A Detailed Brief About Face Recognition Technology

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Published Date: May 27, 2023

A Detailed Brief About Face Recognition Technology

A Detailed Brief About Face Recognition Technology

What is face recognition?

Face recognition is a method of recognizing an individual’s identity with their face. Face recognition systems identify people’s faces through photos or videos in real time. It is a type of biometric security employed in companies to verify their employee’s faces.

Various forms of biometric security software are available such as fingerprint, voice, and iris recognition. But face recognition technology plays a vital role in security providers, which is mostly used by every organization and field business to have employee verification.

Face recognition software and its purposes

Face recognition software has emerged in the digital market to find solutions for fake employee attendance marking. It acts as a security strengthening factor for every firm’s employee attendance system. Face recognition software has several benefits and it has been used for different purposes. 

Some industries using face recognition software are:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Airports
  • Banking
  • Government offices
  • Cybercrime

The face recognition system works with the simple procedure of any device having digital photographic technology to process and retain images and stored data. The details are obtained to record the biometric face pattern of an individual to be identified.

Other biometric patterns include passwords, email verification, image verification, and fingerprint verification. Face recognition technology consists of unique numerical patterns that perform as a face scanner with the already placed image set in a database, making this system the safest and most effective one.

The challenging factor of this software is to provide a real-time solution that ensures the safety and security of the customers.

How accurate is the face recognition system?

Face recognition system gives possible accurate results in recognizing the face. There is no parameter to measure the success rate of this algorithm, as it tends to offer better results for controlled settings.

When the face recognition technology is embedded with good device features such as camera quality, facial features, consistent lighting, better light quality, and image resolution to match the people’s faces, the score would be high with accuracy.

Advantages of face recognition technology 

With the use of facial recognition comes a bundle of potential benefits, including:

Efficient protection

Face recognition systems adopt a fast and efficient security verification system. It is more convenient and fast compared to other biometric verifications. It also acts as a touchless verification system as the individual need not touch the device or enter passwords or PINs. It bolsters the security system in every organization by not touching the device manually. 

Enhanced accuracy

Face recognition has improved accuracy to recognize an individual’s face. Rather than verifying phone numbers, email addresses, or IP addresses, most organizations rely on face recognition systems to protect their customers and their data.

Easier integration

Face recognition is more compatible and can be easily integrated with third-party security software. Every Android phone with a front camera has access to face recognition technology or software code.

As the face recognition system acts as contactless authentication for businesses the percentage of device faults is much less compared to fingerprint or other biometric authentication systems. A person can simply stand before the device to show their face for verification. The system even verifies the face when an individual covers his/her face with a mask. These components make the system more accurate over time.

Major fields using face recognition system 

Face recognition is employed for a variety of purposes including:

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales fields are mainly using face recognition technology to enhance better employee productivity. Mostly, field employees must be tracked for their attendance, whereabouts, client meeting at the right time, petrol allowance, daily sales activities, and reports. The preliminary thing is employee attendance. Once the attendance is verified, they can start their work. Face recognition attendance reduces the fake attendance system because the particular employee has to mark their attendance by showing their face. Many businesses deploy face recognition systems in their sales and marketing teams.


Hospitals use face recognition systems to help patients. Healthcare industries are testing the use of face recognition systems for effective patient records, patient registration, streamlining patient details, detecting genetic diseases, and so on. The use of face recognition systems is continuously improving in the healthcare sector to provide accurate results.

Employee and student attendance

Employers can track their employee’s accurate login and log-out time with the face recognition system. Moreover, educational institutions in China are using this system for scanning their student’s attendance. The student’s face is scanned and matched in an already stored database to find their identities. This system ensures the availability of students to attend their regular classes instead of skipping them.

Best facial attendance app

Choose the best facial attendance software for an error-free attendance system. Lystface is one of the best AI-based real-time facial attendance software providing more benefits like 100% accurate attendance, automated payroll processing, giving detailed insights about the work, providing security, and much more. Lystface eradicates the fake attendance system like buddy punching with real-time face attendance. It even detects when an individual covers their face with a mask. It is cost-effective and hassle-free software compared to others.


Face recognition technology has huge benefits in rendering real-time facial attendance and solves the false attendance marking system. Everything is being digitized in today’s world to yield better productivity. Hence businesses can make use of face recognition technology for better employee and team productivity. 

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