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Published Date: January 16, 2023

How Lystloc Simplifies Your Daily Field Report Works

Starting up a business and keeping it profitable in today’s modern genre’s cutthroat market is a tough challenge. It is crucial to have up-to-date data analytics about all of the everyday field operations carried out as well as the employees working outside the organization in order to make the product successful. It has also been claimed that by examining a field employee’s productivity and efficiency, we can learn more about the organization’s performance as well as the level of customer satisfaction with the products and services offered by them.

However, a significant question that comes to mind is, “How to go about it?” It would take a lot of time if we were to manually gather all the data from the field staff and turn it into daily field reports. Nevertheless, worry no more! We at Lystloc offer our field sales and business customers detailed automated daily field reports along with real-time field force management options to make it less tiresome and complex.

How Lystloc Benefits The Business In Daily Field Report Works

Real-time Data On Field Workforce Attendance And Work Hours

Being able to find all the solutions quickly is quite nice. You can get real-time reports on every field staff time and attendance using Lystloc. Automated time and attendance tracking of employees offers a more streamlined process for comprehending the information. Each minute detail of your field team is accurately depicted in real-time daily field reports, including their attendance locations and log-in/log-out times.

You can now obtain accurate information on vacations, work hours and overtime, total waiting time, idle time, breaks, and much more with a few simple clicks. Receive overview reports on a daily or monthly basis for particular teams based on business data. This enhances the organization’s transparency and visibility. Managers can now quickly and easily comprehend the data on field staff work by using these daily field reports.

Accountability On Field Sales Performance

A monthly or yearly report does not provide much information on the activities of a specific salesperson. However, it is possible to keep track of each sales employee’s activities and outcomes with a daily field report. The development of new tactics to improve the efficiency of their whole sales force is made possible by the sales staff performance report, which aids sales managers in keeping track of their team’s sales productivity.

For the business to quickly assess the effectiveness of its sales teams, Lystloc creates reports based on the everyday activities of the on-the-ground salespeople and their client visits. To ensure that they fulfill their monthly goals and evaluate productivity, these daily field reports give information on the employees’ daily attendance, client visits, the total amount of sales made, as well as the value of the sales.

Know The Expenses Reimbursements Of Your Field Employees

You would be in control of all information pertaining to employee expense reimbursement with these daily field reports. You can maintain your employee reimbursement records more effectively and with ease. Your sales and field service staff can submit their expense reimbursement requests while on the run. The reimbursement report will be made accessible to their reporting manager with the uploaded receipts or images as proof of the claims.

The reporting managers have access to comprehensive information about the expenses involved, including which type of expenses is requested for which visit, for how much, and on what date. They can also check whether the reimbursement is “Approved,” “Rejected,” or “Pending.” The reimbursement reports can be downloaded at your convenience or seen for a specific date range.

Reduces The Possibilities Of Errors

The ability to swiftly and effectively produce daily field reports is crucial, but if the information in those reports is inaccurate, speed becomes meaningless. When companies use manual processes, like physically altering spreadsheets, this usually occurs. When businesses demand prompt reporting but lack a solution to guarantee that these daily field reports are error-free, the issue only gets worse.

Lystloc’s automated daily field reports can help you overcome this problem. Automation not only lessens the need for manual work to put together a report because data is typically collected from the Lystloc software to the internal database, but it also lowers the possibility of human error. You can stop spending time addressing frequent errors and start using Lystloc report automation to make better use of your field employee data.

Daily Field Report Analysis And Insights In A More User-Friendly Way

If you’re currently preparing daily field reports by hand, it’s likely that you’re integrating information from various papers or login notes. In addition to being a less-than-ideal method of combining data from several sources, hand reports frequently lack a pleasing visual appearance. At first glance, this may not appear to be a big deal, but when it accumulates, it can have a significant impact.

Reviewing daily field reports is made much easier by Lystloc’s automated reporting tools, which provide user-friendly reports and dashboards through an engaging visual interface. Minimal time will be lost on describing the reports’ significance and how to deal with it if everybody in the organization can effortlessly understand and engage with it. Managers are better able to invest their time where it truly matters, examining business data to drive improved decision-making, due to much more user-friendly automated daily field reports.

Customizable And Live Tracking Data Reports

However, you must be thinking almost every field force management software provides the option of data insights and report generation what’s the big deal in this? But, wait the story is not yet over. For your convenience, we in Lystloc also furnish you with a unique personalized daily field report generation option. The ultimate objective of this feature is that we depict the daily field reports according to our customer prerequisites and needs i.e. you tell us your requirements and we design the reports according to that. 

In Lystloc, we have also incorporated a new normal feature of Live Report tracking. Using this option, you can download daily field reports during the live tracking of the field employees in a day. To make it more clear, daily field reports are sent only at the end of the day in real-time, but in live reports, it is possible to download the reports whenever you want in a day in real-time.

Summing Up

You have a boatload to keep track of in your position as a business leader. That’s where these daily field reports come for your support.  These reports offer crucial knowledge into the field workforce’s abilities and areas for advancement. Managing daily field reporting can be very demanding. It is understandable why companies frequently choose to use monthly or weekly field reports. Well, maintaining a sound reporting system doesn’t really require much effort.

With the help of Lystloc field force management software, you can be certain that all the information required will be entered without breaking a sweat. This incredible platform can be used to generate automated daily field reports in real-time for business management functions including processing payroll, assessing employee productivity, agility, and much more.

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