5 Best Attendance Management Systems

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Published Date: February 3, 2024

5 Best Attendance Management Systems

Adapting to evolving technologies has not merely proven useful in managing time, but it also has the potential to influence employee wellness. Automation is employed in nearly every sector and in several areas. It has made working and living easier. By embracing newer technologies, one commits to improving productivity while reducing manual labor.

Using automated attendance normalization methods not only helps businesses keep track of their employees, but it also saves time and thus boosts efficiency. There are numerous advantages to becoming digital in the current technology-driven era of automated jobs. As a result, it is becoming more and more essential to add an automated attendance management system that helps ensure the business’s monitoring operation runs seamlessly.

What Is An Attendance Management System?

An Attendance Management System (AMS) is an automated software application with a cloud-based API. The system assists in streamlining the task of managing employee attendance and collaborating with other business management tools to communicate and retrieve data. This computerized solution has not only improved the process of monitoring attendance but has also opened up the potential for data to be used in many business processes and areas. 

The system normally consists of three components: a log-in/log-out interface, a central database that stores data on attendance, and a report-generating module to generate various attendance reports. Some attendance management systems can offer other features such as time management, payroll integration, and leave management.

Benefits Of Attendance Management Systems For Your Business

Streamlined Workflow Management

One of the most significant benefits of an automated attendance management system is the convenience of managing workflows. With the correct procedure in place, the company can obtain extensive insight into attendance normalization requests, leave requests, overtime requests, and so on, with absolutely zero interaction required. In addition, an attendance tracking system can establish an operation for assigning resources and other valuable assets.

Greater Accuracy

Accuracy in work is what a company requires the most. Mistakes can occur due to a dearth of accuracy, and correcting them can prove laborious and costly. Manual data entry issues are inevitable and pricy. So, using a cloud-based attendance management system gives precise time stamps and trustworthy information about employees’ actual work performance for paychecks.

Saves Time And Money

Automated attendance management systems save time as well as boost efficiency while also helping to keep expenses down. When managers have exact information on overtime, leaves, and shifts, they pay workers for the amount of time they’ve worked, not for more. Computerized techniques minimize time theft, which also saves money. Automated time and attendance tracking saves your business money both now and in the years to come.

Increased Productivity

Capturing and maintaining your employees’ attendance data physically can be time-consuming and tiresome when calculating payment for each employee. The manual procedure is also vulnerable to errors, which can lead to payroll issues. With a sophisticated attendance management system, you can substantially reduce the amount of time and effort required to monitor your employees. You can use the time saved to focus on the business and boost its production.

Flexible Enough

The attendance management system also provides platform flexibility, meaning it can be accessible from a variety of devices and configurations. It also allows managers to track where their workers are when they engage in work-related tasks outside of the office, such as seeing customers or coordinating logistics. They record and log info in real time, making it less likely that your staff will tamper with the system. Modern systems even enable your employees to clock in early and late, and you are immediately notified of the same.

5 Best Attendance Management Systems


Lystloc is an attendance management system with a real-time location-based employee attendance monitoring feature. Employees can mark their attendance through a single touch authentication from anywhere during their work hours directly from their work location rather than traveling to the agency location. There is also an option for Geofence attendance in the Lystloc app; employees can mark attendance only when they are within the specified virtual perimeters built using the latitude, longitude, and radius of a vast location by their managers.


Companies can efficiently record attendance, record time, and keep an eye on employee commutes using Zimyo’s robust time and attendance management system. It makes it easier to track workforce time and attendance information in real-time, touchlessly. You can obtain precise and up-to-date data regarding the availability or absence of your staff with Zimyo. It’s simple to keep track of when employees log in and out, follow shifts and scheduled vacations, request and confirm leaves, and follow up on employee travels while on the job or performing fieldwork.


Connecteam is a time and attendance management system that allows you to set up and monitor employees’ working hours. It’s designed specifically for deskless employees, who can utilize the application from any mobile device they have. The in-app chat option allows you to interact directly with employees who arrive late for their shifts or are not present in their assigned locations according to plan without leaving the app. The software provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop scheduling option, as well as real-time accessibility and overtime notifications.


factoHR serves as one of the finest attendance management system providers to organizations of any size. The tool is useful for HR since it includes standard functions such as real-time information on clock-in/out, overtime computation, comp-off, and leave management, in addition to sophisticated features such as log-in with selfie and place, log-in within a geofence, AI-powered facial recognition, and more. It additionally enables you to set shift attendance rules to the hour level.


Keka has swiftly garnered attention as an employee-centric HR management system with extensive UI expertise in the business. They additionally offer an attendance management system that pairs effortlessly with payroll, as well as an employee-friendly smartphone application that allows employees to easily record attendance. Keka doesn’t provide backend payroll processing or compliance support, hence it might not be best suited for businesses seeking a complete HRMS solution that includes such backend offerings.


The days of having to cope with human errors at the company are long gone. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now set up automated systems that will store all of the attendance data while relieving you of all the burden. Monitoring staff attendance is a crucial HR task. Precise records of overtime, clocking-in times, and timing of shifts are necessary for businesses to estimate salary and assess productivity.

That being said, you should definitely shift to a more efficient attendance management system if your business has any of the above. By automating all HR operations, regardless of size, an attendance management system streamlines the whole process. It offers a comprehensive summary of each worker’s hours of work for the week or month, the amount of time they devote to their jobs each day, their timeliness, and a few extra options like payroll and biometric integration.

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