor for the leader’s efforts in growing the brand. It communicates to the rest of the world that our leader is not just ordinary; he is extraordinary.

IAA proudly presented our CEO and Founder, Mr. Bharath Annamalai with the “CEO of the Year” award. 

In the journey of the business, even the smallest achievement matters. Business recognition and awards mean more than just taking home a trophy; they are about establishing a lasting impression. They possess the ability to elevate the brand’s visibility globally.

Appreciations we got from our Valuable Customers

Since we work round the clock for our valued customers, their healthy appreciation is like icing on the cake and really inspires us. It gives us a sense of prestige and reliability! 

Here you get to see some really nice reviews and appreciations from our happy customers in 2023 after experiencing Lystloc:

Bottom Line

In 2024, the business community will enter a breakthrough phase in which profit and the urge to produce novel concepts are no longer considered as opposing forces. This point of convergence is going to become a guiding paradigm for many forward-thinking businesses. 

By keeping this in mind, Lystloc is going to move forward.

As Lystloc steps into 2024, we as a team have taken a new year resolution to embrace more innovative strategies and ideas to drive success and grow our brand to even greater heights.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right and big.”

Let’s hope for the best!

Welcoming New Year with all smiles and positive vibes!

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