How Lystloc Helps In Field Workforce Task Management

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Published Date: August 5, 2022

How Lystloc Helps In Field Workforce Task Management

How Lystloc Helps In Field Workforce Task Management

The field workforce must depend on multiple apps just to get through a regular working day without a proper field force management solution. Which job causes the most trouble, do you know? Field employee task management!

The field employee task management approach can be time-consuming because managers must verify their team’s schedule, and assign tasks manually. The employees must switch between apps to update their manager which is difficult for them too during their hectic schedules. Wondering if there is any tool to make task management simpler?

The best answer would be Lystloc! Lystloc is a field force management software that helps companies in task location tracking, monitoring, and managing their on-field workforce and their daily tasks. This software helps companies in making the right field task-related business decisions and coming up with better strategies and planning based on real-time task updates and location intelligence data rather than doubtful assumptions.

Manually tracking each employee’s task hours and productivity, recording, and processing those with manual reports, on the other hand, can be a daunting task. Lystloc allows you to easily analyze field employee performance and sales productivity because they have exact data on how many hours each employee spends at task and how many clients’ visits they make in a day or month.

Why Task Management Is Important For Field Workforce Productivity?

Task management involves the practice through which managers assign tasks, field workforce review, complete, and record them as finished on a system. Although it can appear straightforward, there is a fair bit of work and communication involved. 

Managers must determine which field employee is better suited for a task and assign tasks according to that. Additionally, employees must schedule their daily work in accordance with all of the tasks they have to complete. Tools for field employee task management are crucial for leading a group of field employees. Without them, it’s simple for tasks to go wrong, for there to be misunderstandings, and for managers to lose productivity.

The importance of workforce task management can’t be overstated. One aspect that influences the performance and productivity of field employees at work is task management. An employee with effective task management abilities in the field is more productive and, occasionally, makes more revenue. These abilities will enable them to finish tasks quickly without losing performance. To help their staff accomplish their goals with minimal effort, managers should improve the way they field staff management.

Benefits Of Using Lystloc In Field Employee Task Management

Precise Live Task Location Tracking

Real-time geospatial software provides the managers with the ability to track their on-field workforce and their current task location comfortably at any time. The app supports the managers to acquire full-on knowledge about the field employee’s current precise task location through live location tracking and allows the managers to assign the next tasks according to the employee’s availability and nearest client location.

Tasks And Meetings Check-in/out

The field workforce can also opt to mark their daily tasks and meetings with their customers through Check-in/out with the Lystloc app. Once, the field employee has reached the task/meeting location they can Check-in so that it is possible for the managers to know their accurate task/meeting location and timings. And after the task/meeting is over, they can Check-out with task/meeting notes filled with the end results and task status of the particular task/meeting and other main details.

Daily Task Assignment To Field Workforce

Lystloc app bestows the ability to assign location-based tasks to on-field employees easily. Managers can view the availability and expertise of each field workforce using a task management platform.  In the application dashboard itself, managers can list out the daily tasks that the field employees as to do in a day. Option to trace exactly which tasks are started, in progress, and done with by the employees through their status updates. 

Schedule And Prioritize Tasks Easily

Plan tasks and to-do lists with the right leads for your field workforce (i.e. clients). With an efficient control to customize tasks based on priority, loop your field employees’ tasks in the desired timeline (daily, weekly, or monthly) and reassign the same tasks to various field employees. As you schedule leads for a task, retrieve and add leads. Ability to prioritize tasks based on the level of urgency and dependability.

Tasks With Territory Mapping

Recently Lystloc has included the territory mapping option in our task module to make it more simple and easy for managers to give location-based tasks and meeting schedules to their field workforce.

A comprehensive field employee task management with location restriction proficiency makes it easy for field employees in managing their daily location-specific tasks. With territory mapping, field employees can view their tasks only when they are within the specified task area perimeter assigned by their territory managers. Field forces can classify and manage their field tasks and activities based on the territories assigned to them.

Real-time Collaboration

One may create a collaborative environment within their field employees with the aid of Lystloc- field force management software. In-task update notes are one of the key elements that promote productive teamwork. When you include remarks in tasks, work discussions take place where the task is being done, or in the context of the task. In order to access basic information, updates, or edits, there is no longer a need to hop between tabs and apps.

Data Management

Manually entering data into the task from several sources takes time, and there is a greater chance of inaccuracy. It is difficult to manually export data too. Managers will be able to import and export task data seamlessly with only a few clicks on the Lystloc app. 

The app allows you to update or create new entries by importing data from spreadsheets, calendars, and contacts. Its import module is simple to use and automatically fills in the necessary customer details fields with the imported data. Additionally, managers may add task details directly to forms rather than via email, Slack, or a shared folder on another app, giving team members access to the information where they need it.

Automated E-Reports On Field Workforce Tasks

When managers use the Lystloc task management feature, managers will be able to get their hands on rich reports and data insights. They can use these reports to obtain a greater understanding of field employees’ task completion and performance.

Managers will then receive the best results possible at all times. Having automated reports out allows them to easily view and compare the works of their workforce. Managers can easily compare who has completed their assigned tasks on time, their working hours, and much more. This can help to analyze each field staff’s performance separately while also maintaining openness and transparency with the team.

Summing Up

New software and technology have given managers and businesses the ability to solve field employee task management problems. Additionally, they have the ability to unleash the full power of the field force. Lystloc plays a significant part in field force task automation and enables total control over field sales and service teams.

All business organizations who want to improve their field workforce management, productivity, efficiency, and strength should definitely invest in Lystloc. The software not only aids management in measuring employee task performance but also provides numerous benefits to field employees. So, if you want to prosper in your business, start implementing Lystloc in your company right now!

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