5 Best Construction Site Employee Attendance Tracking Apps

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Published Date: February 11, 2024

5 Best Construction Site Employee Attendance Tracking Apps

Before the advent of mobile phones and cyber tools, attendance ledgers were used to track employees’ presence on sites and in companies. Due to the manual procedure and laborious fieldwork, this system was time-consuming and prone to errors for the construction company.

The necessity to ensure attendance on construction sites is much more crucial than in other fields of work. The concurrent performance of multiple tasks inside an operation with many employees with varied salary levels and working hours demands the usage of attendance applications on construction sites that utilize cutting-edge technologies to ensure project success.

What Is Attendance Tracking App?

Attendance tracking is a method for keeping a record of worker attendance and absences. It is utilized for keeping track of their work hours (work efficiency and overtime), as well as for scheduling and allocating their time off. Excel sheets, card swipes, fingerprints, and attendance-tracking applications are all options used by companies for monitoring employee attendance.

Construction site attendance tracking app not only provides a strong workforce attendance recording system but also enables construction site supervisors to keep tabs on many sites at any point in time. The construction site attendance tracking app also provides an extensive overview of each employee’s availability at a specified time and site.

Why Attendance Tracking App Is Important For Construction Sites?

Apps that monitor worker attendance on construction sites are fast taking the limelight in the market. Even if employees are traveling to different locations or working on-site, managers still need to keep an eye on when they come and go from their place of work. When compared to basic manual techniques, the finest construction site attendance tracking tool will organize the site worker’s attendance records, simplify task planning, leave requests, and permissions, and track over time. 

Instead of physically visiting the site, employees can utilize a single-touch verification to log their attendance while they are on the move during working hours. Managers can get all the data they require for various attendance-related reports from the app, including details about shift timings, hours worked, and a lot more.

5 Best Construction Site Attendance Tracking Apps


Lystloc is a real-time location-intelligence-based construction site attendance tracking app that helps organizations manage their on-field attendance effectively. The app helps in tracking location-related details of construction site employees, monitoring and managing their daily attendance and work status easily. Lystloc provides the ability to separately track the attendance of each and every construction site employee working through contactless facial recognition attendance software. 

Not only this, the construction site attendance tracking app has other diverse features like location mapping, work check-in/out, project details management, expense reimbursement, and many more employee productivity tracking features. To make it, even more, easier, Lystloc also provides automated data insights of all the information in customized e-reports.


Jibble’s construction site attendance tracking app expands on the usual punch-in technique. Construction sites are hardly constrained to just one site, and Jibble’s smartphone app allows employees to log in and out although they are kilometers apart from their main workplace. 

Jibble provides an extensive set of functions for improving attendance monitoring and workforce administration in construction. Real-time location tracking gives accurate data about workers’ location, which aids in monitoring projects and ensures that each team member is exactly where they ought to be. Jibble’s attendance reports provide construction managers with comprehensive knowledge of attendance structure, hours spent, and project-specific information.


Truein is one of the most reliable construction site attendance tracking apps. It is a cloud-based platform with no devices, which makes it extremely versatile. Truein can be deployed across several sites and monitored from a centralized interface. 

This is the finest attendance monitoring software for construction since it uses AI-powered face recognition technology to give the company a fail-safe attendance tracking option. It additionally keeps separate time and attendance regulations for the temporary workers. It is a helpful function for project supervisors who need to handle contractors.


KyteHR is a powerful construction site attendance tracking app that automates and streamlines attendance management for businesses. The software offers real-time attendance tracking, live location tracking, customizable analytics and reporting, and assistance for digital attendance recording techniques in smartphone apps, which makes it an easily accessible option. 

The app’s user-friendly interface helps users to get to know it in a matter of clicks. Workers can swiftly record their attendance, request leave, and monitor their logs of attendance via the app. In addition, real-time visibility into attendance records enables workers to properly organize their task calendar and leave.


Employees can use FieldPulse’s construction site attendance tracking app to log in and out right on the job site, documenting their presence as they work. This flexibility improves ease by guaranteeing that attendance data stays reliable regardless of whether the construction site covers vast territories. 

The task scheduling function transforms attendance by smoothly combining it with tasks. This integration improves task synchronization by harmonizing workforce availability with the project’s needs. The ability to log in and out of the field, as well as plan projects and assignments of tasks, helps to build a unified workflow. The presence of communication with customers options demonstrates the value of transparency and customer interaction.


Manual attendance techniques may appear simpler and less costly than other ways, but when considering economic and monetary factors, computerized attendance tracking apps provide a higher return on investment. 

Because the construction sector is such a fast-paced, chaotic environment, a substantial number of workers frequently change jobs within a few weeks. Thus, a software-based construction site attendance tracking tool improves salary disbursements, legal compliance, and other operations. Handy attendance apps allow businesses to keep tabs on employee attendance and manage payroll processes based on days, hours, and overtime.

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