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Published Date: January 21, 2024

5 Best Service Team Location Tracking Apps

Location tracking is a critical tool that businesses can utilize when managing field service teams. They will be able to optimize their field operations more efficiently while assuring their field workers’ safety and improving customer service. However, selecting the best location-tracking app takes time.

Businesses are exhausted from searching through a plethora of GPS employee tracking apps to discover that some aren’t quite meeting their demands. It might be difficult to discern between accurate and dependable software and those that fall short due to the constantly increasing list of choices. But stop worrying now! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of some of the finest service team location-tracking apps available in the market.

What Is A Location Tracking App?

This is real-time GPS tracking technology that allows managers to see where their service staff members are at any given time. Managers can monitor employees at any stage and receive travel history information with this service team location tracking tool. The route traveled, work progress, and the service team’s location are all recorded in the database when they arrive at their work spot. 

This would have a significant impact on the marketplace today without causing worry or dread for the jobs of field workers. Everybody can reap the advantages of time savings and calm, orderly working through this app. The service team location tracking system uses geo-fencing technology, so each employee’s precise location as well as time can be tracked.

Benefits Of Service Team Location Tracking App?

Simplified Task Management

Managers can allocate work according to proximity using the service team location tracking app. This makes task management easier and ensures that the right person with the appropriate skill is designated for a particular work, which leads to improved outcomes and faster completion of tasks.

With location-tracking apps, managers can set up arbitrary limits via the geofencing feature. It provides notifications when employees enter or exit specified regions, encouraging more compliance with company norms and enhancing security.

Improved Accountability

Employee accountability is increased through the use of service team location-tracking apps. It motivates people to be on time and follow work schedules when they are aware that their activities are being watched. Utilize the tracking information to optimize schedules and routes as well, cutting down on fuel expenses and travel time. Teams who provide field services and deliveries would especially benefit from this.

Field Service Team Safety

Monitoring the precise whereabouts of employees is important, but service team location tracking also lets managers know that their staff members are safe. Managers can ensure their employees’ safety and availability in case of an emergency by having the exact location of each employee in all instances. They can further monitor field staff status using applications to keep an eye on productivity and make sure workers are following safety procedures.

Enhanced Field Team Productivity

Businesses can more effectively assign work and keep an eye on staff’s whereabouts with the use of a service team location tracking tool. Consequently, this increases employee productivity and facilitates timely task completion. Businesses can find instances where resources can be streamlined, resulting in cost savings and better efficiency, by evaluating information regarding employee time and location.

The software’s comprehensive analytics and reports provide insightful data on worker performance, assisting companies in making well-informed decisions regarding process enhancement.

Improves Overall Growth

A service team location tracking app can help companies achieve better expansion capacity in terms of throughput. Businesses that provide salaries for employees will make money if their employees are committed to their jobs.

With minimal expense, this location-tracking solution shows consistent increases in team efficiency. It also helps the business concentrate on its long-term objectives and saves time. In addition to tracking kilometers traveled, employee attendance, reimbursement, and fuel expenses, the tracking software also calculates the productivity of employees.

5 Best Service Team Location Tracking Apps


Lystlo app is a service team location tracking solution that helps managers track live employee locations. The software provides real-time visibility into the activities and locations of field workers, making it easier for them to plan, execute, and monitor field operations.

The location tracking app assists managers in determining which route their field employees took, how much time it took for them to reach, how much time the employee spent with the client, and what hour their employee is free to take up their next task. Managers can track employees’ travel routes through the app in real-time for their safety.


Hellotracks is a GPS tracking platform that is essential for companies seeking a location monitoring tool for their service team that concentrates on the workforce and offers field services. Functions tailored for teams operating in the transportation, distribution, sales, and logistics sectors are included.

There is a web-based version of this service team location tracking software that enables managers to oversee their whole staff. Along with providing precise location routing, the software facilitates easy communication among team members. In other words, it speeds up work completion, which increases staff productivity.


According to the allGeo location tracking software, managers can always find out where their service team members are. Managers can create alerts for employees who fail to turn up according to geofences. Additionally, if employees forget to check in when they enter a geofenced area, they can utilize allGeo to remind them to do so.

Among the many features of this service team location tracking platform are configurable routes, staff GPS tracking in real-time, a user-friendly dashboard that shows all of the employee’s information, and much more. Additionally, it will present customized reports with travel-related data like kilometers covered.


Managers can view the whereabouts of every employee at once as they log in using Connecteam’s real-time service team location tracking software. To help management make sure workers are exactly where they need to be, it also records where they go when they travel from one task place to another.

An employee can see which teammates are close to them and dispatch one of them to the job location in case they’re unexpectedly absent for a shift or task. This is an excellent tool for managers who wish to find out if workers are stopping by a specific task site before the end of the workday or if they are taking detours that reduce production.


To track the geographical locations of field service team activities and travel patterns, this service team location tracking application is paired with an online admin dashboard. Twib streamlines the tracking of every day’s client visits and the submission of pertinent data together with uploaded documents and invoices for businesses and their field employees.

Twib is an all-encompassing field force monitoring tool that gives field workers the option to take selfies while simultaneously recording their present location and work status. These platforms may also include team communication tools to enable supervisors to contact employees working in the field without changing apps.


Every second matters in the fast-paced arena of business, where time equals money. Keeping up with the latest trends in business has made it imperative for companies to optimize employee management, whether in their busy field operations or workplaces. Businesses can achieve unprecedented success by implementing employee location monitoring technologies ethically and responsibly, which can lead to a variety of benefits.

Through a transparent adoption of this technology and employee engagement, they build an atmosphere of trust and involvement. The service team grows into a formidable force that is inspired, cohesive, and goal-oriented. Businesses can see across time and space with the help of a service team location tracking tool, giving them unprecedented visibility into the efficiency and operations of their team members.

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