8 Reasons To Use Facial Recognition Attendance System For Industrial Workers

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Published Date: October 14, 2022

Reasons To Use Facial Recognition Attendance System For Industrial Workers

Many organizations choose the adoption of automated technologies to assist their day-to-day company processes in order to achieve a more equitable distribution of industrial workers and collaborative effort. Workforce attendance management systems have gone through several transformations. A punch card time clock is commonly connected with the clock-in and clock-out method. Employees enter a paper time card into a punch card time clock, that prints or punches the time and date on the card. Eventually, instead of printing time card information on the worker’s timesheet, an electronic time clock stores it in the system.

Even though these approaches are still employed in many companies, several have implemented biometric technology to enhance the precision of workforce attendance systems, such as the use of fingerprints, swipe cards, iris systems, and other biometric technologies. Face recognition time attendance systems have become a great choice for businesses in the wake of ongoing technological improvements. A face recognition attendance system for industry workers automatically identifies and verifies a worker and records attendance depending on their facial recognition. Facial recognition attendance systems are increasingly becoming prominent as the most practical alternative for businesses to enable workforce attendance contactless.

Advantages Of Face Recognition Attendance System For Industrial Workers

Touchless Attendance System

Naturally, one of the distinctive qualities of a facial recognition time attendance system is that it is touchless and hygienic. After pandemics like COVID, physical contact should be kept to a minimum in order to manage industrial workers in public spaces and workplaces properly. In the wake of the epidemic, contactless technologies have become more widely adopted and used. 

Due to the outbreak, an increasing number of businesses are choosing facial recognition time and attendance systems over touch-based biometric attendance systems. In multi-tenant settings and industries, the danger of transmission of the virus can be significantly decreased by limiting workers’ physical contact.

Increased Productivity And Wellness Of Industrial Workers

When using facial recognition attendance for industry workers, they are not putting their finger on the device, so they can just sit and let the biometric or smartphone camera capture their face, preventing the transmission of viruses or diseases. Maintaining the workers’ fitness guarantees that they are in the best possible shape for work, which boosts their own productivity. 

Utilizing the reports recorded by the facial recognition time and attendance system, businesses may keep track of industrial workers’ productivity data. Facial recognition attendance systems are far more affordable than other touch-free systems because a normal mobile camera can be used. In contrast to iris recognition, which needs users to remain still and may be uncomfortable, face recognition time attendance systems are easier to implement.

Simplifies Worker’s Payroll Process

Industrial workers’ payroll verification and compilation can be a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process, depending on how work hours are currently managed. Thankfully, automated processes using facial recognition attendance systems can make this process more efficient while maintaining the same level of accuracy as its original tracking functions. 

As if that weren’t enough, some of the most well-liked payroll systems and software already available on the market are integrated with the facial recognition time attendance system. Facial recognition time and attendance systems for industry workers automate payroll in a smooth manner, increasing business ROI and reducing the likelihood of legal action.

Automated Worker’s Time Tracking

Entry and exit monitoring can be totally automated with a face recognition attendance system for industry workers. The powerful analytics in the system can locate and recognize faces without the need for human interference or physical verification. Tracking industrial workers’ work time is simple by using a facial recognition attendance system. 

Each worker’s attendance, overtime, and leave can be reliably tracked using a face recognition time attendance system. It also provides solution checks for face liveliness and avoids the risk of face authentication happening through static photos or running videos. The facial recognition time and attendance system also offers customizable workflows and analytics for anomaly detection and reporting.

Efficient And Usability

If a facial attendance system can scan a worker’s face and obtain attendance reports in less than a second, it is efficient. The attendance system needs to be quick and error-free. If it can scan faces at an appropriate range in terms of both distance and brightness, it is quite usable. Industrial workers might be of any height, shape, or size. Lighting may differ at different times of the day. How smart are the device and software would depend on how quick it is and how low is its error rate. 

Additionally, facial recognition attendance systems enable the business to monitor any number of workers concurrently without error or misconduct. In fact, the face recognition attendance system can recognize industry workers in a group even if they are wearing a mask or several biomarkers.

No Buddy Punching Culture

Committing industrial floor time theft is one of the most widespread infractions of work ethics. Even if the majority of employees are truthful, the probability of buddy punching cannot be totally neglected. This type of time fraud is not only detrimental to businesses, but it’s also unfair to workers who work honestly. 

Face recognition attendance systems for industry workers eliminate similar time theft and also injustice against genuine industrial workers. The whole workplace is automated with a face recognition time attendance system. You will not only take attendance but you’ll also automatically record the workers’ entry-exit timings. The system also improves workplace security because the system can properly determine who left the specified area and when.

It Saves Time And Effort

Starting with the most efficient and significant benefit, saving time. The convenience of workflow management is one of the most significant benefits of an automated attendance face recognition attendance system. With the proper process in place, the manager can now have good visibility of attendance regularisation requests, leave requests, overtime requests, and so on with little to no contact. 

If you utilize a facial recognition attendance system, you can automate the entire process, allowing your workers to get directly to work without wasting time. Time-consuming processes like as manually allocating tasks, tracking shift changes, and so on can be tracked and assigned with a few clicks. A facial recognition time and attendance system can also help with asset allocation as well as other productive resources.

Easy Integration With Worker’s Smartphones

The facial recognition time attendance system for industry workers is a straightforward application that can be set up quickly anywhere in no time. It is not equipment reliant and requires only a smartphone or tablet. A facial recognition attendance system can be simply integrated with a smartphone that your workers may have at work or on the field.

The attendance punch-in and punch-out time from smartphones will be captured by an automated face recognition time attendance system. This will minimize the need for manual time and attendance entry, saving workers thousands of hours. A facial recognition attendance system is the solution for you if you require a quick and easy attendance solution that is also touchless.


Workforce attendance management systems aren’t going to be the same again. The touchless facial recognition attendance system is progressively replacing fingerprint biometric systems for workforce attendance tracking and monitoring. Lystface is a location-based facial recognition attendance management solution that works in real-time. It works on any mobile device and does not require any special hardware. 

Lystface is an excellent attendance management solution for desk and Industrial workers. Because it meets the most desired payroll management system needs with contactless attendance marking, it is a one-stop solution for your industrial workers’ attendance management-related difficulties. If your company is still employing a manual or finger biometric attendance system, it’s time to switch to the latest facial recognition attendance system.

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