5 Ways You Can Measure Sales Reps Performance Using Field Sales Management Software

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Published Date: August 7, 2022

5 Ways You Can Measure Sales Reps Performance Using Field Sales Management Software

Any business must have an efficient field sales management process. It aids in achieving your sales goals, maintaining control over the sales process, closing sales deals quicker, enhancing the performance of your sales staff, and thriving in a cutthroat industry. Additionally, it significantly contributes to the lead qualification process improvement. A sales manager can assure the effectiveness of their sales process and help the business grow by tracking and monitoring a field sales staff. But, the biggest question is how to track salespeople? or how to measure sales rep performance?

Modern sales businesses and their sales reps rely on digital technology to boost sales productivity while on the road, improve efficiency, manage their workday, and streamline communications. For this reason, a lot of businesses are incorporating field sales management software into their field sales operations.

Field sales rep management software benefits your company’s expansion and ultimate success in a variety of ways. Maintaining a robust and effective field sales staff is now simpler than ever thanks to the use of software that is specifically designed for tracking sales. Software for managing field sales can work wonders for a company’s field sales. It is simple to access and manage field sales with such software.

What Is Field Sales Management Software?

Field sales management software gives outside sales teams the aptness to manage prospects and customer data more effectively, allowing them to focus more on sales and a lot less on unvarying, manual administrative tasks. Instantly improves your field staff’s productivity and boosts sales, enhancing field sales performance with a mobile-friendly, flexible, and customizable AI-powered software platform.


Field sales management software also helps field sales managers the ability to ensure their field sales teams remain active and productive. With features like location tracking and in-app chat options, field sales managers can assign works, manage quotes, and track the efficiency and activities of their field sales staff.

How To Measure Sales Reps Performance Using Field Sales Management Software?

Know Where Your Sales Reps Are

The field sales management software’s geo-location tracking feature does a good job of identifying sales employees’ present locations, which is necessary for monitoring their performance. The start of the sales reps meeting is marked by the check-in through the sales rep management software, and the location information is immediately put in the data immediately as the sales rep checks out.

The rep’s check-in and check-out times at meetings will also be tracked by the app. Sales managers can quickly determine if meetings ended on schedule and also how much time they spent interacting with clients. In order to save time, fuel, and energy, sales managers can assign new clients and schedule meetings with those who are nearest to the sales reps’ current location.

Sales Rep’s Daily Attendance Tracking And Management

You must not underestimate attendance management, regardless of where your sales reps are located. Field sales teams have a very tough time in marking their attendance due to offline and manual records. The sales force may log in attendance using the field sales management software from any place.

When they are out in the field during sales hours, sales reps can use a one-touch authentication to record their attendance rather than going to the office location. In this manner, attendance monitoring won’t interfere with their capacity to do their tasks.

Additionally, the salesperson can record attendance using the sales rep management software Geofence feature only when they are within the predefined virtual perimeters that are created using the latitude, longitude, and radius of a sales region.

The app provides you with the data you need for a variety of attendance-related report management, providing insights into hours worked, shift timings, and other information in an effort to continuously increase staff productivity.

Smart And Intelligent Route Planning By Sales Reps

Sales reps typically go to several locations to complete their daily work. Sales managers can save a considerable amount of time and money by visualizing the sales rep’s journey. The best route is suggested to the employee by the field sales management software, allowing them to reach their destination faster and with reduced fuel use.

Businesses can utilize the sales rep management software to compute the exact distance as well as track the field sales employee’s location in real-time and look up the places the employee visited earlier in the day.

It can also assist you in finding strategies to shorten travel distances, prevent challenges, and organize client meetings more effectively. The sales rep can make the most of their schedule by spending more time with customers if you can group meetings and reduce a few of the back and forward travel. Additionally, you wind up saving some money and might even increase your sales revenue.

Sales Rep’s Expense Measures And Reimbursement

Sales monitoring software can help with accuracy if business reimburses their field sales reps for fuel, mileage, or other travel-related costs. The location-based field sales management software can measure how far the field salespeople travel in a given time frame and calculate how much you owe them.

The issue is resolved by the route tracking system since accurate information on fuel and miles for each employee is recorded, making it almost unfeasible for any staff to improperly utilize travel reimbursements.

This amazing travel reimbursement feature can be critically used by field sales reps for submitting their travel reimbursement requests to their sales managers before or after their travel. They can digitally submit their travel expense receipts and request reimbursement using this feature through the field sales rep management software. Managers can use this feature to view the reimbursement request submitted by their field sales employees, check the expense receipts added by them, and also can mark their approval or denial through the app itself. 

Sales Rep’s Work Hours Tracking And Recording 

Measuring field sales rep work hours and time scheduling prove to be more and more trustworthy factors for any sales business. It allows the companies to make sure that each and every field sales employee dedicates their office hours to the work that they are paid for. But, how to track salespeople work hours?

Field sales management software helps the companies to keep a close eye on the whole field sales reps’ daily working hours, client visit timing, task status, and all of the daily activities and time spent on each of them; it helps in maintaining transparency and trust by accurately tracking and recording the sales workforce’s time schedules. On the other hand, field sales employees can also easily mark their tasks with time tag and update notes, sales meeting timings, review their hours worked, idle time, permission timings, leaves. 

However, manually tracking each sales employee’s work hours and productivity, recording, and processing those with manual reports can be a formidable task. With field sales reps management software you can easily analyze employee performance and sales productivity as they have the exact data on hours spent by each employee at work and sales visits they made in a day or month. 

End Statement

Finally, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best mobile field sales management software to carry out operations for your field sales teams.

One of the greatest field sales rep management software is Lystloc, which offers businesses a goal-driven method for coordinating field sales activities with sales objectives and fostering growth. The user-friendly interface of this field sales management software also saves your sales rep team time in adjusting to and overcoming acquisition hurdles, making it a dependable application for their regular sales activities and sales travel.

If you’re on the lookout for a perfect and complete pack of field force management software for your sales rep tracking monitoring with all the advanced features and a one-stop solution for all field work-related difficulties you can definitely check out Lystloc.

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