Lystloc – Partnered Up with RiceHR for a Streamlined Payroll Process

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Published Date: January 27, 2024

Lystloc – Partnered Up with RiceHR for a Streamlined Payroll Process

With the help of modern technology, innovative solutions like Lystloc and RiceHR have emerged, revolutionizing the way payroll is managed, particularly for field employees.

What is Payroll?

Payroll is an essential part of any organization. It’s the process of calculating and distributing employee salaries and wages. Can you imagine the excitement of ensuring that every hardworking individual gets paid accurately and on time? Payroll involves keeping track of hours worked, calculating deductions, and even handling taxes. The best part is, that payroll software makes this task so much easier! With just a few clicks, you can generate detailed reports and ensure compliance with labor laws. 

What is Lystloc?

Lystloc is a top-end employee monitoring software to keep track of your field employees. Industries from start-ups to large can utilize this software to monitor their field employees accurately. It has seamless features such as location-based attendance, live reporting, meeting notes, task management, field sales reports, and more.

This software comes with an updated technology platform to manage your field employees without any hurdles. It is more budget-friendly and easy to use for effective employee monitoring processes. it can be integrated with other software to streamline your business growth.

What is RiceHR’s Payroll Management System?

RiceHR’s payroll management system is designed to simplify the entire payroll process, from employee onboarding to salary distribution. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, it allows HR professionals to easily manage employee data, calculate salaries, and generate comprehensive payroll reports. RiceHR also ensures compliance with labor laws by automatically updating tax rates and deductions. With RiceHR, organizations can save valuable time and resources, enabling HR teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

RiceHR provides cutting-edge solutions to streamline payroll management. The software platform leverages the power of automation, data analytics, and cloud computing to simplify and enhance the payroll process. By integrating with existing HR systems, Lystloc, when integrated with RiceHR, offers a seamless and efficient payroll management experience.

How does Lystloc provide a Payroll Solution?

Lystloc – Employee monitoring software integrated with a payroll system is a valuable tool for businesses to ensure productivity and efficiency in the workplace. This software allows employers to track and monitor employee activities, such as internet usage, time spent on specific tasks, and attendance. By integrating this software with the payroll system, employers can easily calculate accurate payrolls based on actual hours worked and performance data. This eliminates the need for manual time-tracking and reduces the chances of errors in payroll calculations.

Lystloc provides a payroll system in its annual enterprise plan that benefits each organization. This integration facilitates employers to find an easy payroll system in which Lystloc analyzes the total working hours, total working days, reimbursement amount, total distance traveled, total leaves taken, and more to calculate the exact pay of each employee. Managers and HR’s find this information with relevant data insights promoting good organizational flow. By considering the above factors, payroll is computed and salary is processed. There is no chance for any salary miscalculation or reimbursement amount for employees.

Integrated Payroll – Lystloc and RiceHR

Lystloc and RiceHR together offer many organizational benefits within a single app. Lystloc not only provides payroll but acts as HRMS to ease employers work when integrated with RiceHR.

Key Features:

Lystloc works in a way when a field employee attendance is registered, it is being integrated with RiceHR payroll software to calculate the payroll process.

Lystloc also benefits with HRMS features such as attendance management, leave management, training and development tracking, expense management, reimbursement management, and performance management. With these features, you can efficiently manage employee attendance, track their progress in training programs, and evaluate their performance. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your employees receive the support they need to grow and succeed in their roles.

These systems automate the entire payroll process, from calculating employee salaries to generating payslips and tax forms. Not only does this save you time, but it also reduces the risk of errors and ensures accurate and timely payroll processing.

In addition to payroll processing, the system also offers features such as tax compliance, benefits administration, and time and attendance tracking. This means that you can easily handle tasks such as calculating taxes and deductions, managing employee benefits, and tracking their working hours. With all these features at your fingertips, you can rest easy knowing that your payroll processes are running smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of combining payroll system with Lystloc

Employee monitoring software integrated with a payroll system is a crucial tool for businesses to improve productivity, ensure accuracy. By tracking and monitoring employee activities, employers can make informed decisions to optimize workflows and motivate employees to perform at their best. This integration provides a seamless and efficient way to manage both employee performance and compensation professionally.

It plays as a vital tool for industries to streamline HR processes and manage employee data effectively. This software offers a wide range of features that cater to the specific needs and requirements of the industry. It has the ability to automate various HR tasks, such as payroll management, attendance tracking, and leave management. Employees can access their own information, update personal details, and apply for leaves or reimbursements online.

This feature empowers employees and reduces the administrative burden on HR personnel. It also enables effective recruitment and onboarding processes by providing a centralized database to hire, onboard, attendance management, salary slip, performance management and payroll process. Lystloc completely serves as a single tool from entry process to exit process for employee management. The attendance data insights stored in Lystloc software will be moved to the payroll system to calculate and generate employee salary and manage basic HRMS features.

Integrating Lystloc With RiceHR

Lystloc and RiceHR can be seamlessly integrated with other software, further enhancing their value and functionality. Organizations can ensure data consistency and eliminate the need for manual data entry. Lystloc has an attendance system that enables accurate tracking of employee work hours, facilitating more precise payroll calculations. The ability to integrate Lystloc and RiceHR with other HR systems makes them versatile tools that can adapt to the unique needs of each organization.


The future of payroll management lies in innovative solutions like Lystloc and RiceHR. They have optimized the way organizations manage payroll, particularly for field employees. By automating processes, ensuring compliance, and providing real-time visibility, Lystloc and RiceHR offer a streamlined and efficient payroll management experience.

The benefits of implementing these solutions are numerous, from reducing administrative burden to improving accuracy and timeliness. As organizations increasingly recognize the value of modernizing their payroll systems, Lystloc and RiceHR are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of payroll management.

To experience the benefits of streamlined payroll management and revolutionize your organization’s compensation processes, schedule a demo with Lystloc today. Upgrade your payroll system and unlock the potential for greater efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

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