20 Funny Sales Memes That Every Salesperson Can Relate To Themselves

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Published Date: December 3, 2020

20 Funny Sales Memes That Every Salesperson Can Relate To Themselves

20 Funny Sales Memes That Every Salesperson Can Relate To Themselves

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How many I’LL THINK ABOUT IT you’ve heard? How many times have you been asked to wait for the customer to make a decision? And how many times have you heard that the customer found a better deal? If you’re a person who falls into the web of these statements, it’s an undeniable fact that you are a Salesperson.

We all know that being a Salesperson is a difficult job. But, only a salesperson knows how painful it is.

But you’re left with no option and you are not alone in this. If you’re a salesperson, and if you continue to digest the above-mentioned statements, this blog is for you. Nothing is excruciating when you see it in a light-hearted way.

Here we are bringing you some highlighted memes that can liberate your struggles of being a Salesperson.

1. That oops moment which put all your hard work in the vain

sales job memes

2. When you’re left with no leads and no customer, searching for a new deal is literally like catching your reflection in a mirage.

3. As a Salesperson, we are highly talented in talking. But we do that to literally everybody who picks our call. Of course, other than customer care.

4. Times that put you to take up a dictionary to find the meaning of INTERESTED.

5. The only point of a time frame change. It won’t be an unfair statement to tell that there could be a possibility of getting another Interstellar kind of pitch for a film because of the fact that the time moves impeccably slow.

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6. Introducing new sales techniques. Staring at your customers.

7. New normal – Fate achieving its target by not letting you achieve yours.

8. It’s a tough time. But still you have to prove your existence. The phase of life which teaches you the difference between surviving and existing.

9. Thanksgiving

client referral memes

10. Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for?

sales pitch memes funny

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11. Yes, nothing is impossible. But that’s not how it works right?

client expectation budget meme

12. When Procrastination becomes a way to loose the ends.

humor sales memes

13. Light at the end of the tunnel. Ray of hope. The only purpose of leading a life.

funny sales pipeline memes

14. Sales Manager: Making a sale is an Art, Making a sale is a philosophy.
After 5 minutes,
Making a sale is a thing that can’t be taught.

sales memes funny

15. The word that haunts. Target

funny sales target memes

16. An emotional turnover.

sales job memes

17. A regular customer protocol.

sales job memes funny

18. Well, you have no other option. You have to come back to me

sales jokes memes

19. They must probably be counting stars.

 sales rep memes

20. It can literally cure everything. More sales leads please.

salesman humor memes

21. It is fine to be engrossed with new leads. But, the question here is, do we still remember the spreadsheet that we created to strategize the follow-up plan with our existing prospects?

new prospect meme

22. Time is highly relative. Hence proves the Theory of Relativity. Hence, proves the prospects promise to get back “in a few days”

sales pipeline memes

23. There’s this point in life that makes us feel everything is deceptive.

sales prospecting meme

24. Maintaining momentum is a task. And, we are working on it.

sales training memes

25. “Once upon a time….” That’s how it usually starts.

sales manager memes

26. If it is on a scale of 1-10, I would like to break it every single time.

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