Introducing OTP Authentication Feature in Lystloc

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Published Date: June 3, 2021

Introducing OTP Authentication Feature in Lystloc

Introducing OTP Authentication Feature in Lystloc

Organizations are highly focused on improving their employees’ outreach to their customers by migrating their workforce to remote and on-field working environments.

A recent survey states that industries with the highest number of remote workers are healthcare, information technology and services, and financial services with the strength of 15%, 10%, and 9% respectively.

Given this, it’s evident that the majority of those sectors’ organizational tasks are handled by their frontline field and sales executives.

And, it is evident that the employees are key responsible for enhancing their organization’s productivity through the use of technologies and media that automate their labour.

However, remote and on-field working patterns may have few loose ends on their side. The most common ones are,

1. Ensuring that the employees are at the assigned location to handle their tasks and,

2. Letting the organization know the feedback for their service from the customer.

How to strengthen the above-mentioned loose ends?

Well, to answer the question, there are many ways in which the organization can strengthen their bottlenecks in their remote and field workforce. But, it can be,

1. Time Consuming,

2. May take a toll on the organization’s productivity,

3. Results in loss of resources,

4. May need an additional and dedicated workforce to handle this and,

5. Non-user-friendly.

And here comes Lystloc’s OTP Authentication feature to your aid!

Lystloc always intends to solve the location-related challenges that the organizations face. The organisation can be more productive using Lystloc since it can track the activity of its field staff in real time.

Organizations may be incredibly effective in optimising their customer-employee interaction and feedback with Lystloc’s new functionality – OTP Authentication.

Who would have guessed that a six-digit number could improve all of the remote and fieldwork metrics?

What’s in it for business verticals?

As previously said, remote and on-field working situations can be challenging in terms of assuring staff performance when present at the customer’s location and knowing the customer’s input on the service delivered.

Lystloc’s OTP Authentication feature proves to be highly effective and powerful in giving location-intelligence innovation for the organization’s problem.

1. Can ensure that the employees’ service at customer location:

OTP Authentication feature provides a customer-included verification process that verifies the employees’ service at the customer location.

With an ideal process to register the customer’s approval to the service, organizations can ensure that the employee has provided the service at the customer’s location.

2. Real-time quality check and feedback of the service provided to the customer:

In remote and field working conditions, it is a bit difficult to know the customers’ feedback on the service provided. Manual methods to initiate a survey can be time-consuming and it may also lead to the loss of productivity.

But, with Lystloc’s OTP Authentication feature, the customer can ensure their service providers know the feedback of their services in real-time.

The moment when the employee enters the OTP that the customer received, the administrator can have an instant update on the feedback of the service provided in real-time.

Based on these real-time updates, the admin/manager can contact clients to learn more about the service and can also take efforts to improve it for the client.

We all know that OTP Authentication is a widely-used authentication process. But what makes Lystloc’s authentication process different is the ability to package complex operations and functions under simple 6 digits OTP.

So, it’s extremely powerful, effective, and simple at the same time.

How does this OTP authentication feature work?

Whenever a user performs an activity with Lystloc at a customer location, the customer data can be collected via contact form that has been assigned to the respective users.

On the other hand, they can also scan the clients’ information using the business card reader feature.

To ensure that the employees have provided the best service to their customers with the OTP authentication feature enabled.

When it is enabled, the employees are supposed to initiate the OTP authentication process to the mobile number that they had entered in the contact form.

Instantly, the entered mobile number will receive a notification which further can be verified by entering it in the users’ interface.

Without the OTP verification, the user can’t check out from their meeting location.

How to enable the OTP authentication feature?

While creating a form for the users, the admin/manager should enable the OTP Authentication button in the contact form field.

custom form web screenshot

On a bottom note,

Location intelligence applications are something that is being used widely in today’s market because of various reasons. And organizations are also concerned about their employees’ productivity and various other factors that take a toll on the same in remote conditions.

Applications like Lystloc have always been a solution that simplifies the day-to-day operations of field executives. One such exquisite feature is the newly released OTP Authentication Feature.

Download Lystloc to access much more features that make your organization always stay top on the productivity charts.

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