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Published Date: February 24, 2024

Lystloc Vs Clockify

Lystloc Vs Clockify

When a customer is debating which product to buy, they frequently compare the features and advantages of several products to decide which product best suits their requirements. But the product itself matters as well. Even while a well-constructed, long-lasting product may have fewer functions or advantages than a less expensive, less well-made one, in the long term, the customer will probably find that the former is more of an investment.

Providing a product with appealing features and advantages is one thing, but a business must also make sure the product is well-designed, of the highest caliber, and long-lasting. Customers’ trust and loyalty can be increased in this way, which can also raise the possibility of recurring business and fruitful referral marketing.

To make comparing the features and quality of the top two employee time and attendance tracking software, Lystloc and Clockify, easier for you, we’ve provided a simple and succinct product comparison. 

What Is Lystloc?

Lystloc is a mobile-based real-time field employee time and attendance monitoring software. This time and attendance tracker software helps in tracking field employees’ attendance time and location, work hours, client meeting time schedule, travel time and distance, and idle time from anywhere at any point in time. The automated timesheets allow you to know how many hours the employees have spent on each task and client visit. Can know employee’s daily log-in/out time, the location from where they marked the attendance, late time, permissions, etc. 

It starts systemizing details such as total check-in time, total work time, total travel time, total hours of work, and much more once the employee has logged in to the app simultaneously along with log-in/out marking.

Last but not least, generates concurrent timesheet e-reports and analytics using the daily data gathered from the app. The app gives you the information needed for payroll processing and performance appraisals, offering insights into hours worked, shift timings, and so on to constantly improve field employee productivity.

What Is Clockify?

Clockify is a time and attendance tracking software that has a unique set of functions, including the ability to track field staff attendance and work schedules and keep an eye on timesheets. The managers can maintain the pace of field productivity, attendance, extra hours, and certain other crucial data using a simplified time tracker or timesheet. This tracking software provides a straightforward interface that allows managers to see how scheduled tasks are progressing and what the staff are up to. 

To better manage the field team’s effort and determine which tasks occupy the majority of their time, Clockify offers aesthetically appealing performance reports that managers can view. Irrespective of the compatible platform or web users want to use it on, Clockify provides a smooth, modern, and intuitive UI and various integrations. This seems to be particularly evident in its user-friendly, convenient web software, which is accessible from any location and allows the companies to check the performance of their current field squad.

Lystloc Vs Clockify: App Specification Comparison

App SpecificationsLystlocClockify
Annual Pricing ₹ 199/user/month$ 5.49/user/month
Free PlanYesYes
Free Chat & Email SupportYesYes
Phone & Dedicated Account Manager SupportYes(15 licenses & above)Yes(No dedicated account manager)
Free DemosYesYes
API IntegrationYesYes
Web DashboardYesYes
Customized Track PageYesNo
Dashboard Roles & PermissionsYesNo
Battery Power & Network StatusYesNo
Mailing Data ReportsYesYes
In-app Chat & MessagingNoYes
Upload Of Files & ImagesYesYes
Video RecordingNoYes
Prompt Alerts & NotificationsYesYes
Offline TrackingYesYes
Offline Meeting NotesYesNo
Live TrackingYesNo
Bulk User Sign UpYesNo
User Type FiltersYesNo
Android AvailabilityYesYes
iOS AvailabilityYesYes
Windows AvailabilityNoYes
Multiple Language OptionYesYes

Lystloc Vs Clockify: Product Feature Comparison

As everyone is aware, the first thing that arises in our minds when we talk about how Lystloc and Clockify differ from one another is a comparison of their features and app qualities. So, why don’t we do that too?

We’ve attempted to compile some of the most important features of both software in a brief tabular comparison below.

App FeaturesLystloc Clockify
Attendance Tracking
Field/Remote Attendance YesYes
Lystface/Facial Recognition AttendanceYesNo
Fingerprint Attendance AuthenticationYesNo
Leave ManagementNoYes
Geo-fenced Attendance Log-insYesYes
Daily Attendance & Task LinkingNoYes
Multiple Log-in/outYesNo
Expense/Reimbursement Status UpdatesYesYes
Expense/Reimbursement ApprovalsYesYes
Expense/Reimbursement Status Updates On Approval LevelsYesNo
Bulk Reimbursement Approval/RejectYesNo
Expense/Reimbursement Limit SetupYesNo
Designation-Based Reimbursement SetupYesNo
Time Tracking
Unlimited TrackingYesYes
Workflow Timesheet ManagementYesYes
Waiting Time CalculationYesNo
Idle Time CalculationYesYes
Auto TrackerYesYes
Import TimeNoYes
Custom FieldsYesYes
GPS TrackingYesYes
Time ScreenshotsNoYes
Lystdata/Data Analytics & ReportsYesYes
Export & Share ReportsYesYes
Live ReportsYesNo
API ReportsYesYes
Task/Project StatusYesYes
Time AuditNoYes
Custom Date-Based Report DownloadsYesNo
Customizable Data ReportsYesYes
Custom Forms & FieldsYesYes
Customer Details ManagementYesNo
Auto-Filling Customer DetailsYesNo
Customer URL RedirectingYesNo
View Customer HistoryYesNo
Budget & EstimatesNoYes
Expense ReportsYesYes
Unlimited UsersYesYes
Unlimited Task/Project ManagementYesYes
Import Tasks/ProjectsYesYes
Bulk EditYesYes
Business Card ReaderYesNo
OTP AuthenticationYesNo
Task/Project TemplatesNoYes
Kiosk PINNoYes
Invoice GeneratorNoYes
Timesheet Approval NoYes
Task SchedulingYesYes
Audit LogNoYes
External Software IntegrationYesYes

Why Lystloc Is A Better Choice To Go For Than Clockify?

We are sure that Lystloc is the superior choice if you’re looking for one instead of Clockify. This SaaS software for time and attendance tracking is employed as a long-term solution for field staff management. Lystloc’s revolutionary technology that gives accurate location data and analytics in real-time has the ability to address the location-related difficulties both you and your business are currently encountering.

Lystloc is entirely built on state-of-the-art technologies to include aspects like cost-effectiveness, speed, scalability, and security. Our user interface is visually appealing in contrast to Trackobit. Users can update their attendance and time information more easily and comfortably due to our incredibly attractive graphical interface. Our software offers affordable subscriptions and packages, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs and those of your employees.


This comprehension is unquestionably for you if you’re searching for more effective and promising tools to oversee and manage your field employees at all levels. One of the finest real-time employee time and attendance software, Lystloc is a better alternative to Clockify in many ways. You can give it a risk-free trial now.

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